I need a break…

Why do you often find women saying ‘I need a break,’ and especially those, ‘Stay-at-home-mums’, I myself  say the phrase once  in a week at least. so what do we mean when we say…we need a break? Are we trying to run away from our responsibilities? we don’t love or care much about our children or, are we plain bored?

Actually, we get so much involved in taking care of our families needs, putting their needs first rather than ours, that we stop caring for ourselves. I still remember once when I was asked about my favorite food…and I swear, I had to think hard, as I am so habitual of cooking what my husband, and particularly what my kids love to eat. They get to decide where they want to eat on weekends, where they want to hang out, (which is usually a place with swings and rides)it’s like one day you  finally wake up and realize that you have lost the person that you knew once(that’s you), the  person you have become now is dull and boring, who doesn’t know the meaning of having fun. You forget the things you liked doing once, you don’t call your friends anymore, neither do you return their calls, you never think about having a good time without having your children around. You frown more than you smile. You are always having those panic attacks.

Many people agree that it’s good for mothers to take a break from  time to time, from their daily hectic routines, that can help them feel better emotionally as well as physically, the moment they get up from the bed, their mind is focused only on, how to get the daily chores done which includes cooking, cleaning, washing, changing a baby’s diaper and not to mention ,how to handle those tantrums of children which they throw from time to time, without any prior warning.  All this leaves women very exhausted and frustrated,  they miss  having their ‘me time’ (time alone) it’s at that point they freak out, and scream ‘I need a break’.

It’s even more exhausting for mothers, who stay at home because their lives revolve around children all the time, and they think they are not even appreciated for the fact that, how efficiently they are running their households as well as  looking after their children. They feel they are being taken for granted, and  it’s their responsibility only to do everything all by themselves, without husbands doing their share because they  choose to stay at home mom over working mom.

In the end, I would just say, we are humans and not machines, who can work nonstop without taking a break, hell , even machines need to be stopped too after some time. We need a break to have some time alone to think straight, to ponder over our mistakes, to figure out what went wrong and to finish that book that has been lying on a shelf for quite some time, we want to take one of those long showers that can relax us….we just need some time to remember who we are.

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