10 Reasons why it’s hard for Smart Women to find Love

They are fearless and can survive on their own

Smart women are the most fearless. They know what they want in life and don’t let anyone intimidate them. They know the importance of staying true to themselves. They don’t cling to the wrong man out of fear of being alone. They won’t settle down for anything less. They don’t let the negative opinions of others deter them from living a life that they want to live. In other words, they live by their own rules and don’t let anyone else dictate them.

They are confident about what they want

They know exactly what they want in life. They are not confused. They are secure and confident about the decisions they take in life. They know what qualities they exactly want in their better half. They know themselves too well; to know what kind of a person they can or can’t be with, what they can put up with and what they can’t tolerate.

They tend to control their emotions

Intelligent women like being in control of their emotions. You won’t find them feeling miserable or feeling sorry for themselves, for every breakup or bad relationship in their lives. They would never waste their time, energy to cling to the negative emotions that can’t bring them any progress in life. In other words, they don’t want to act like a constant cry baby when they can offer their shoulder to someone to cry on.

They don’t want anyone to change their lifestyle

They understand how crucial it’s for a person to have their own space. The last thing they want is someone objecting to what kind of clothes they wear, at what time they return from a party and the kind of friends they have.  They find sharing their space with someone quite scary. A smart woman would appreciate her partner to respect her privacy and in return, she will do the same.

They don’t compromise when they know they are right

They will do anything but compromise especially when they know they are right. They will confront problems in a relationship. They are smart and they know what is right and what is wrong. They won’t mind telling you, “You don’t have ‘the balls’, now some men might find it a hard pill to swallow. But if you really want to be in a relationship with a smart woman, then you should know the rules- that is no compromise.

More Brains than beauty

Smart women are not easily fooled, intimidated and manipulated. They might lack in looks, but they definitely have got more brains, that’s also not always the case ( some women have got both beauty and brains), which scare men, as they generally believe that if a woman has got looks, she lacks brains, but smart women have more brains. They are no less than any man that intimidates men.

They are more career-oriented

Smart women are more focused on making their career, and the last thing they want is to slow down in their career. Their career is the first priority for them, and everything else falls secondary. They want their own money, their own identity. Hence, they come off as a career-oriented in a way that is not-so-sexy to most of the men. They would rather prefer a woman who would stay at home and raise children than being a successful business woman.

They don’t want a man’s money but his love

Since smart women are mostly successful and have lots of money of their own. So, the last thing they look in a man is his money, they look for someone who genuinely loves and care for them. In many cases, they can’t find genuine love, and sometimes men are after their money too. Hence, it gets difficult for them to find true love.

They are looking for Mr. Right which they never find

Since smart women are mostly perfectionists, and never settle down for second best. It causes some serious problems for them especially when it comes to finding a right partner for them. They always have issues with one thing or another. The end result is, in search of finding Mr. Right, (which they never find) they end up being lonely and frustrated.


They are not wife material

As smart women focus more on their careers, and their career is their foremost priority. It’s generally assumed that they wouldn’t make good wives and won’t be able to take the responsibility of a married life. Although it might not be true in all the cases, but that’s also one of the reasons that men don’t get involved with smart women, and even if they do, they leave them after the realization struck them hard.

Virgo’s Relationship with other Zodiac Signs

Virgo’s Relationship with other Zodiac Signs

Virgo’s are known to be critical, fussy, and cold, not to mention bad tempered and very picky. Forget about all the clichés you heard about them. In reality, they are most sensual lovers, deeply loving and most loyal.They are one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac.

Virgo relationship with other zodiac signs


Virgo’s are shy; they often hide this fact behind a logical façade.

They are known to be the perfectionist. They are extremely inquisitive which makes it difficult for them to relax. But one thing is for sure they make fantastic friends.

They solve problems logically hence people look up to them for advice. They are loyal, truthful and determined.

Virgo’s Relationship With other Star Signs

Virgo is a helper sign and has overall good relationships with almost all star signs except few exceptions. In this post let’s find out who they really get along with and why.

Virgo’s Compatible Stars

Virgo and Aries

At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be much in common between the two stars. But this can actually turn things surprisingly well. As they say opposite attracts. Their compatibility does have possibilities.

The reason they are quite different from one another might make Virgo and Aries intriguing for one another.

It may take a while for the relationship to flourish as Virgo are quiet and modest and take a while to open up and chances are Aries personality that’s full on aura might intimidate them.

While the mysterious and enigmatic personality of Virgo can attract Aries and they find it hard to resist them. So there are chances for love to blossom for both the stars especially when Aries can be extremely persuasive and persistent.


 Virgo and Cancer

Virgo and Cancer are drawn to each other like the magnet and are full of admiration for each other. They are full of fascination with each other. Virgo and Cancer compatibility is pretty strong. One is a homemaker while other is a healer. They share the same outlook on life.

They both have one thing in common, they both are seeking security and stability and they both know they none of them would let each other down. If anyone can help Virgo build trust their trust it’s a Cancer partner.

They both take care of each other’s shortcomings. Cancer makes sure that it’s all about taking care of their loved ones emotionally. Whereas Virgo has an inborn tendency to serve others and healing them on a practical level.

Virgo and Cancer both find comfort in each other’s company to show their true selves and hence their love for each other blossoms.


Virgo and Taurus

Vigo and Taurus besides sharing the same earth element are also an excellent love match for each other. Virgo and Taurus both blend like cashmere and wool. They both stand out as a lovely couple with good taste, social values, and old fashioned romance. Taurus might find it difficult to fight neat freak, Virgo.

Taurus is ruled by pleasure-loving Venus whereas Virgo by Intellectual Mercury. Consequently, Taurus is feistier, raw and direct which can offend Virgo considering Virgo narrow-minded personality in a long run.

