My Body Is my Business!

Ok, my body choices might be different from yours, that doesn’t give you a right to judge me ,criticize me, label me  or  worse ,make fun of me. It’s basically a matter of choice and preferences. It’s common to make fun of people with heavy or bulky bodies, they are always ridiculed, discriminated, pressurized and looked down at. In our society, Fat =ugly, Skinny=beautiful. It’s about time we start changing our mindsets and accept ourselves in whatever shape we are in.

The most common scenario in our society:

“Haven’t you put on a little weight?” said Maria to Salma,” oh, yes, it’s  just after my 3rd one that I have gained this much weight”, replied Salma rather sheepishly, as if found guilty for having done something that she should be absolutely ashamed of. why some people think that it’s their right to comment on anything they don’t find up to their standard, even if that means criticizing our bodies, What’s with these extremely thin women making the fat one’s feeling insecure about the size of their bodies which they never miss a chance to humiliate in any social gathering. Who gives them a right to do so? It’s about time we ask them to shut up and mind their own business.

You are beautiful if only you feel beautiful, whether fat or skinny, fair or dark, tall or short…it’s how you feel about yourself  that makes you beautiful. You don’t need anyone to describe you according to their standard of good, average or bad.

Lose weight only and only if you want to, without anyone dictating you or making you feel inferior.

Being comfortable in your own skin is more important.

Don’t let media guide you for what is acceptable and what is not..stop staring at those skinny models.

Stop following the diet that some famous bollywood actress adopted to lose weight.

It’s your body and you decide whether you want it to be fat or thin.

You decide whether you want to be a size zero or size 5.

You decide the kind of clothes and colors that  you want to wear or experiment with (without anyone suggesting  that, the particular color doesn’t suit you)

If people leave you for the size of your body, let them, they don’t deserve you anyway.

Eat and drink what you like, after all its your life, your body, without anyone telling you that its fattening.

Gym and exercise only if you want to, without getting pressurized by people.

Don’t  let people intimidate you, you are grown up and can take decisions for yourself.

Don’t let them call you names you don’t like… gently remind them of your real name.

Stop caring….It’s your life…your body and no one’s business. Period.

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