What Women Really Want….

Men often ask, “what exactly do women want?” okay I admit, it’s not easy to understand us most of the times, we are different but, really we are not as complicated  or as mysterious as some men make us out to be. So, what do  you think we want? diamonds? a big house and a car? bank balance? a trip to Paris? ok, let’s not play  coy here, no woman would deny wanting those things in life, provided a man can afford to give those luxuries to a woman but, that’s not  ‘All’ we want. What we want can’t be bought with money. All we want is your ‘Love’ ‘Care’  ‘Attention’ and ‘Respect’.

We often see women getting dishearten after some time of their marriage, as they feel the love they experienced once has vanished somewhere ,and there is no more attraction between the couple. What I feel is that a couple should always treat each other as their dates, always surprise each other with flowers and gifts, constantly remind each other of their love, no matter how busy they are ,this will help to keep the magic alive in their marriage.

Following are the few things that we want….

We want everything from hugs, kisses and unexpected phone calls to say,’ I love you’

Yes, we want your Undivided attention, that’s totally focused on us, without you playing on your iPhones and, pretending to listen to us, we want us to be your center of attention when you are with us ,without your mind wandering over other things, we want your uninterrupted time as we look forward to this ‘us time together’ all day long.

We want you to Care for us, when we get sick or feeling down, we want to know you care for us and are really concerned, yes we need you to put it in words, without you thinking that, we will assume it.

We want you to really Trust us, without withholding something that’s bothering you,we want you to share it with us, and we assure you,we will stand by you.

We want you to constantly remind us that you have not stopped Loving us and that you will always love us, no matter what.

We want you to Appreciate us for our little efforts, for when we clean the house so that you find it pleasant to look at, or when we cook your favorite food, we want you to appreciate our little gestures, that we perform to make you happy.

We want you to ‘Really look’ at us and Praise us, as we dress up just for you  and, put on makeup to look our best to you.

We want to be your ‘best friend,’ meaning best of all friends…as no relationship is complete without friendship.

It is really that simple to please us…all it takes is  Love…Affection…and Care.

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