Luckily it’s a blessing having sensible around to pull the brake when Taurus goes off the hook and overspend. Virgo has more self-control and is more responsible.

They both share the judgmental streak and consider themselves superior to the world which can limit their horizons.


Virgo with Scorpio

Virgo and Scorpio make best couples. They both are the zodiac’s shrewdest signs. Their gaze can miss nothing. Scorpion is often fascinated by Virgo’s ability to keep their cool even in the toughest of situations and their calculated moves.

Scorpions feel things very intensely and hence Virgos rational and calculated view of romance makes them shocked and makes them even more irresistible. Both the signs value intelligence.

Scorpions love Virgo’s attention to small details that can easily be missed. They both have a great aesthetic sense and have the passion for possessing beautiful ornaments and objects that can be seen in their homes. Their home is a place of order, comfort, and beauty. They both value their families and get involved in charity work.

Virgo and Scorpions like to be in control and be their own boss. They both are the perfectionist which can be a cause of conflict between the two if the couple can’t agree upon what perfection is. They need to use the power of effective communication from time to time and put their love above everything else to make their relationship last.

Virgo with Capricorn

Just like Virgo/Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn can also find a perfect love match in one another.  A perfect balance between sensual and sensible.

Virgo is a natural Psychologist and a perfect speaker as Virgo is ruled by Mercury – the communication planet. On the other hand, Capricorn struggles to voice their opinions as it’s ruled by the stern, restrained Saturn.

Capricorn greatly benefits from Virgo ability to heal and take out Capricorn from his dark thoughts. When Virgo’s anxieties hold them down practical Capricorn make sure to bring a helpful dose of prospect.

There’s no surety that their relationship with one another will definitely work out but considering the perfect harmony, mutual respect and admiration for each other will make them sort out their differences if they ever arise. After all, no relationship could be completely compatible.


Virgo with Gemini

These signs share the similarity in some ways and very different in others. Virgo and Gemini compatibility is a bit of a gamble. It could either turn out to be very well or the opposite. They both are ruled by Mercury.

They both are natural communicators packed with a thousand ideas and opinions. Virgo and Gemini both ignite a spark in each other.

Romance is an intellectual affair for your intelligent signs. You both share common traits – you are adaptable and quirky.

You both have a group of rigid, obsessive compulsive habits. (For Virgo’s it can be neatly arranging underwear’s into identical little squares, or neatly folding each and every newspaper in a drawer, Gemini usually involve in impulse shopping or starting a new hobby).

They both are control freaks, though Gemini loathes admitting it, Virgo accepts being guilty. You may encounter a conflict with each of you wrestling for dominance, something you need to work out if you want your relationship to be stable.

Virgo’s constant nagging can irritate Gemini, similarly Gemini’s half- baked truths set off Virgo’s trust alarm. But if they put their head together and make use of Virgo’s cautious planning and Gemini’s experience and boundless curiosity, and you have had the total package.

Both Vigo and Gemini make great parents as your different styles will complement each other which will make the division of roles easy. Virgo, being a natural healer can take the responsibility of a family, while Gemini can help release the stress and lighten up Virgo.

Virgo with Pieces

Pieces are everything Virgo isn’t, it’s an opposite of Virgo. Virgo is fascinated by hard to get Pieces. Virgo is often taken aback by the sign’s free, unconcerned, unburdened and laid back attitude towards life.

Pieces are often blown away by Virgo’s ability to stay rational and consistent even in toughest situations, Virgo’s can literally manage eight balls juggling in the air while simultaneously being a part of a food drive for homeless.

They can have an exciting fulfilling relationship if they are willing to compromise and be okay with huge differences in their personality type.


Finding a perfect match for Virgo

 Virgo can pretty much pair with any astrological signs but it depends on the birth charts of both partners. However, if we talk solely about sun signs, then, Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus, and Scorpio are the best love matches.



How to Get Rid of Cat Pee Smell


Uh oh! Your cat has just peed on the carpet in your much-used living room. Fret not! This is a guide on how to get rid of Cat Pee Smell.

It’s very common for cats to pee inside your house, be it carpet, your bed or couch when they are not properly toilet trained, but believe me getting rid of cat pee smell and its stains are no fun, if it’s not cleaned properly it can leave stains and can spread bacteria. That’s why cleaning it up as quickly as possible is important. The good news is whether your stain is fresh or old, there’s a solution available for you.

Effective ways to get rid of Cat pee smell

Make use of Paper towel to blot the urine on carpet

Try to blot up as much urine as you can using the paper towel. Trust me; this will make your job much easier.

Use the clean paper towel and try to apply as much pressure as you can. Repeat the process until you feel there’s no more urine left to soak up.

This step is strictly to be applied if the urine is fresh not when it’s already dried up.

For best results, you can use cotton towels as they allow more absorption. You could also use old throw away towels instead of paper towels.

Once there’s no more yellow tone to the liquid that’s being absorbed, it means the urine has been absorbed.

After that rinse the area with clean water, you can also use the wet/dry vacuum to absorb the liquid.


Additional tip

Make sure you always have necessary supplies available in your house for e.g. paper towels, cotton towels, water spray bottles, rubber gloves, wet/dry vacuum e.tc, and always be prepared for any surprises that your cat decides to throw in from time to time.


Use an Enzymatic cleaner

Enzymatic cleaners are the most effective in getting rid of cat pee smell. They contain biological enzymes that break down the proteins in urine and sometimes completely removing the cat pee smell.

Additional tip

Don’t use any other chemical before you use enzymatic cleaners. In that case, they may not work. It is recommended to use enzymatic cleaners before you use anything else to treat the stain and soak the area well.

Follow the instructions given closely and let it dry for several days. In the case of using enzymatic cleaners, you may not have to do anything else.

