A prayer that was Answered well (part 2)

Rohail Khan had never met a girl in his life who didn’t respond to his charm. He never failed to impress anyone. He was furious when he held his hand out towards Sara and she ignored it. He thought to himself, “What does she think of herself?  How dare she insulted me? Who does she think, she is? I wasn’t asking for her phone no or anything, girls like her wanted his attention and there she was acting, as if she was a miss world. And that was that. They never talked to each other again.

Rohail khan was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His father was a millionaire. He was also blessed with good looks, a great sense of humor, intelligence and a good heart. He knew how to charm his way with his smile and witty sense of humor. He was always looking out for adventures, but there was nothing that could satisfy him…he didn’t feel anything…neither happy nor sad…he felt nothing…He had everything in the world yet he felt empty.

He tried weed for the first time over two years ago and some Alcohol too in that same summer. But he never became a big user. It was since last year he felt ,he needed to get high. He even bought sex. He just needed that feeling…It didn’t have to be weed or sex anymore, it could be anything…anything that worked for him…He almost committed suicide once…he cut his veins to see how it felt to be in pain .would he be able to feel the pain….and luckily he was saved as a friend happened to come to his place that very moment.

Sara was doing really well with her studies, and within a few days, she got an edge over other students in her class. She didn’t have many friends, from the first day; she focused her attention only on her studies. She knew how much sacrifices her mother had to make in order to send her to the best university. Whatever free time she got, it was spent in library. Her assignments and presentations were flawless. She was the most favorite student of her teachers; they held her in high esteem. Sara was an outstanding student, she always scored high marks, her class fellows often came to her for guidence and help in assignments, and for an ordinary girl she was getting too much attention. She really proved herself apart from others by her hard work and commitment. Rohail was as good as her, but somehow he was never able to beat her. She always gave him a tough competition and he hated her for that. He already didn’t like her neither did Aleezayy but now she was his competitor too.

Gradually time was passing by; they finished their BBA and were now in the final year of MBA.  Sara never liked Rohail. She found him too good looking and snobbish for her taste. It was funny, she started feeling attracted to him to an extent that she wanted him…wanted him to like her…wanted to be loved by him…wanted to see love in his eyes, why was it happening, she had no idea. But she felt miserable; she knew he wasn’t the right guy for her and of all the girls, why the hell would he be interested in her.

Sara was very disturbed, she couldn’t focus on her studies, and all she could think about was, Rohail. The more she tried not to think about him, the more she thought about him. Everytime, she saw him talking to Aleezay, She felt jealous. She wanted to kill every girl who talked to Rohail .She knew she was being silly. She was acting weird. She would spend most of her day locked in her room, crying. She hardly ate anything. Zubedia had been quietly noticing the change in Sara’s attitude, but she couldn’t not quite figure out, what was wrong with her. Initially she though it was the stress of studies that made her act in a weird way, but when Sara became with drawn and even stopped going to university is when Zubeida got really worried, and decided to confront Sara.

It was Sunday’s evening when Zubeida knocked on Sara’s bedroom door. Sara, as usual laid on her bed, wearing shabby clothes, her hair all messed up, god, and she looked disheveled. One look at her appearance and Zubeida grew more worried. She was now sure there was something really wrong with Sara that, she was hiding from her. “Sara, now would you mind telling me, what’s bothering you, what is it that you are hiding from me,” asked Zubeida. As soon as the words came out of her mouth, Sara started crying out loud. Ama, I love Rohail…I want him….I can’t live without him……please make dwa for me…please ask Allah let me have him…let his heart fill with my love….let him have his eyes for me only…I never asked Allah for anything in life…he didn’t give me anything… he took away baba from me…he never let me be happy…please Ama ask your ALLAH to have mercy on me…Ama I will die without him…let me be lucky…let me have him,”. Sara sobbed uncontrollably.

Zubeida froze in her tracks after hearing Sara confession of love for Rohail, who she hated so much in past. That night Zubeida went to bed with a heavy heart, she woke up at tahaud, she sat on a prayer mat and prayed for her beloved daughter, “O, Allah Please give her what she so desire, bless with all the happiness in life.”

As soon as Sara climbed off the bus, heat wave struck her hard; it was no doubt the hottest day in Karachi. As heat wave was predicted and temperature was estimated to go high, Sara tried to act normal, but she felt as she would faint any moment. She just entered the university and was about to enter the building, when she suddenly fainted and fell on the floor.

There was suddenly panic everywhere in university, crowd gathered around Sara. But nobody was sure what to be done, whether they call the ambulance or call the doctor. Suddenly Rohail appeared from nowhere hurriedly swept  Sara into his arms and took her to the hospital in his car.

When Sara opened her eyes, she found herself lying in hospital’s bed with Rohail staring at her. Sara couldn’t believe her eyes .She thought, she was dreaming. She blinked twice, even rubbed her eyes so that she wakes up from her dream, but to her surprise it was all real. It was Rohail standing, oh so close to her, she felt as if her heart was in her mouth. She couldn’t breathe.

Rohail never felt the way he felt when he took Sara in his arms, it wasn’t a first time he touched any girl. But it was different with her. It felt different and good. He was so worried what if something happened to her. He silently prayed for her recovery and when she finally opened her eyes. He let out a sigh of relief. The way she looked at her and blinked, made him wanted to bring her to his arms again, but he was scared, what if Sara wouldn’t like it. Soon Sara’s mother Zubaida and her family arrived. Zubaida thanked him very much, told him how grateful she was for his kind gesture .Rohail instantly liked Sara’s family and for some reason he didn’t feel as if they were strangers. He became familiar with them.Rohail stayed at Sara’s side throughout her stay in hospital. He took care of everything. Zubeida liked Rohail too. Zubaiida prayed for Sara after every Namaz.

(to be continued)

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