Remeber the character of ‘Aunty na kahona’ from the famous serial ‘hum paanch, an indian sitcom? When I used to see her I used to find  the woman’s reaction very funny and not to mention melodramatic. I had always made fun of those women who hated being labeled as ‘Aunties’ and would say in defense, ‘aunty tu na kahona’, until one day, I myself was called an ‘aunty’, that too by a man who looked old enough to be my uncle, it came as a shock to me and I asked myself, have I really started looking like an aunty (kia mai waqai budhi lagne lagi hoon)…is it about time, I started using those anti-wrinkle and skin care regimen..? Then another thought crossed my mind..even if people find me aunty-type..does it REALLY make any difference to me..why women find it offensive to be called Aunties, what’s wrong with getting old anyway? We can’t possibly stay young all our lives..can we?

I think the problem is, as soon as women are called Aunties, they think what people are implying is that they don’t find them attractive anymore, someone who has lost her sex-appeal and can only be accepted as an ‘Aunty figure’ not as a ‘desirable woman’. Men sometimes, do it on purpose too, to annoy women and to hide their own age. Every year, billions of dollars are being spent on ads focusing on products to keep women young, if you notice, mostly ads comprises of fair n lovely, Oil of Olay, beauty soaps, all promising women to bring back the luster they had in their youth, and what’s more surprising is that, it actually works, people start believing think that these products have the power to transform them into beauties, one that has a fair complexion.

The delimma with us, women, is we don’t embrace ourselves, hence the insecurity. We constantly look up to people to approve of us or define our worth. If someone calls us aunty, we start feeling old, if someone says we have gained weight, we instantly start feeling ugly and fat. Our opinion of ourselves is more importance than anyone else’s. Ask yourself is it necessary to adhere to the standards precribed by the society in order to be happy?

Out of desperation, women start investing in low quality fairness creams  or ‘Zubaida apa kay totkay’ , which is again not such a good idea, you can’t stop the aging process and in your struggle to do so, you might as well damage your skin with these so called fairness creams.

You can’t stop yourself from getting old, however, there are few things that you can do to make your skin look fresh and appear young.

Try to eat loads and loads of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Eat and drink fresh, no leftovers, please!

Say no to oily and processed food.

Exercise daily.

Drink plenty of water.

Eat a handful of nuts every day.

Take proper night’s sleep.

Apply a good night and day cream.

Use a good moisturizer.

Make sure you apply sun block when you go outside

Take a facial once a month, that too from a good salon.

Consult a good dermatologist, in a case of any skin issues, and use creams only prescribed by the doctors, instead of randomly picking up any cream after seeing the commercial on tv.

Lastly, don’t care if they call you khala, baji or aunty…. even aunties can be hot is too short to worry about these little things in life.


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