Women and their weight loss Drama

It’s about time that we, yes (that includes me too) put an end to all this dramabazi regarding weight loss. So how many of you are struggling with weight loss? or shall I say how many of you are on a weight loss  mission (wazan ghatao muhim)….oh please don’t tell me you are of those who order a chicken cheese burger, fries and a diet coke….who are you  kidding…..if you really want to shed those extra pounds then you need to do some serious work rather than just being a couch potato and ordering around…you need to move that pretty little  butt of yours and get into action…that is if you really want to lose some weight.

So first things first…make a commitment to yourself that no matter what…health should be the first priority, no more switching from junk food to crash diets…in any circumstances being healthy should be your first priority.

Get another thing straight you are never going to have a body that you had once before you were married or when you didn’t have babies. So discard that pair  of jeans and that favorite suit of yours..because you are never going to fit into that.

You are never going to be a ‘size zero’, you are not a model neither any actress so stop dreaming of having that body of a model…you have a whole family to support to..house hold chores to be done…your life, your responsibilities are different from that of a model.

Take baby steps..don’t rush things….you can’t possible have an overnight weight loss…you didn’t gain this weight in one night…so be realistic.

Eat home made fresh food as much as possible..don’t eat 2 days old left over’s please…and no frozen fried items too.

Limit your use of caffeine, frizzy drinks and flavored juices….instead have more milk, yogurt,cottage cheese and green tea.

Treat yourself once in a while with your favorite food for celebrating your hard work for the whole week.

When going out to eat instead of ordering deep fried…see for more grilled options or Bbq.

Drink plenty of water and eat fresh fruits rather than having juices.

Eat stir fried vegetables instead of a dry salad…as I have heard people showing their dislike for dry salads or maybe try vegetable clear soup which is more fulfilling and enriched.

Please inculcate some kind of a physical activity…if you can’t go to a gym…no problem…go for a brisk walk in any park…if you can’t even do that…take hold of a mop…and u know the rest…*winks*

So I hope you liked these tips that I have come up with research as well as my own experience..I would appreciate your comments and honest feedback…so goodbye until my next post.

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