I feel beautiful, do you?

Do You feel Beautiful?

  Allah created everything to be beautiful, then who are we to find faults in his creations. Women generally stop feeling attractive and suffer from low self-esteem after some time passes of their married life and especially when they have babies.  I often come across women who are like, “We don’t wanna look good”,  “Our hubbies don’t even look at us anymore” Who should we dress up for?” , ” We don’t like to keep ourselves maintained  “, “I don’t even comb my hair anymore”, “My maid dresses up better than me”, and all the usual stuff . And I am like, okay he might not look at you…and it really  isn’t mandatory for him to do so, does it really make a huge difference to you? Would you only look good or stay neat and clean or look “presentable”,  if he looked at you? Your very existence is depended upon if he looked at you or not? Why does your world revolve around just one man? and why does it come tumbling down if he doesn’t? guess what none of us owe anyone anything. We came alone. we will leave alone. We live for ourselves. It’s our primary duty to look after ourselves first ,which includes taking care of our needs as well as pampering ourselves a little, and love ourselves unconditionally.

I am not a ‘feminist’ again, I very much believe in love stories, romance, and happy endings..but  I also believe in one thing and that is that you can’t possibly make people love you. So stop stooping so low. When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and whistled, “wow! you look so hot, babe!”. When was the last time you actually found yourself desirable without anyone telling you that? What? you didn’t!?!?  very bad! you must do it every now and then, in fact, I would suggest you make it a daily routine..dedicate 5 minutes to yourself every day, stand in front of a mirror, admire yourself, admire what you see (doesn’t matter what size you are) believe me you’re lovable, you’re beautiful without having anyone told you that.

If you think you do need some grooming, go for it, dye your hair, get your hair streaking done,rebounding, chi whatever it takes to make you look desirable in ‘your own eyes’. Lose weight if you think you need to (not for anyone’s approval of course) do weight training (it rocks btw) kickboxing,  dance classes, yoga, aerobics, whatever works for you. You must love this person ‘that’s you’.  You have every right to look good, it increases your confidence, your self-esteem. Who doesn’t like to be complimented? who doesn’t want to be appreciated? we all do but we shouldn’t be a slave to one man’s approval. fall in love with yourself first, accept yourself before you expect anyone else to do.

Disclaimer: The above-mentioned tips are merely suggestions, you don’t necessarily have to follow them, follow them only if you want to, I personally think you are Awesome just like that.



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