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Use Vinegar solution

If enzymatic cleaners weren’t completely successful in eliminating the cat pee smell; it’s recommended to use the vinegar solution.

Spray the soiled area generously even beyond the soiled area to be sure to remove all urine.

Additional tip

Make use of UV light or a black light to check for the exact location of urine spot, you can see the urine glow in the light.

Outline the ones that can’t be seen with naked eyes with chalk so that you don’t miss any traces.

Scrub the vinegar solution into the stained area. You may use the bristle brush to scrub away the area until it’s completely soaked with the vinegar solution.

The vinegar solution will help neutralize the ammonia smell in your cat’s urine.

Additional tip

Again make use of paper towels or clean rag to blot as much as vinegar solution you can. Let the area air dry.


Make sure to disinfect hard surfaces

Clean the infected area with a household cleaner that doesn’t contain ammonia as cats find its smell pretty much like urine.

Wipe the soiled area with clean water.

In a spray bottle add 10 parts of water to 1 part of bleach. Spray the soiled area.

Let the bleach sit for 30 minutes and then clean the infected area with a damp cloth.


Additional tip

Put on rubber gloves before spraying bleach to the soiled area.

Be careful about the area where you use bleach as it may damage or change the color of some materials.


Get rid of cat pee smell from clothing

If you find your clothing smeared with cat’s urine, mix one cup (60 ml) of apple cider vinegar to the laundry detergent in your regular wash.


Additional tip

If you still find urine’s smell you can also add the enzymatic cleaner to your wash.

Dry cleaning may be necessary.

If you can’t totally eliminate the smell or stain out of an item, you may have to discard it.


Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is a natural cleaner, deodorant, and odor absorber. Just sprinkle some on the soiled area.

Mix half a cup of 3% Hydrogen peroxide with one tsp. (5ml) of dish detergent and pour it over baking soda.

Use a scrub brush to rub the solution into baking powder.

And  VOILA! you will be amazed by the telltale results of baking soda.

Finally, blot the area and let it dry.


Vacuum the infected area

Vacuuming the soiled area is best to remove urine particles or particles of any solution you applied to the area.

Wet vacuums work the best as they best soak the area and then vacuum the water back into vacuum’s water tank.

Additional tip

Avoid using steam cleaners; the high heat they produce will actually set the stain.

For best results always prefer using the wet vacuum with cool water in the vacuum tank and pay careful attention to manufacturer’s instructions.



Best Valentine’s Day Wishes And Quotes for 2017

Valentine’s Day, also known as a day of lovers is celebrated in all parts of the world with full zest and passion.

Valentines is a day when lovers confess their love, feelings and emotions, affection, and friendship by sending Valentine’s day wishes to their loved ones.

Some exchange gifts, go to romantic candle light dinners. While others, spend some quality time in each other’s company and shower their love upon their lovers.

It is a day when every lover plans something special for a special person in their life.

It is celebrated in different ways in different parts of the world, and the day falls on 14th February each year.

Many people argue that there’s no need to celebrate the day as every day is a valentine’s day for lovers.

But let me ask you just one thing when was the last time you actually spent your entire day with your other half? Or took a holiday from work to spend some quality together without having any distractions?

Now if you answered no to all these questions, then Valentine’s Day is just for you.


Background of Valentine’s Day

Nobody knows for sure about the origins of Valentine’s Day but according to many sources, it stems from the story of a Roman priest, St. Valentine, who was martyred on 14th February in the year 270 CE.

According to one theory, its roots are found in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, a fertility festival held around the middle of February, the church recast this pagan festival as a Christian feast day, declaring 14th February to be St. Valentine’s Day.


Best Valentine’s Day Greetings And Quotes

So Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and what best way to celebrate it than writing to your loved one, a special poem or sending Valentine’s day wishes and quotes to let them know that they mean the world to you.

On this Valentine’s day use words to paint the picture of your undying love.

Below are some of the best Valentine’s Day quotes and greetings to choose from to make this Valentine’s Day special for you and your special one.

There are many people I meet everybody, but not everyone is capable of making my heart flutter, and make me go wild the way you do.

When I feel those butterflies in my stomach, heart beating faster than usual, I just know you are the one for me 🙂

My heart belongs to you now..it’s up to you whether you catch it or break it.


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Valentine's day wishes


The depth of my love can’t be expressed in words, the intensity of emotions can’t be measured, even hundred hearts wouldn’t have been sufficient to carry all my love for you.


Valentine's day wishes


A Lover has only one duty towards his beloved, that’s to LOVE her. Similarly, I can spend rest of my life LOVING you only.

Valentine's day wishes



 Living a life without the loved one is impossible even if that means spending a single day or a night.

If you live to be hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so that I don’t have to be separated from you, not even for a single moment I can imagine my life without you.

Valentines day wishes

I have always loved you with all my heart and soul.

My love for you won’t ever change or become less, than what I feel for you at this second.

It has to stay as its pure and will always be the same.


Valentine's day wishes

Just like a day without sun, a night without the moon is incomplete, just like that, my life without you is a life incomplete. You and only you can complete me.

Pros and Cons of homeschooling

Homeschooling sounds great in books, homeschooling magazines and on the Internet, but it’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, consider the pros and cons of homeschooling before you take a decision.

Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

pros and cons of homeschooling

So you are confused whether homeschooling will work out for your family or not, right? If yes, then perhaps you have come to the right place.

Homeschooling your child is an important decision that you must take into consideration after carefully evaluating the pros and cons of homeschooling.

Weigh the pros over cons, take some time to think about each and every advantage and disadvantage of homeschooling and applying it to your current situation.

That will help you take a right decision for your child as well as for your family.

Considerable Pros of Home Schooling: 

First, let’s talk about the good parts that come with homeschooling which motivates every mother to homeschool their children.

