A Prayer That Was Answered Well! (Last Part)

Rohail was confused about his feelings for Sara. She was the same girl, He hated. He only wanted to help her, had it not been Sara, He would have done the same for anyone else too. Then why his feelings were changing for her. Why all of a sudden he wanted to bring a smile to her face…wanted to touch her…feel her…..and spend the rest of his life with her…..would it be possible that her feelings for him changed too? Of course, she hated him as much as he hated her.
During Sara’s stay in hospital,Rohail remained by their side, not that it was his duty, yet He felt obliged to stay with a family at their hour of need, especially when there was no male figure in their family too.Rohail felt close to Zubaida .For some strange reason, He saw a motherly figure in her. He admired her strength of character and bravery. The way she stood up for her family, her warm and affectionate smile. He secretly wished his mother would have those qualities too. In few days, He became  very close to Zubeida.He even started sharing a lot of things with her, which he would never have imagined sharing with his own mother, she probably wouldn’t even have time for him. Zubeida too, would often share her experiences of life with him.
Then one day Zubeida got a chance to talk to Rohail.He came to their house to see Sara that was his first visit to their house after Sara was discharged from the hospital. He placed a bouquet of flower next to Sara’s bedside…chatted with her for a while, then He stood up saying ‘Get well soon Sara, I hope to see you back in university, we all miss you,” Zubeida quickly rose, “I’ll see you to the door,” said Zubeida. As they both came out of Sara’s room…Zubeida motioned Rohail towards a leather sofa to sit. “Rohail beta, May I ask you for something.” Said Zubeida to Rohail, “Of course, Aunty you are just like my mother, sure you can ask for anything, what is it,” “Beta I raised my daughters on my own, Sara was hardly Four when her father passed away, Sara is my most caring and sensitive daughter, I just want her to be happy, I want to see the smile on her face. I want her to everything in life that I didn’t have…Rohail was confused…. “Of course Aunty, but I still don’t understand, how can I help.” Then finally Zubaida said something that not only shocked Rohail it even shocked Zubeida herself. “I want you to consider marrying my daughter Sara.” As soon as the words came out, the expression on Rohail’s face changed. He was no more smiling…he was utterly shocked…..not even in his wildest dreams had He ever imagined  that Zubaida would actually ask him something like that….she left him perplexed, deep in thought.
Sara felt very thirsty, she reached for a jug of water but it was empty….she waited for Zubeida to come back to the room. But when Zubeida didn’t immediately return, Sara thought to herself…she must have been very tired and probably gone   to her room to rest. So, She, very slowly gaining all her strength, pushed herself to the edge of the bed and stood up…..as soon as she came out of the room….She heard Rohail and Zubeida talking in low voices…..She found them engrossed in a deep conversation…and suddenly …She heard Zubeida taking her name….She got suspicious…. She kept on standing there…and then she heard everything.
Sara got furious, when she over heard the conversation between Zubaida and Rohail. “Ama, oh why, why did you have to beg him for my hand, oh why did you humiliate me so much…what would he thinking of me now…he must be thinking… I am so desperate for him…Ama, I only asked you to pray for me to Allah. I never once asked you to stoop so low for me. She wanted the ground to open up and swallow her.
At first Rohail’s parents were reluctant. But after much coaxing from his side, his parents agreed to take a proposal to Sara’s house. Though they wanted Rohail to marry Aleezay, as they believed Aleezay would make a perfect wife for him since she belonged to the same social strata and happened to be his best friend too. Besides, their families knew each other too well. But had to give in to Rohail’s demand. The day his parents went to Sara’s house with a proposal…Rohail personally called and asked Zubaida that he wished talk to Sarah himself. He wanted her approval first. He wanted to know if Sara was happy with a proposal but even before he could get a chance to ask her, She started screaming on the phone, “I don’t want to marry you…I don’t want your goddamn sympathy, I wouldn’t marry you…even if you were the last man alive on earth, leave me alone.” Rohail was dumbfounded….he expected it wasn’t going to be easy….but the way, he was rejected and humiliated by her, that he didn’t expect….he was filled with rage…he wanted to reach out from the phone and strangle her.


