Who says women are DUMB and good at one thing only?

The modern world is ruled by women. They are everywhere from corporate jobs to saving the world, from politics to wars, women are working in every field. Women are not only inspired the equality and feminists movements. They are also inspired by how our movies have portrayed in all the roles. Be it wonder woman or the smart ass Hermoine Ganger from the Harry Potter, these characters have made modern women strong and powerful.

Today in this post I am going to talk about some badass female characters that will make you freaking proud to be a woman. These characters will make you believe, if they can then surely you can.

FYI, bad-ass women come in all kind of shapes and sizes.

From badass girls of Westerns in Game of thrones to tough agent Alex Parrish to the appallingly terrible, yet hilarious character of President Selina Meyer, I have got it all lined up for you in this post.

Let’s celebrate badass women.

23 Inspirational Badass Females Characters

The characters have the power to stir emotions in you, they will not only make you laugh and cry, but also has the power also motivate you, and give you hope when you need it the most.

They are the television  riches too powerful and inspiring to ignore.

1. President Selina Meyer, from Veep’s

President Selina Meyer, from Veep’s

Why don’t you put on your running shoes and get to the fucking point, Jonah?”

The first female badass character is vice president. They can say whatever the eff they want, at least, that’s the case with Veep’s Selina Mayer. She is the first female president and she also sucks at it, well that’s OK, as long as she keeps on entertaining us with all the hilarious stuff she says for every situation.

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2.  Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Lucas film

This woman nailed it!

Not only did she kick ass, but also showed that a woman doesn’t need to have a man to be this awesome.

The character of Rey from Star Wars is enough to make one positively giddy. The portrayal of the character is enough to move me to tears (I am not afraid of admitting it, though).

She’s tough, she’s a Jedi. She fights bad guys. She stands up for what’s right and stay strong, she doesn’t let her emotions weaken her. She’s a great role model for all growing girls (let your girls be tough like Rey not like Cinderella or Rapunzel). Rey isn’t just a role model for girls but for boys also.

Our mainstream media portray women as weak, vulnerable who always need a man by their side to rescue them. This woman is breaking stereotypes in a an inevitable style.

This woman gives a very strong message in two hours of movie proving Women Can, Women DO, and Women are.

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3. Lexa, from the 100

Lexa, from the 100

Some on my side says that’s not enough. They wanted the murderer to suffer as our tradition demands. But they do not know that your suffering will be worse. What you did tonight will haunt you until the end of your days.”

This was a very powerful quote from Lexa, a fictional character from the American post-apocalyptic science fiction television series.

This particular character from American has won the hearts of thousands of people with her spellbinding character of Commander Lexa, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that her powerful character is the main cause of the 100 fan base, and tremendous popularity as they find her character overwhelming.

The character of Lexa teaches us bravery and how women can be powerful leaders. Lexa was the commander of 12 clans, she was the reason the twelve clans united to fight again mount weather and without her, a coalition wouldn’t have survived.

4. Leslie Knops, from Parks and Recreation

 Leslie Knops, from Parks and Recreation

Leslie from Parks and Recreation featured a lot of struggle women in politics have to go through.

Her tone is comedic yet evoking deep emotions

Who says you have to adopt a depressing tone to teach great lessons of life?

She is extremely ambitious, cheerful and hard working. Her ability to put a positive spin on failure is amazing. She doesn’t get discouraged easily, for example, when angry residents yelled or complained during her forums, she prefers to think them as, ‘People caring loudly for me’.

Her ‘never give up, never back down and never apologize for being yourself’ attitude is something that we all find inspiring.

 5. Alex Parish, Quantico

Alex Parish, Quantico
photo: ABC

Now, we all know this girl, Priyanka Chopra from Bollywood movies. She is the first South Asian badass female character to lead an American network series. Her character has garnered positive reviews from critics who called her ‘strongest human asset’ and ‘charismatic and commanding’. She is the first South Asian to win a People’s Choice Award and favorite dramatic actress in 2017.

Alex was introduced in the beginning of series as an FB recruit at the FBI Academy, Quantico, Virginia. She later became an FBI agent and a prime suspect of terrorism for executing a terrorist attack on Grand central terminal’. She later joined CIA. Her character depicts a struggle of a woman who is determined to save her country.