  •  Educational Liberty 

The best thing about homeschooling is the freedom which comes with it. You can make your child study what you want, when you want and how long you want.

There’s no pressure on parents to cover the particular lesson on any given time frame or any fixed curriculum they have to follow.

Parents can make their own curriculum, and have the full freedom to modify the lessons to best suit their child’s interests, mental level, and abilities.

  • Out of the box thinking

As homeschooling children are not dictated by teachers all the time, they develop the out of the box thinking, they don’t have any fear of failure neither they have to excel in order to compete with another child.

  • Independent learners

As homeschooling parents have other responsibilities to attend to, children are mostly on their own which makes them independent learners, and problem solvers. who are not always looking at their parents for guidence.

  • Help around the house

Children, who are homeschooled, are also a great help around the house as they don’t have any home works or assignments to do, which leaves them with plenty of time.

They can help their mums in running errands or household chores around the house and hence become more responsible.

  • Outdoor games

Homeschooling children get more time to play outdoor games due to the flexible routines they follow.

On the other hand, school going kids struggle with time management due to long hours spent in school and doing homework, which practically leaves no time for them to pursue their interests.

  •  Activity based learning

Contrary to popular belief, learning shouldn’t bound a child to a particular place or a classroom. Small children, especially are not meant to sit in one place, sit still, they learn through moving, exploring, breaking things (mind you).

Moreover, homeschooling families get to enjoy more off-season vacations, visit parks, museums during the week and if parents are vigilant they can turn these trips into learning experiences, who says learning can only be done with a pen and paper?

The best advantage of homeschooling is you get to decide how you want to teach your child, you can use a variety of methods and focus on areas your kids finds interesting and excel in the most.

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  • Values and Belief

Many parents feel that the initial years of a child’s life are the most important ones to instill their values and religious beliefs, and homeschooling provides them with just the right opportunity to set them on the right track from the very beginning without having any other external forces influencing their innocent minds.

  • Close relationship with family

According to many Child development experts that a child’s life between birth and age five are the crucial years for developing close family bonds and emotional ties.

Almost all homeschooling families admit that homeschooling has played a vital role in bringing their families together.

The time and attention that parents devote to teach their children, foster the loving relationship between the family, as children love it when parents give their undivided time and attention to them.

Parents also become more responsible towards their children as they are solely responsible for teaching their children now.

  • No Identity Crises

It’s just the other day I bumped into a group of homeschooling kids aged between 8 and 12. My Curiosity got the better of me and I ended up asking them, “What was the best thing that they liked about homeschooling,”? To which they replied without a pause, “The freedom to be what you want to be.”

Homeschooling kids don’t have to worry about bullying, peer pressure or suffer at the hands of the spiteful teachers who are always trying to rob children of their self-esteem by bringing in competition between kids and labeling them as losers if they fail to deliver according to their expectations.

Many parents with kids who have been a victim of bullying have also opted for homeschooling as they know how harassment can badly affect their child and shatter their confidence.

  • Less expensive

No expensive school can be a substitute for parental love and attention.

Children learn more when parents take interest in their learning.

Having said that, another advantage of homeschooling that we must consider is the cost of school’s admission fee, tuition fee per month, examination fee, extra- curricular fee and other unforeseen expenses that you can spare if you home-school your child. You can save that amount for higher studies of your child or to travel the world.

  •  Safe environment for kids

One of the biggest benefits of homeschooling your child is the guarantee of your child’s safety. Even when you are not physically present with your child in the same room but you know your child is safe as he/she is within the premises of your house.

Also, you can monitor and watch your child’s activities, you can choose who he/she should be friends with, what environment is safe for him, which kind of games should he indulge in.

  • Well rested, relaxed kids

Though it’s a good habit to wake up early in the morning and have an early start, but let’s be realistic all children are different from one another, some are early risers while others are not.

For some kids, 8 to 9 hours sleep is more than sufficient for some even 12 hours are not sufficient. Some people are just not morning people and that’s alright.

Kids who live far away from their respective schools and go by school vans have to be up very early, a lot of time is taken up traveling to school, and then back to home which makes kids really exhausted, as even after coming back from school they have heaps of homework to do.

So one of the pros of homeschooling is, your kids are well rested, relaxed which makes them less cranky, more playful and reduce the number of their mood swings.

Major Cons of Homeschooling:

Though there are more advantages of homeschooling, but there are few cons of homeschooling too that you might want to know about before opting for home schooling.

  • Lack of routine

Lack of routine is often been associated with homeschooling and one of the biggest cons of homeschooling.

Homeschooling in some families means having no proper schedule for anything, with kids going to bed late and waking up late. Due to lack of routine half of the day is utilized in sleeping, kids are not much productive.

Children also develop a habit of staying up late at nights without parents monitoring their activities.

  • Moms feel burnt out and give up

Often it’s the moms that suffer a lot due to homeschooling, as fathers go to work leaving mothers to deal with the bunch of undisciplined kids.

It’s mothers who juggle between household chores and giving their kids the quality time, and as a result, they feel burnt out quickly and give up.

Then, in a frenzy, they send their kids off to schools, forgetting all about their vision why were they homeschooling them in the first place.

Their vision becomes lost in the relief they are gone. Hence prove to be the disadvantage of homeschooling worth considering.

  •  Lack of discipline

At times homeschooled children don’t have best of manners or lack discipline as compared to school going children.

Homeschooling children become social awkward as they don’t get to interact much with people, they don’t know how to communicate or behave in group settings.

School going children are more disciplined (as they know they will be punished for showing unaccepted behavior)  as their good and bad behaviors are both rewarded, it makes them responsible, dedicated and punctual.