Sympathy was the last that Sara wanted from Rohail…. She thought to herself, it is one thing to actually love someone and another, to being forced into loving someone you don’t even like. She wanted love to come to her naturally…She wanted a special place in his heart….but there he was being sympathetic….god knows what impression did his mother had given her.…that he was even willing to sacrifice the rest of his life for her…she must have made him believe that he was her last hope….so accept her before she dies virgin. Oh, god! how her pride was badly bruised…she felt so ashamed of herself…..She didn’t want to face him….she decided….she wouldn’t accept his proposal that came out of pity for her….He didn’t need to do that….It will hurt for a while… but eventually, it would be alright. She couldn’t bear the thought of seeing sympathy in his eyes for her, for the rest of her life…she was better off alone…than being with someone who didn’t love her.



A door bell was continuously ringing…whoever was there…was definitely in no mood to stop…Zubeida left for school and there was no one in the house. Sara reluctantly got up, wore her slippers and went to answer the door…as soon as She opened the door….She came face to face with Rohail… that was the last thing she expected after her little encounter with him….She tried slamming the door in his face, but he was too quick for her. He held it firmly with the first of his heel, almost knocking her down, she turned to leave, to escape, to the privacy of her room ,but she was immediately pulled back with force, “Come with me, we are taking a ride and if you don’t do as you are being told, believe me, I shall carry you myself. “She pushed and pulled, desperately trying to pull her arm away. The next thing she knew he was carrying her feeble body over his shoulder like a rag doll. She kept on kicking him all the way until he reached his car and put her down.



It was a good drive of one hour until they stopped in front of a farm house. Sara’s first instinct was to scream, but the street was deserted and she feared making Rohail annoyed by her again. After all she was all alone with him….somewhere far away from the city, “Now are you coming out by yourself or do I have to repeat the ordeal, I believe you like being carried.” He grinned at her. His deep voice brought her back from her reverie. She wanted to punch him right in the face, she wanted nothing more than that at that moment, but she thought better of it as already she was being punished for her previous outburst. All She wanted to do was cry as the realization hit her hard that she was actually being kidnapped by him .God knows what other plans he had in store for her It wasn’t fair. “I will never forgive you Rohail Khan for what you have done to me.” She muttered under her breath.





