A Prayer That Was Answered Well….(Part 1)

It was Aleezay’s first day in university and like everyone else she was super excited. There was a round of introduction going on when she entered the class. Everybody in the class were introducing themselves to each other, trying to make new friends and finding out about each other’s interests and as usual, as soon as Aleezay entered the class, all eyes were on her, everyone wanted to be introduced to Aleezay, that didn’t’ surprise her, as it didn’t happen to her for the first time, except for the ordinary girl who sat in the next row to Aleezay, She was indifferent to her presence. And didn’t seem, as if she was interested in any kind of introduction. Aleezay, sensing her cold attitude, didn’t take any initiative herself. It wasn’t like Aleezay to run after people, in fact it was the other way round.

Aleezay was drop dead gorgeous, deep emerald green eyes, pale glowing skin, full lips and a slender figure with all the right curves that any girl could dream of.  Aleezay was the center of attention anywhere she went. She was instantly liked by everyone, be it men, women or ‘Aunties’ seeking rishtas for their ‘Laiq Faik’ sons. But there was not a single man who impressed her.

Sara double checked her appearance in the mirror and when satisfied that she looked somewhat presentable. She left for university. She was wearing peach colored simple shalwar kameez, a trace of kajal in her eyes. She was wearing a duppata   gracefully covering her head and body. It was her first day in university. She felt nervous like hell. As usually the girls in the university were very advanced and wore the latest trendy clothes and she, on the other hand wore simple, modest clothes .She was very much aware of the class difference that she had with her colleagues. So, instead of mingling with them, she stayed distant and appeared aloof. After all,  she wasn’t there to make friends.

She grew more nervous and a little jealous too with the girl who just entered the class and got everyone’s attention, once again feeling, she wasn’t good enough, she should never have sought admission in this university of hifi people, she simply didn’t deserve it. She took a glance at Aleezay’s pretty face, and realized how pretty she looked wearing a long kurta with jeans, hair tied in a long pony tail. Sara, thought to herself, “What if Allah had only given me a slightly prettier face like her, I am just so un lucky, I am no match for the girl, and not only that she is pretty, she looks filthy rich too, a rich brat, no doubt.” She was still talking to herself when she heard someone say…Hi, I am Rohail khan, and you? At first, Sara thought that the words weren’t meant for her, but as he repeated his question, that made Sara look up from the book she had been pretending to read. Sara ignored his outstretched hand and gave him the kind of look that said, ‘How dare you disturb me’. Sara, sensing that he was still waiting for to respond answered him…err…I am Sara….Sara Khalid.

Sara was the youngest among the four sisters. She belonged to a lower middle class family. She was only four when her father died, thus leaving the responsibility of raising four daughters on the shoulders of Zubeida, her mother. Zubeida was a graduate, so she joined the teaching profession after her husband’s death.  After school, she gave tuitions along her daughters to ensure extra income to pay the house rent as well other expenses including the monthly fees of her daughters’ school.

Zubeida worked very hard day and night to ensure that her daughters received the best of education. She was aware that how important it was for the girls to get the good education as she herself became a widow at an early age and had to leave the house to earn a living to make the ends meet. It was her only dream now. Sara was the brightest in her daughters’ .She had better expectations from Sara. As soon as Sara did her intermediate, She applied for BBA in the most influential university of Karachi, and luckily she cleared the aptitude test as well as the interview.

When Aleezay met Rohail khan, she was instantly drawn to him. They shared similar interests in music, books and had a sense of humor which perfectly matched each other’s. They mostly hanged out with each other in university as well as outside university. Everyone thought of them as ‘lovers’ but in reality Rohail had no such feelings for Aleezay. He was attached to her in a way and did like her company, in fact enjoyed her company a lot, just like other friends. But he didn’t feel the spark for her.

The moment Aleezay met Rohail; she knew he was the guy for her. There wasn’t a thing that she didn’t like about him. He made her feel so special. The way he understood her feelings, nobody had ever did. She had guys running after her, but nobody had aroused the feelings in her the way Rohail did… there was something about him that distinct him from other guys she met.He was tall , rugged, his arms so strong, he looked powerful, the way the corner of his mouth twisted in a wry smile made him all the more irresistible and sexy. Aleezay had never experienced having that ‘butterflies in the stomach feeling’. She was scared. Very scared. She was falling in love with Rohail Khan, and there he was, oblivious to her feelings for him.

To be continued…

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