About Living She


Hi, I am Bisma Latif, the creator of this world, “Living She.”

Foodie and moody define me the best. Oh, yes! And a coffee lover.

This my small little world, where I strongly believe that

In this world full of chaos, having someone to support you through the hardships can make your life amazing. Women are the supporters of each other, and I am here to support you with my strong words and will power. “


But everyone has their own way of supporting each other, right? My path to support women is by writing comprehensive guides and reviews for the women out there who don’t have much time to research regarding which makeup product, home appliance, skincare product, and routine, handbags, accessories, etc. to spend in.

This blog allows me to combine my passion for research and writing into a single desire, and here I am to help you give a comprehensive guide for all your researches and queries. Being a busy woman with a job, studies, and a freelance career on the side, I use to find it extremely difficult to find the right products. But now I have finally mastered to give the time to this very blog it deserves.

No matter how you reach to this platform, I wholeheartedly welcome you to Living She. Living, she is here to serve as a complete guide for all your queries, be it personal or professional with complete details and all the possible questions you might have in your mind.

You are a woman playing the roles of a mother, daughter, sister, and wife. And trust me, I know how difficult it is to do so! These days women can do anything, and for that, they need support from other women. By offering extensive product reviews, product descriptions, and product comparisons, I am here to make your shopping process easier.

You are a woman capable of doing everything. Still, most importantly, you need to focus on yourself first on your own happiness and dreams. I am here to help you with your makeup queries, and any other product-related questions to help you focus on much more essential aspects of your life.

You are a woman who has a right to:

  • Be yourself
  • Be happy
  • Take charge of your life
  • Love yourself
  • Enjoy every phase of life
  • Appreciate each period of life from pregnancy to child raising and still feel pleased with herself

You are not just a “Living being,” you are a “Living She.” And no matter how hard people make it for you, I am here to support you all the time.

I hope my small world creates some space in your heart and give answers to your simplest of queries.


Bisma Latif