About Me

Hello, I’m Saima!

A passionate writer, daydreamer and a blogger, a procrastinator by nature + coffee lover. Food is one thing that makes me immensely happy.

I hail from Karachi, Pakistan, married and a PROUD mother of two extremely TALENTED   (read naughty) kids.

Welcome to my little space on the World Wide Web!

 Really its a pleasure having you here.


No matter how you landed here –Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, Search, email, or through your friend’s recommendation – there is something, I have to tell you…


You are simply Awesome! Promise!


Now you must be wondering what makes me call you awesome when in reality we have never met or chatted. I know you are here for a reason..for the same reason I started this blog….and the reason is to FIND yourself, DISCOVER who you really are, HAVE a meaningful POSITIVE life, without feeling inadequate, unworthy of life, unappreciated for everything you do in life.

I will help you get rid of this Negative self-talk which is destroying your relationship with yourself because…

At the end of the day, your relationship with yourself will determine your relationship with others

I am here to help you out friend, trust me. BEEN there DONE that. Know the feeling.

Whatever your role in life is whether you are a parent, caregiver, working woman or a single mom. I know you want to enjoy a peaceful, healthy and happy life.

You want to build stronger relationships.

You want to be a fantastic mom! Yaay Hi-five to that!

You want less hectic and happier days

You want your households run smoothly

You want to appear more chirpy and less grumpy

You want right direction

who wouldn’t want these things?

But let’s be realistic how many accomplished those goals? NONE.

Learning to relax and enjoy a happy, peaceful life comes from a conscious effort put forth by you to set the right habits into action. That’s why I created LivingShe because it’s all about ‘ SHE’. All about YOU and ME.

You are a wife

You are a mother

You are a daughter and a sister

but above all, you are a WOMAN.

Who has a right to…

be happy

be herself

discover herself

take decisions for herself

to love herself unconditionally

enjoy every phase of life from pregnancy to parenting

and still feel proud of herself

because it’s all about her

it’s all about SHE

Hope you have a wonderful time here while you learn to be a better version of yourself.
Thanks for dropping by