  •  Not all parents are great teachers

The biggest disadvantage of homeschooling your children is no matter how well designed your homeschooling plan is, still it won’t be much of a  match of the nationally accepted curriculum that’s being taught in schools

And until and unless you are trained and qualified as a teacher, you won’t be able to teach your children as efficiently as a trained professional teacher would.

  • No control over screen time

With homeschooled children staying home 24/7 doesn’t leave mothers much time for themselves.

In their attempt to keep children busy with something, they can allow kids too much screen time.

Too much exposure to tv and social media can turn them into addicts and exposed them to content that’s not age appropriate.

  • Can do more harm than good

If you are a working mother or someone who doesn’t have support at home, then homeschooling isn’t for you, trust me, you will do more harm to your kids than any good.

Children can turn into brats, anti-social, introverts, addicts, loners and frustrated with having no friends around to play with.



Best and Safe Ways to Lose belly fat fast for kids

lose belly fat fast for kidsLose belly fat fast for kids is one serious health concern among children as it is for adults owing to the unhealthy lifestyle, which includes lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating patterns, or a combination of both, only in rare cases we see obesity in children is due to the hormonal problem.


According to the research presented in a 2014 issue of the journal Pediatrics, 33 percent of children from the years 2011 to 2012 were identified as abdominally obese, according to their waist- to- height ratio.
While in adults the culprit can be sometimes aging and hormonal changes, but that’s not true for children.


To lose belly fat fast for kids, diet needs to be modified, which means eating a balanced diet and refraining from junk food, they must commit to daily exercise and improved lifestyle.

Lose belly fat fast for kids – How it works

First of all, let’s understand that kids lose belly fat pretty much the same way adults do: by making changes in their dietary habit and being more active, so there’s no such thing as kids lose belly fat faster than adults.
Making healthy choices at a young age will lead a child to stay fit and healthy as an adult too.

You shouldn’t starve your children in order to make them lose weight, serious dieting should be discouraged as it can leave kids nutritionally deficient, cranky and not to mention can have an eating disorder or can set up an unhealthy relationship with food.

When you make revisions in your children’s dietary habit, belly fat is some of the first fat they lose because it’s metabolically active.

Exercising is as critical to lose belly fat fast for kids as eating the right food. A combination of both can ensure healthy weight loss without causing any serious damage to a child’s body and brain in growing age.


Tips on Losing belly fat fast for kids

If you are looking for how to make kids lose belly fast, we have outlined the best tips for you in the post, so let’s dig in.

Take your child to see a good pediatrician

Before you bring about any changes in your child’s eating habit or introduce any exercise, it’s highly recommended that you talk to your pediatrician. Your doctor can determine how much weight your child needs to lose. Your doctor can also make you a healthy diet plan and track your progress. Don’t ask friends/family or search the internet for weight loss tips, seek professional help, it’s safer.

Healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of a day, eating healthy breakfast will not only make children feel more energized, fuller, and less likely to snack on less healthy options such as sugary and salty foods later.
A morning meal with whole grains and protein will make an ideal breakfast choice and a child will feel full for a longer period of time.

Healthy breakfast options include fruit yogurt, banana, peanut butter sandwich, a handful of peanuts, hard boiled eggs. The key is to make them eat smart, foods that make children feel full but are not rich in carbs or fats.

Drink plenty of water

Children normally avoid drinking water because they find its taste too boring, especially when they have carbonated drinks and juices which tastes much better and that’s when the problem starts, it has high bad sugar in it which will make them fat.

Encourage them to drink more water which will help them lose fat, feel more energized, and keep them hydrated. You can substitute packed juices with fresh juices squeezed at home, you can even offer them smoothies (fresh fruit blended with milk, or water ) made at home.

Proper sleep

Kids should be getting 10 hours of sleep every night, while for teenagers 9 hours is sufficient. If your child is gaining weight especially belly fat, you might want to check if they are getting enough sleep. There’s plenty of research that shows that a lack of sleep causes obesity in children.


According to Dr. Shahrad Taheri from the University of Bristol, Lack of sleep alters hormones that affect appetite, causing us to overeat. Just two or three nights can have this worrying effect. So, you need to constantly check with your child’s sleeping pattern if you want him/her to lose weight.

Avoid consuming too much Salt

Kids love extra salt, especially on french-fries. The bad news is, salt is a big fat promoter. The sodium content found in salt makes the bodies hold onto water which makes people who consume too much salt appear fatter.
Avoid canned and frozen foods that have a lot of sodium. Don’t allow children to put any extra salt in food or seasoning, it’s better to let their taste buds get used to less salt from the very beginning.

Watch your kids Snacks

Try to introduce healthy snack options instead of allowing them packaged snacks and junk food. A handful of nuts, some fruit, yogurt, baked beans, raw carrots or a low-fat cottage cheese is ideal for snacking.

Eat small meals

Don’t give too much gap btw each meal. A child should eat small meals in between.When a child is starved he/she tends to eat more and it increases their craving for junk food.

Make healthy changes for the family

Have a discussion with your family about how you would like to bring healthy changes for everyone in the family, including yourself so that your child doesn’t feel singled out.
According to Tamara Melton, a dietician, and instructor at Georgia State University, “kids learn their habits from their parents.” Hence, it’s important to lead by example. According to a research, kids are more likely to adopt the healthy lifestyle if they see their parents doing the same.

Avoid eating out too much

Make sure that your child eats freshly homemade food; don’t take your child to eat at restaurants or fast food joints more than once in a week.

Fill your child more with fruits and veggies

  • Fruits and veggies are less in calories and more in nutrients, hence play the most important role to lose belly fat fast for kids.

