We all agree that it’s hard for Smart women to find love. Now, why it’s difficult and what makes them so complicated is what this post is all about.

Smart women rarely find love, let’s discover why

They are fearless and can survive on their own

Smart women are the most fearless. Mostly the reason it’s hard for smart women to find love is,  they know what they want in life and don’t let anyone intimidate them. They know the importance of staying true to themselves. They don’t cling to the wrong man out of fear of being alone. They won’t settle down for anything less. They don’t let the negative opinions of others deter them from living a life that they want to live. In other words, they live by their own rules and don’t let anyone else dictate them.

They are confident about what they want

Smart women know exactly what they want in life. They are not confused. They are secure and confident about the decisions they take in life. They know what qualities they exactly want in their better half. They know themselves too well; to know what kind of a person they can or can’t be with, what they can put up with and what they can’t tolerate.

They tend to control their emotions

Intelligent smart women like being in control of their emotions. You won’t find them feeling miserable or feeling sorry for themselves, for every breakup or bad relationship in their lives. They would never waste their time, energy to cling to the negative emotions that can’t bring them any progress in life. In other words, they don’t want to act like a constant crybaby when they can offer their shoulder to someone to cry on.

They don’t want anyone to change their lifestyle

Badass smart women know how crucial it’s for a person to have their own space. The last thing they want is someone objecting to what kind of clothes they wear, at what time they return from a party and the kind of friends they have.  They find sharing their space with someone quite scary. A smart woman would appreciate her partner to respect her privacy and in return, she will do the same.

They don’t compromise when they know they are right

They will do anything but compromise especially when they know they are right. They will confront problems in a relationship. They are smart and they know what is right and what is wrong. They won’t mind telling you, “You don’t have ‘the balls’, now some men might find it a hard pill to swallow. But if you really want to be in a relationship with a smart woman, then you should know the rules- that is no compromise.

More Brains than beauty

Smart women are not easily fooled, intimidated and manipulated. They might lack in looks, but they definitely have got more brains, that’s also not always the case ( some women have got both beauty and brains), which scare men, as they generally believe that if a woman has got looks, she lacks brains, but smart women have more brains. They are no less than any man that intimidates men.

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They are more career-oriented

Smart women are more focused on making their career, and the last thing they want is to slow down in their career. Their career is the first priority for them, and everything else falls secondary. They want their own money, their own identity. Hence, they come off as a career-oriented in a way that is not-so-sexy to most of the men. They would rather prefer a woman who would stay at home and raise children than being a successful businesswoman.

They don’t want a man’s money but his love

Since smart women are most successful and have lots of money of their own. So, the last thing they look in a man is his money, they look for someone who genuinely loves and care for them. In many cases, they can’t find genuine love, and sometimes men are after their money too. Hence, it gets difficult for them to find true love.

They are looking for Mr. Right which they never find

Since smart women are mostly perfectionists, and never settle down for second best. It causes some serious problems for them especially when it comes to finding a right partner for them. They always have issues with one thing or another. The end result is, in search of finding Mr. Right, (which they never find) they end up being lonely and frustrated.


They are not wife material

As smart women focus more on their careers, and their career is their foremost priority. It’s generally assumed that they wouldn’t make good wives and won’t be able to take the responsibility of a married life. Although it might not be true in all the cases, that’s also one of the reasons that men don’t get involved with smart women, and even if they do, they leave them after the realization struck them hard.


  1. Men in Pakistani society where patriarchy is very deep rooted tend to look for women that are dependent on them for everything be it their safety or financial needs. It gives them a feeling of power and power they say is a great aphrodisiac.


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