He took hold of her arm and nudged her inside a large Hall. The Hall was big, it was furnished nicely, walls done with Teak and cane furniture made it looked spectacular. She almost slumped into a chair as he directed her to sit. She was both physically as well as mentally exhausted. Rohail disappeared somewhere, as he came back, he was holding a glass of orange juice in his hand….here, drink this….that would bring back some color to your cheeks…you look as if you are going to faint any moment….Sara did as she was ordered,….She didn’t have the courage to fight with this crazy man who was up to, god knows what. “So by now you must be wondering why I brought you here” Good, He was at last talking , thought Sara, “You have humiliated me so many times…You have badly injured my male pride…but I am not letting you get away with this, not this time…..You would have to pay the price…You either marry me now and go back living as my wife…….or you can stay here for the rest of your life, and oh, believe me no one can ever find out about your whereabouts….you can scream as much as you want, nobody can hear you here…you can’t escape…..decision is up to you now.”
With that he again disappeared, leaving her sitting there, hot tears streamed down her face. Isnt it what she wanted all along? Didn’t she want this man? Didn’t she ask Zubeida to make dwa for her…then why was there a sudden change of feelings…She should have felt happy……what was missing…..What was wrong with her….she kept on weeping and weeping…until she finally fell asleep.
As soon as Rohail entered the room, he took out his mobile and dialed Zubaida’s number. “Aunty, it’s me Rohail, Yes, Sara is with me, and I took her with me to show my farm house…we got stuck….I’ll explain…once I reach home…don’t worry…she is safe with me.”
In her dream, she saw a shadow coming close to her….it was Rohail…..He was too close….he reached for her..…She was screaming loudly… “.NO…NO…don’t do that to me” a hand was pulling at her, that made her suddenly woke up from her dream ….it was Rohail’s hand .Sara was sweating profusely……She must have been screaming too loudly that made him check on her. “What happened, a night mare?” asked Rohail. “Yes,” said Sara…that’s all she could manage…no way she was going to tell him what she just saw…she was too frightened to even think straight…it was dark, middle of a night, and there she was with this dangerous man who was practically capable of doing anything with her. She clutched to her duppata tightly and tried covering herself with it as much as she could.
Next morning when Rohail entered her room, He was carrying a tray of breakfast for the two of them. Sara, thinking to herself, in normal circumstances, she would have found this situation very romantic, but now just the thought of food was enough to make her sick. “Eat,” He ordered. “No, I am not really hungry, and what do you expect, after what you have done to me …act normal… discuss weather with you? She said hotly. “I am very much capable of making people do things that I expect them to do, that you have very much become aware of, So in case you don’t want me to feed you with my own hands, you better start eating.” He warned her. “So what have you decided,” he asked as casually as it was a weather that they were about to discuss. She hated his casual tone….As much as she hated saying the words, she said, “I’ll do as you say.”
A simple Nikkah ceremony was held at his farm house with Rohail’s friends as witnesses. As soon as the ceremony was over and everyone left. Sara couldn’t control herself and once again her eyes were filled with fresh tears of distress, she started sobbing loudly…too much happened to her since yesterday…first she was abducted by the man she loved and then she just had her Nikkah ceremony with the same man…and now they were husband and wife…that’s not how she ever imagined it to be…how her family must be worried sick due to her sudden absence. And what would she tell her family once she reached home.
Rohail couldn’t bear to look at her tear stained face anymore….suddenly…He cradled her in his arms, “Do you seriously think I’ll try to hurt you Sara? Asked Rohail. I proposed you because I loved you dammit…not out of sympathy…neither did you mother force me into taking this decision….I couldn’t bear the thought of losing you…. I didn’t know what else to do to make you mine…. I don’t even know…when I started liking you……how I fell in love with you….all I know was…I wanted you to be a part of my life…you are the only that girl that made my heart beat for the first time in life…you made me angry…you made me smile… you stir emotions in me which I was incapable of….having you around made me feel alive for the first time in life…how could I let go of you that easily…..I know what I did wasn’t very sensible…but you didn’t leave me with any other option,” He was whispering into her hair while he rocked her back and forth in the circle of his arms.Sara was listening to him quietly….she could sense the intensity of emotions…the way he was talking to her…she knew deep inside…he was telling her the truth….and oh god…she liked being in those arms…suddenly everything felt so right…she felt protected….she knew…those arms weren’t capable of hurting her in fact….would protect her always.
They drove back in silence back to her house….both deep in thought….Sara felt different…she blushed at the thought of being married to the man…who sat next to her…..when she left….she didn’t know she would return……with a man’s name attached to her….it all seemed alien to her. As she entered home….her mother and sisters waiting for her….Zubaida flung her arms open for Sara…both mother and daughter hugged each other for a long time….until Rohail broke the spell….He cleared his throat…suddenly making both of them aware of his presence. “Aunty, I would like to talk to you in privacy,” Zubaida nodded her head…as she too needed to know what exactly was going on…with that everyone left including Sara.
Rohail didn’t hide anything from Zubaida…and told her everything that exactly happened between them. “Aunty I know you must be very angry at me…and you have every right to be…for what I did…was morally wrong…but I didn’t know what else to do….considering her stubborn nature…I was too scared of losing her,” Zubeida herself knew Sara better than anyone else in the world. She knew her daughter wasn’t an easy person…had too much of pride to handle herself….she knew how stubborn she could get….Zubaida forgave Rohail…and she really appreciated the fact that he didn’t hide anything from her…in fact called her and told her that Sara was with him. She knew inside her heart that Rohail wasn’t a bad person…in fact he was just the right man for Sara.
Next day, there was a Valima ceremony held for Sara and Rohail. Sara wore Aqua blue dress with matching jewelry….she looked breathtakingly beautiful…for Sara was a girl who always remained simple, devoid of any makeup; next to her sat Rohail wearing a black tuxedo….looking dangerously handsome….everyone admired what a perfect couple they made…. Rohail leaned forward and whispered in Sara’s ear, “Mrs. Rohail you look ravishing you know that…can’t wait to be alone with you.” Sara’s face flushed deep red at his boldness. As Zubeida looked at Sara…she noticed her face glowed with inner happiness and peace…and she knew….her prayer was answered….Allah didn’t let her down…He, very well answered her prayer.

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