Children need to at least eat 3 to 4 servings of veggies and 1 to 2 servings of fruit per day.
Children normally find eating veggies and fruits too boring, what you can do is,
• Top their cereals with berries, serve their sandwich with a side salad; serve hummus with veggies as a snack.
• Add veggies in soups, sandwiches or as a sideline with the main course.
• Use veggies instead of meat in child-friendly dishes such as lasagna, pizza, spaghetti.
• Treat them with a smoothie of their favorite fruit such as peach, strawberry or mango.
• Make salads fun, with a combination of fruits, veggies, olives and lime juice.

Eat meals together as a family

When you eat a meal together as a family you promote healthy eating habits in your children. According to a recent research children who share three or more meals with their families were 20% less likely to eat unhealthy foods and were 12% less likely to be overweight.

Get moving

In order to lose belly fat fast for kids, it’s important that your child is involved in some physical activity each day. According to experts 60 minutes of activity is a must for kids every day.
If your child isn’t active you can help him work up to that goal, what you can do is,

  • Go on walks, hikes, bike rides and skating together as a family outing.
    • Encourage your child to play his favorite sport, be it dancing, soccer, swimming, or simply running around the playground.
    • Monitor their screen time; encourage them to spend more time outside instead of in front of the TV or computer.

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Say no to drugs or supplements

In your desperation to make your child lose weight fast, don’t follow the popular advice and make your child use weight loss drugs or supplements that your friend or neighbor has used. There’s no research on these drugs so we don’t know if these drugs are safe for your kids.

Seek Professional help

If you made changes discussed above and your child is still struggling with obesity then, you perhaps need to seek professional help, someone who specializes in weight loss for kids.


7 Fun things to Do With Your Kids This Summer

Fun activities for Children




Fun activities for children are important to keep them busy with something that is also entertaining.So, I am sure all mothers must be sick and tired by now of hearing this phrase ‘Mama, we are getting bored,’ at least 3 to 4 times during a day, comes summer vacation and kids start their usual complaining about getting bored all the time.


It really gets difficult for mothers to keep children busy with something which is healthy as well as fun at the same time , so keeping this thing in mind I have compiled some fun activities for children,  so that you (mothers) may also get some time off from your hectic routines and you enjoy your children’s summer vacations as much as they do instead of panicking at the thought of children staying at home all the time in summers.

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Teach Islam in a fun way

fun activities for children
                                                                                                                                                       Photo: kidsland farhathashmi

Take this opportunity to make children learn more about Islam, enhance their Islamic knowledge but keeping in mind the activities that are not too boring or tedious for kids. This is an Islamic Edutainment website which provides fun activities for children as well as creates awareness of Islam among them.  This is my personal favorite. The site has everything one could ask for: from stories in Urdu as well English (both in written format so that kids can read too if they want) poems, jigsaw puzzles, Islamic quiz to check children’s knowledge of Islam, matching games, e-library. All in all a great website. Must check it out. Highly recommended!


Make Learning Fun

fun activities for children
                                                                                                           Photo: Top marks co UK


This is another great website that provides fun activities for children.It has very interesting and engaging games that can help kids learn mathematical concepts very well. The most interesting thing that I came across on this website is that it caters to all the age groups, all the way from 3 years to 14 years. Below are few links to their Maths and English activities that I am providing you for your convenience.


Counting Ordering Sequencing Numbers Place Value, Odd and Even Addition and Subtraction Times Tables Multiplication and Division Money Shapes Measures Data Handling Problem Solving

Letters and Sounds Punctuation Words and Spelling Learning to Read Writing Stories Speaking and Listening

Let’s learn Numbers

fun activities for children


This is again another great website if you want your kids to do pure math practice. It has all the activities provided from Pre-K till Twelfth grade. In addition to Math, the website also offers some great exercises of language arts, Science and Social Studies. One drawback, though, it has a fixed practice limit per day, but if you really like the website and you can afford, then you can definitely apply for their membership.


Printable worksheets and Activities

fun activities for children
                                                                                           Photo: Superteacher worksheets

This is an amazing website providing thousands of printable worksheets and activities for teachers, parents, tutors and homeschooling families. It’s especially helpful for those mothers who are homeschooling their children or mothers who don’t believe in sending their children to tuitions and want to teach their children themselves.

They have some excellent comprehension, grammar and maths worksheets. Another great feature about this site is, it has got a worksheet generator tool through which you can create your own printable PDF worksheets. They also have puzzle generators for making words scramble and word search puzzle. I would highly recommend this website.


DIY art and Craft for kids

Bored? can’t go out in heat? Couldn’t get your child enrolled in an art and craft course? worry no more as this tutorial will definitely help your child learn 5 super cool crafts to do when he/she is bored and has nothing to do at home. if you want to learn more, you can also subscribe to them, and can also search for similar videos on Youtube.


Educational Puzzles, Legos & Blocks

There are many educational puzzles, games legos and blocks can that not only boost a child’s IQ level but can also strengthen their spatial skills. Some of my recommendations are early learner’s 3 letter words, synonym and antonym and FUN MATHS puzzles that your kids will definitely enjoy a lot.

 fun activities for children in Summersfun activities for children in summer fun activities for children in summerHealthy and fun activities for children in Summersfun activities for children

Read, read and read

Read to your children as much as you can. Even if at first they are not interested in reading themselves, they will eventually do once they start enjoying the stories you read to them.Choose interesting stories to read to your children.

My recommendations are Roal Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate factory, The missing golden ticket and other splendiferous secrets, Quranic stories for little hearts, Enid Blyton’s Five on a treasure island, The famous five, Peronel’s magic polish and The magic snow bird.

fun activities for children in summershealthy and fun activities for children in Summershealthy and fun activities for children in summersfun activities for children in summers

I hope you liked reading this post about the fun activities for children as much as I enjoyed writing about them if there’s anything else that you need help with, kindly leave a comment in a comment section below.

