Women, can we stop complaining?

I complain, she complains, they complain, actually correction, we, women, complain a lot without even realizing it. Having said that, did you ever realize that this habit of complaining excessively is breaking down our relationships?  And no wonder men think that we complain about almost anything and everything. Did it ever occur to you that no good ever comes out of complaining? does a lot complaining solve a lot of your problems? No, in fact, sometimes increases the problem rather than minimizing it.


Sometimes we don’t realize this habit is so negative until we experience it ourselves, for instance, I once had a family member who used to nag and compare a lot.I know she was going through a rough time, but things weren’t  going very fine at my end too. She would constantly compare her life with mine, her kids, her husband. She used to sound as if her problems were bigger than mine. She was having a rough time and yet I had a life full with luxuries. There were times when I felt that her negative attitude was making matters worse for us.And  I realized that I was doing the same with some people. Not as much as she was, but I was also unconsciously comparing myself with my  other friends.And after every encounter I had with her, I would compare my life with  her. I knew there were so many things that she had had an upper hand on. But I just refused to talk about it. I started avoiding her company. I would dread the moment if I had to be alone with her.She was affecting me negativity and after every time I hung out with her, she left me drained and finally we grew apart.

So Why do we complain?

We want people’s sympathy. We want them to consider us the victim and the most innocent soul on the face of the earth.

We get instant attention.

We want people to solve our problems.

We feel light hearted.

We compare ourselves a lot with other women.

We just want to share without realizing we are actually complaining.

We expect every situation to be an ideal one.

We don’t accept the problem.

We don’t have anything better to do, in other words, no aim in life.

We are jealous of others happiness.

We envy them.



Some women go to an extent that they never stop comparing themselves with other women. Little do they realize that if the other woman is successful, how hard she has strived to be where she’s today or, how much she had suffered, or the sacrifices she had to make in order to be there. Sometimes we are too busy feeling sorry for ourselves that we don’t realize that everyone has problems in the world, it’s just that some people prefer washing their dirty laundry in front of other people and some don’t, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have problems. Life isn’t a bed of roses, we all go through hardships in life, some people give up quickly while others face those obstacles, work hard to remove them, and fix their issues instead of just complaining. Always remember complaining too much is negative and it doesn’t SOLVE any problem.

PS: I shall discuss in my next post how can we overcome this problem and bring about the changes that can make us healthier and happier.










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