Why I Stopped Arguing…

Do you find yourself Arguing with people most of the times?

How often do you argue with people? How often do you find yourself tempted to start an argument? and what happens after those long tiring arguments? Do people really agree with you in the end, or it gets messy? what I have learnt is that, the key to stop any kind of argument is, not to argue at all..it doesn’t serve any purpose. I myself used to argue a lot until one day, I realized  I was making more enemies than friends, and I was actually destroying some really good relationships due to this habit of arguing, even if you win the argument, you end up losing a dear friend, so wining doesn’t really matter, you lose in the end . Arguments are draining and stressful , and usually doesn’t end up on a positive note or solution,they bring about a lot of negativity.

In some cases Arguments can also be very healthy and helpful. for instance, if a couple decides to clear their past confusions, and use argument as a mean to conflict resolution, or in case of old friends who decide to confront each other and have an argument, justifying their actions in past. In this way they both get to explain their perspectives and modify their behavior, which results in a better relationship. But, unfortunately arguments usually provoke more conflicts and it becomes a matter of ‘who gets to win the argument’ at the expense of a valuable relationship.

Things that you can do to avoid argument:

Don’t impose your point of view on people.

Even if you find others arguments irrational, don’t respond to them with a long speech of how irrational you find their arguments and why.

If they accuse you for starting an argument, doesn’t matter, take the responsibility and put an end to it, or it or will start another argument.

Even if you disagree with people stay quiet.

Don’t try to convince people even if you are right, it’s technically wasting your time and energy.

Even if you are tempted to correct them, don’t.

Try to agree more, and connect with people instead of disagreeing.

Learn to respect people’s point of view.

If you like something comment and praise open heartedly, and if you don’t ,stay quiet, you don’t have to express your dislikes, you have no right to.

If you are asked for an opinion, try not to hurt people’s feeling, try to make your point in a positive way.

If people find your views on certain issues disagreeable,  apologize for it, instead of going in details validating your point of view (it doesn’t make them  agree with you, it’s like avoiding any argument they want to start)

No matter how much anyone tempts you to argue, as some people love arguing to prove themselves superior, they love wining arguments, don’t give them that satisfaction.

Believe me arguing doesn’t do anyone any good,people will never forgive you for that,they will feel hurt, humiliated by your action,they will  avoid you,bad mouth about you, as nobody in the world considers himself wrong,we all want to hear only good things about ourselves,we want to feel important, we only want to be praised,we don’t have the courage to accept our faults.

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    1. Abbas Raza , no its just not u…a lot of poeple around us are having the same prob, its just they don’t consider it a prob:), thanks for taking out time to comment, appreciate it

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