Learn to Say No to kids- Why its crucial



Learn to say No to kids

To say no to kids is the most difficult thing to do.Ever since the summer vacation of my kids began, I started getting a little irritated. On many occasions, I swear I felt like a ‘Hotel’s room service waitress’ who was at a beck and call of my own kids. With kids ordering me around the house all the time. I felt literally drained, impatient and not to mention a lot cranky ( yea I wasn’t getting my me time). The purpose of writing this post is not to rant, but to acknowledge the fact that all mothers tend to lose their cool when it comes to kids staying at home during their summer vacations (70 days to be more accurate)

So what compelled me to write this post?

Yesterday as I sat down to write ( writing project for a client) my little one came to me and said in her sweetest little voice (which I, as a matter of fact had never heard before) “Hey mom, can we have some fries, please”, “Yes sure honey” (who could resist saying no to my kid’s sweetest voice). I served them fries with their favorite ketchup. As I was thinking to finally get back to work when I heard another call, “Hey mom, can we have home made burgers tonight for dinner” ? My face literally dropped at the thought of re-entering the kitchen in such a hot weather. Again I tried acting like a good mother and said yes to them.

Once I was done with dinner and dishes. I finally let out a sigh of relief, thinking to myself, now no more distractions, only me and my laptop. At that very moment, my elder one came to me this time, “Mama, I am hungry again, can I have something to eat”. It was then that I exploded and lost my cool. My reaction was something that shocked him ” What do you think I am, some kind of a hotel’s room service? the only thing I have to do is serve you food”? As soon as the words came out, I realized I had made a terrible mistake (not something I am very proud of ).

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Why to say No to kids

The only lesson I think learned out of this terrible experience is to Learn to say no to kids when I think, I am having a rough time, I can’t put up with their constant demands. It’s okay to say No to kids and explain gently to your kids as to why you can’t do something than agreeing to it and exploding later on when you feel irritation or unable to do it. The problem with us, parents, is that in order to excel, in order to be good parents, we refuse to say NO to kids, thinking that will make us less good parents. We actually feel guilty when we have to say NO. We need to learn to say No to kids as parents instead of taking excessive pressure in order to not to say ‘NO’, which will ultimately make us act like mean parents.

How to be Naturally beautiful

What is Natural Beauty?

What is your idea of Naturally beautiful?  Someone with perfect flawless  skin and complexion is  naturally beautiful? Someone with good height and physical features?(includes perfect body weight and curves) or someone with a pleasant attractive personality? whatever  your idea of beauty is, one thing  is for sure, and that is you can’t look beautiful when your inner self isn’t satisfied or calm, you are restless, unhappy with your life and have an aura of negativity around you.

Looking naturally beautiful isn’t something everyone is born with. But it  is something that is within everyone’s grasp. In short the more calm and relaxed you are, the more you try to be happy has an impact on your overall personality, which as a result make you appear young, radiant, fresh and makes your skin glow. On the other hand, if you are always depressed, worried about the petty issues in life, despite you having a natural beauty, you will lose it soon. In this post, I am going to share with you some essential tips that will not only make you look beautiful naturally but will also help you relax and release stress.

Take Proper night’s Sleep to be Naturally beautiful

first things first, sleep plays a vital role in a person’s physical health. No compromises on sleep. Train yourself to sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours at night. Even if sleep doesn’t come naturally, try to work on it, you can’t expect sleep to come naturally if you are habitual of sleeping  at 3 in the morning.   When you have adequate sleep, you find yourself in a better mood, you feel good and healthy and naturally less grumpy. So if you want to be naturally beautiful you have to have your beauty sleep( now we don’t want to end up with dark circles and eye bags, do we?).

     What you can do

  • Read a light book at night, nothing heavy or depressing
  • Avoid using cell phone at night for using social media
  • Avoid watching news or something that depresses you
  • Eat food that has a soothing effect and relaxes your body instead of something that’s too heavy to digest
  • Eat at least 2 hours before going to bed
  • Avoid caffeine at night
  • Have a warm milk before going to bed.


Don’t Overthink

What is done is done. No use crying over a spilled milk. Whenever you go through a bad experience in life. Try to take it out of your system as soon as possible instead of just thinking about it all the time, it doesn’t change anything does it? (Did you know over thinking can make you look aged and double of your age)

      What you can do

  • Talk to a dear friend and share it
  • Watch a comedy movie at home or cinema
  • Hang out with friends
  • Maintain a journal to write about things that depress you.
  • Take a walk


Stay Hydrated

A key to the beautiful healthy skin is an intake of a healthy amount of water, especially in summers. If you don’t drink plenty of water your skin will appear dull, dry and dehydrated.


Take a chill pill

I know its easy said than done. But if you want to be happy and peaceful. You have to learn to take a chill pill. Avoid negative people. Avoid negative situations. In situations where you can’t remove yourself physically, pretend as if your deaf. Take things lightly. Tell yourself it’s nothing serious, it will pass shortly. The more relaxed and happy you are, the more beautiful you (trust me).


Take long Walks and exercise

for a naturally beautiful mind and body, one must maintain a routine to exercise. Can’t go to a gym? no problem you can always go for long walks.

       What you can do

  • Try to walk to the stores whenever you have to go grocery.
  • Try to take a walk in parks or beaches.
  • Try walking with neighbors/friends/colleagues who share your interest.
  •  Avoid going in a car to short distance instead, take a walk.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

Try to eat as fresh and healthy as you can. Avoid eating frozen food or excessively eating outside. Substitute fresh juices with whole fruits. And try to avoid cola drinks. You become what you eat. Hence, the more fresh you eat, the more fresh you will look. Eat smart look smart. Try to eat a balanced diet which includes fish, fresh fruits and vegetables.

