All ladies can agree on one thing, it’s the guys that bring about the ice and spice in life.

But what if the ice is too cold and the spice too spicy?

Run. Like. Hell. 

Relationships are something that should not be linked to our happiness, and they should not be the criteria of a persons success. But having a person by your side to support you, cheer you on, stick with you through thin and thick and having someone at the end of the day to tell you that everything’s going to be okay, when everything is falling apart is a very welcoming thought.

It’s not necessary that that person has to be your significant other, but society and media have us scrambling to find our ‘other halves’. 

So, in times like this, when you can’t tell the difference in between a lion and a lamb, I, your dearest, present myself as your guide to spot the flesh eating carnivorous beasts of the jungle. 

1- Mr Can’t See You From Up Here


So, the first one guy in our not to date list is Mr Can’t See you from up here.Yes, it is nice to appreciate yourself once in a while, but if a person does it every waking moment, especially if they are putting down other people while doing it, NOT COOL. If you receive such treatment from the other side in a relationship, know it’s time to put a stop to things.

2- Mr Show Off

Ladies, get one thing clear. Just because he wants to marry you, does not mean he is the one. Some people have life planned down to the minute and they expect things to go a certain way which is their way or the highways. Show him that if he wants something to parade around, he’s going to have to buy a Ferrari. Don’t be a trophy who receives affection only in the form of designer dresses or return tickets to Rome. These kinda show offs just live by the show offs that too for every other lady they meet. 

3- The Excuse Box

If he can’t make time for you, stop wasting time on him. But he had a perfectly reasonable excuse, right? The last time, and the time before that and the time before that? Right? Wrong. Some people are expert at making others run in circles. Drop him like he’s the Congo Virus, run and never look back to save yourself from what could be a potentially mentally exhausting relationship.

4- The Sour Apple

If it’s one thing I have observed about most men in my society, it’s that they can’t bear to see their significant halves more successful than them. Well, guess what honey? You don’t need that kind of negative energy in your life. Anyone who thinks you endured years of studying to cook their curry with just the right amount of spice can go stick their opinion where the sun doesn’t shine.

5- The Body Shamer

This one is kind of a sub-category of Mr Can’t See You From Up Here, but I felt this issue is important enough to be discussed solo. Anyone who tries to change you into their ideal standards or tries to make you seem like one of the Victoria’s Secret’s models on TV is someone you should not even glance at.

You should be what makes you happy, whether it means being extremely thin or obese. (Although I wouldn’t recommend either condition because of health issues.) You are beautiful the way you are, and never let anyone convince you otherwise. 

6- The One looking for 2 in 1

guys you should never date


In many societies, women are expected to be obedient creatures who quietly clean and cook all day long. This is a real person we are talking about here, not a 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner you can pick up at the supermarket. Life advise ladies; don’t marry someone to become their mama. 

7- Mr: Kind Of But Not Quite 

guys you should never date

In your life, you will come across men/boys who will appear very interested, but will never commit or make anything official. They will have arm candy, occasionally flirt with other girls, but make you feel so special when it’s just the two of you, and there is just something that you keep coming back for. This surely can’t hurt, right? WRONG AGAIN. These are the signs of the starting of a toxic relationship. Run while you can, girl. 

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8- The X-Mourner

guys you should never date

Sure, you might compare your current to the former sometimes, but voicing it out loud seems a little extreme. Especially if you’re doing it all the time. Are you? Well, is he? Yes? No more girl. Run like you’re leaving a burning house behind because for all you know, that might be the case. 

9- The Shady One

guys you should never date

Always trust the two Fs: friends and family. You know, when there is this dark and mysterious guy who has an almost tangible pull towards him, that draws you in and keeps you wanting more, but your friends think there’s something wrong, you might want to stop and re-evaluate for a second. Reason being that sometimes our judgement is clouded by infatuation, lust or even curiosity, so it is better to get an outsiders unbiased opinion

10-  John Cena, The Second

guys you should never date

Don’t ignore the red flags when you see your man get violent. It might be the poor waiter who’s facing his wrath today, but tomorrow it might be you. Domestic abuse is a serious issue around the whole world. It is reported that 85% of the women return to abuse. Don’t be oppressed, be strong. 

11. Mummy’s boy

guys you should never date


The last thing you want is to get hitched up with a guy who doesn’t even go to a washroom without his mother’s consent.

He calls his mother for advice after every single hour, he shares everything with his mother, yes the first time you guys kissed, she even knows that.

He is so dependent on her that he can’t take any decision in life until and unless she approves of it (yes, he would not marry you if she didn’t like you).

So, if you are ready to share your private life with your future-mother-in-law, then only get involved with him else DITCH him now, be a wise girl.

Final words

“She’s a simple woman, made to look complicated by a man who isn’t man enough to provide the things she deserves…”    -r.h. Sin



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