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Mama drama is unavoidable , I witness it almost everywhere I go, be it parks, Malls, households which compelled me to come up with the post. I am going to be a little blunt here so I am sorry if you find the post offending. Also, you have a choice, if you find the post offensive and feel you can’t take it anymore, Press CTRL + W and BAM! you are out, now you can go on with you life and pretend as if you have never read this post.So shall we start?

Mama drama#1 “My child’s self-esteem is more important than anything else in the world.”

How often do you hear mothers talking only about their children’s self-esteem? as if they are the only mothers on this entire planet, as if only their child has feelings, only their sweetheart is entitled to respect. My question to all these mothers is, why do you think, you child only deserves to be treated with respect, what about other children’s feelings, especially those that come from humble backgrounds, those who don’t have mothers pampering them 24/7? ain’t they entitled to the same treatment your child should get, why if your child can hit a child and that same child can’t hit him back? and why do you have to be so biased? why do you have to come to your child’s defense every time he/she messes up without first finding out who was at fault? I realize every mother loves her child very much and can’t bear the thought of a child getting hurt/humiliated and I have personally no issues with that, but in this regard, you must also take into account other children’s feelings . I have literally seen mothers/relatives humiliating others kids for having said or done something to their child.In my opinion, every child is equal, have equal rights. So if you demand rights for your child, you must give those same rights to other children too. Then only our society can change, otherwise, this biased, partial and unjustified attitude on part of mothers can distort the whole society.

Mama drama # 2 My child doesn’t eat anything

You must have heard this phrase too often….almost every mother complaints about the same issue… okay, let me ask you something…first your child sleeps late…wakes up late…has his/her breakfast late (that too forcefully) then you force a cup of milk..then you expect a child whose watching tv all day long…or playing on his iPhone right after an hour to eat a PROPER meal just like an adult  (consisting of starter, main course, and dessert) mind you, or it’s not a proper lunch. Do you think it’s justified? and yes these are all well-educated moms I am addressing here, not illiterate ones. A couple of days back a mother very proudly informed me that if her child wakes up late, first she gives him breakfast that’s at 1’0 clock which finally ends around at 2 or 3 in the afternoon, then after a while, she gives him lunch. “Why don’t u directly give him lunch, if he wakes up late.” I suggested, but her response was something that made me shut up , “No way, I can’t afford my child missing something as important as breakfast.”

Mama drama # 3 You Must Eat your food else… (yes we are still talking about that loving/caring mother combo)

So suppose your child likes food, has his/her fill, and eats around half roti/half plate of rice, and he/she is feeling quite full. So must you still force food just because he/she didn’t eat the quantity you wanted him/her to have, what if a child wasn’t very hungry, and can eat again after a lil while, or maybe a child had a late night dinner last night due to which he wasn’t feeling hungry or maybe he/she had a late breakfast which is making the child feel full or maybe the child isn’t very active. The child just likes to play games on smartphone or watch tv? Must you always make these meals time a war time? Must you display Mama drama around the child all the time? can’t a child ever relax? must you always stuff his/her mouth with food that he/she doesn’t want to eat, don’t you ever want them to enjoy food, and must you turn them into bodybuilders? why don’t you accept the fact that your child has a moderate appetite.? why do you want your child to be obese, overweight and unhealthy.

My question to mothers is what’s wrong with a child deciding the quantity he/she wants to eat…how often wants to eat…and the way he/she wants to eat…maybe a child wants to eat small meals…maybe….a child can’t tolerate eating a heavy meal in one go……maybe a child particularly doesn’t like eating roti..maybe a child doesn’t like the food that’s cooked at home…maybe a child has a lot of access to junk food due to which he/she doesn’t feel hungry…maybe a child sees meal time as a wartime..and feels turned off at the mere mention of food? maybe your child is sick of this mama drama?

It’s about time we stopped this crazy Mama drama.We, being the mothers can’t force a child to do something that he/she doesn’t want to do or eat. But what we can do is to counsel them, tell them the pros and cons of not eating a healthy balanced diet, but before doing that…we need to describe it to ourselves too, thank you for bearing with me, do give me your views too on the topic…cheers!

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