      What you can do

  • Don’t starve yourself in order to have a size zero figure, it won’t work in the long run, and  can cause some serious deficiencies.
  • Eat a healthy combination of carbohydrates, protein, and fats.


Exfoliate and  Moisturize

Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week is a must to waken up your skin and gives it a natural glow. Don’t over do it or vigorously as it can damage your skin. Be gentle with your movements and don’t forget to moisturize your skin with a right moisturizer according to your skin type before going to bed.


Use Sunblock and Anti-aging

Whenever you go out in daytime, always make sure that you apply sunblock. Sun block is important for your skin as it protects it from harmful sun rays which damage your skin resulting in two toned skin and pigmentation. If you are above 25 then you must also invest in a good anti-aging cream.



Practice Meditation. It’s a healthy activity for everyone, but especially people with chronic anxiety. It helps to quieten the overactive mind. Its benefits include lasting emotional control, reduce pain sensitivity, relax your body, and mind. When you’re peaceful, you automatically look beautiful naturally without using makeup or any expensive chemical treatments.

I hope you liked the tips shared by me in the post  How to be Naturally beautifulFeel free to share your tips if you have any, to read more  related posts on the subject check out my post, I feel beautiful, do you

How to make relationships work

Are you happy with a kind of relationships you have with people around you? if you feel positive and content then chances are, you have built healthy relationships. However, sometimes, you can’t comprehend, what went wrong with your relationship and who to turn to.  If you are someone who is struggling with relationships and can’t decide what is wrong, why you don’t get along with people. The post is just for you.Sometimes we are so blinded by our egos to realize our own mistakes. Once you figure out what part is it that your not doing right, odds are it will save many of your future relationships. In my experience, there’s one common mistake that people do all the time, that is, “They don’t invest in their relationships” 

Relationships don’t flourish by themselves. They require a lot of hard work.Let me ask you a very simple question here:  If you decide to plant a  flower in your garden  what would you do? of course, you water it,  provide it with the best of soil and sunlight. In short you invest in it. Similarly, you need to Invest in your relationships too, to make them work.  Let’s be realistic things don’t always turn out to be the way you see in movies, or plays. Nothing gets fixed automatically. If one wants to enjoy healthy relationships, then one must strive hard for it.There’s no magical formula that ‘Fits all’ but hard work and consistency is surely a key to success in anything. I am sharing below, are some ‘to do tips’ that will definitely give a boost to your relationships.


Treat People right to make relationships work

I know it’s a little tricky. Your treating people right might be different from mine. What you need to do is treat people similarly the way you would like to be treated yourself. Now we all want people to treat us with respect. So, first of all, learn to respect people. Now respect doesn’t mean you become a doormat to someone or be weak or lose your voice. It only means that even when you have a difference of opinion with the other person, you still respect the person’s point of view without sounding harsh or rude. Try to be in their shoes, see things from their perspective too.Make a rule to respect people at all times.Having  a difference of opinion is only natural, it doesn’t have to affect your relationship with them.

Compliment more

In my opinion, nothing works better than complementing or appreciating people a little to maintain a good relationship. Now it doesn’t really cost you a dime or does it? for instance, you can compliment their new dress or a new hair style or a shade of lipstick. Hell, you can even compliment on their smile. Making someone’s day or boosting their self-esteem does wonder to people. You are the reason to bring a smile to their faces, you are a reason to transform their world, naturally they will like you more. You would feel happy too when you make someone happy. Now don’t confuse compliment with flattery. Compliments made  should be genuine and not fake

Have more Empathy

Learn to empathize with people when they are going through a rough phase in life. Offer an advise, try to solve their problems in a best possible way you can. When they find you sincere with them, and feel that you genuinely care about them. It builds a strong relationship.


Be a good listener

Listen to what people have to say. Find out more about their interests, rather than just talking about yourself only. As a result, you will learn more about them, and have a better understanding.


Give what is their due right

Give people what you owe them. Don’t give extra, don’t give any less. Just do the ‘Right thing’. The best way to make any relationship work is to give people their due right. Don’t make them think that your not providing them with their rights for e.g you must know, being a mother, a wife or a daughter or a friend, what are your responsibilities, what is expected of you or what you are accountable for.This will guide you on how to handle your relationships with people. Now your child needs most of your time, as he/she is dependent on you. Your mother needs your support and your husband needs you by his side to be his strength and to support him morally as well as emotionally. If you give everyone their due rights, you will have balanced relationships.

Don’t criticize

Don’t criticize people when they come to you to share their problems, by saying ‘ Look I told you so and so’ ‘how could be so foolish’. Most of the times people just want you to listen to them without offering any advice or criticism.

Agree on Mutual Points

Try to talk about things that you have in common with people, instead of talking about things that they can’t relate to or have a difference of opinion on. If they realize that you don’t have similar interests or you talk mostly about things that only interest you. It will greatly hamper your relationship with them. Imagine a person talking about Shakespeare or Marlowe with you when your least interested in literature, how would you react?

Avoid Negative Talk

Try to have a positive conservation with people. Talk about current affairs, sports or latest trends. Don’t spoil the fun by just talking about your problems only or tragedies happened with you in life. Nobody wants to hear about your problems believe me. They will start having negative vibes from you, and will avoid you like a plague.

Stop Arguing

Don’t destroy your relationship with people to win an argument. It’s alright, two adults can have a different point of you. In other words, agree to disagree, to read more about it , read my post Why  I stopped arguing.

In the end, I would just say Humans are social animals, they do need human beings around them to survive. Hence, it’s important for each of us to make our relationships work until and unless one wants to be a loner. At the end of the day, we all want to share our happy moments,  adventures,  our success stories , as well as our failures, only makes us humans, and it will only be possible when we take some time out to work on our relationships. I hope you liked this post, if there are any tips of your own that you would like to add to the post, please feel free to add in the comment section.