When Her Dreams Shattered..

It was 3 in the morning when Anaya sat on the king size luxury bed waiting impatiently for her groom to arrive,God, She was tired, She ought to be, after all it was a long day for her, as she went for her bridal make over at 3 pm in the after noon.Since then she didn’t have a moment’s rest and not to mention the long tiring ceremony of her ‘Baraat’, and the ordeal,she had to go through, right after rukhsati (not letting the groom and bride come out of the car until and unless they pay some ‘Naik’,usually demanded by the young members of the family)made her back ached with pain.She had almost dozed off and suddenly woke up, when heard a knock on the door,She quickly straightened up, not wishing to disappoint her newly wed hubby.

He sat on the bed beside her, not really looking at her,neither touching her, or raising her traditional ghoonghat as she had expected,after all that’s what she had seen  in most of the Indian movies, instead he picked up her mobile, and all he did was, asked her mobile number..Disappointed! Shocked! Bewildered! that’s exactly how she felt. Wasn’t he suppose to tell her how she pretty she looked,or how he fell in love with her the moment he saw her, or how he waited for this night.That was too much for her,thinking to herself,she couldn’t take it anymore.Suddenly she stood up, “I am too tired and really need a rest. Would you mind if I change?”… he nodded, “sure”, that’s all he said,he too looked, as though,he was shocked, and would faint anytime.

Anaya was a girl who belonged to a middle class family,but she had always been different.She felt and saw things differently from the girls of her own age,she was the kind of a girl who was always engrossed in books,She loved dreaming,often she would dream about her life partner too.But she knew she belonged to the class where it wasn’t considered right to go out with boys or demanding openly  for girls from their parents to marry a guy of their choice.Not that guys weren’t interested in her,but she always refused those offers considering the act wrong,she believed that one day the right guy will come along,so she reserved all her feelings for that special guy.

Then one day her parents informed her about the proposal that came for her,that too when it had been accepted by them,leaving her with no choice but to accept their decision,only hoping that the guy she was about to be engaged with, would turn out to be someone she would fall in love with,but to her disappointment, after her engagement too,her fiance didn’t make any effort to meet her or talk to her,she was heart-broken,but  still a tiny hope lurked deep down inside her heart.

That night,She laid awake crying,as if she had seen a horrible nightmare,all her worst suspicions came true.From that day,She avoided him like plague,not that he made any efforts to befriend her or coming close to her.It was as if two strangers lived under one roof.Then one  day she got news of her pregnancy.She had mixed feelings, a part of her was happy, but she was concerned too, how would she take  responsibility of a child, when her relationship was itself not stable.

She now started working on her relationship with her husband.She made sure that she kept the house clean,always taking care of her husband’s needs.She never made any demands from her husband,never complained,always accepted the things he brought for her,and showed gratitude for the small gestures offered from her husband’s side.She would wake up early in the morning before her husband,prepared his favorite breakfast, packed his lunch,kept his clothes ready,never demanding anything in return,never asking anything or prying into his personal matters,for which he respected her,always showing respect and warm welcome to his family members.

Gradually things got better between them, Saim, her husband too realized his mistakes and started compensating,always making sure to take care of her needs, without her saying anything, Anaya started relaxing and felt content with her life,if not happy.And when she was blessed with a baby boy, Anaya felt as if she had never felt so complete.

So, in your opinion what Anaya did was right or wrong? What options did she have? She knew she came from the background where once a girl is married couldn’t go back to her parents…She wouldn’t go on fighting with her husband especially when she was about to have a baby too…fighting would only put her and the baby in pain,so being a wise girl which she was,she handled things rather wisely and saved her marriage from running as well as the three lives involved.

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