Priyanka saw in her role, an opportunity to represent south Asians and break Indian stereotypes in Hollywood and all over the world.

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6. Olivia Pope, from Scandal

Olivia Pope, from Scandal

Olivia is powerful, intelligent and compassionate, a badass woman who isn’t afraid of getting what she wants.

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7. Kate Beckett, from Castle

Kate Beckett, from Castle

Kate’s character speaks volumes about being a tough girl, despite all the heartbreaks she had in her life. She stood still and keeps fighting bad guys. She is incredibly smart and driven. It was her mother’s murder that made her a cop and gave her the incentive to fight the evil.

She was shot in the heart, even that didn’t stop her; she even put up a fight with PTSD. Her courage and spirit show one can fight against his/her own demons against all odds.

8. Elle Woods from Legally Blonde

 Elle Woods from Legally Blonde
fan pop

Her character portrays that you don’t have to fit into female gender norms dictated by the society to be accepted or to feel desirable. You can be what you want to be in life and be amazing at it, and can still look pretty, you don’t let society decide for you.

9. Jillian Holtzmann, from Ghostbusters

Jillian Holtzmann, from Ghostbusters

She plays one badass engineer female character in a movie. She is full of swagger and style. She is a representation of hope for ordinary girls.

She is somewhat scientist type and also a prankster. She specialized in nuclear engineering. She is a founder of Ghostbusters in the 2016 movie.

She is witty, smart and a bravest character we have witnessed so far, one of her famous quotes is, “Safety lights are for dudes.” Female badass characters like these are powerful on their own, they don’t need a man by their side, for they are capable of outsmarting them.

10. Michonne, from The Walking Dead

Michonne, from The Walking Dead

In the comic book,The walking dead, has a fictional character played by Michonne. The character is portrayed by  Danai Gurira.

Michonne has a three- dimensional character in the series. She is strong yet vulnerable, she is a feminist yet she is powerful. She is beautiful yet flamboyant. She makes mistakes but quickly learns from them.

Armed with katana (Japanese sword) and harboring a mysterious past, Michonne portrayed a powerful character, especially after she passed her ‘silent badass’ phase, she becomes one of the show’s crucial player and not to mention a sexy AF girlfriend for Rick.

11. The Wives, from Mad Max: Fury Road

The Wives, from Mad Max: Fury Road

These badass women are survivors of rape, abuse and were held captive by a psychotic man. They are told they are property and sex slaves. They stay strong and don’t lose their sanity and at last are able to escape by the help of furiosia.

They help furiosia too, they load guns, use their bodies to shield and kick ass. They give a strong message that victims can survive and be strong too.

12. Jessica Jones, from Marvel’s Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones, from Marvel's Jessica Jones

She is a super hero who suffers from PTSD and is a recovering abuse victim. Despite being all that, and being stalked by her abuser, she chooses to stand strong and do the right thing. She is a breath of fresh air for all the abuse victims and PTSD sufferers.

She is a hero to many.

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13. Imperator Furiosia, from Mad Max: Fury Road

 Imperator Furiosia, from Mad Max: Fury Road

She is a brave protagonist character of the movie, Mad Max: Fury Road. She is a soldier under immortal Joe, even though she has an arm missing but still, that doesn’t stop her from her adventures. She betrays Joe in order to free “The five wives” with her ally Max.

Furiosia is a strong willed, brave and moral leader. The way she took the initiative to save the wives from Joe without regard to her own safety and reward is commendable.

Furiosa was the main character of Fury Road, declared by Kylie Smith in a Newyork’s post. she further added she was both smart ass and more adaptable than Hardy’s character.” 

14. Cookie Lyon, Empire

Cookie Lyon, Empire

It’s one character, without which our list of badass women wouldn’t have sufficed.

Cookie is loud, cutthroat, gritty with her choice of words and edgy. She is stylish, someone who has flaws but what sets her apart is a way they are expressed. She is good at being mean because she’s emotionally perspective.

If you try to insult cookie, she will happily teach you a lesson or two. She has a great sense of humor. On one occasion she tells a younger woman, ‘You are a freak and that’s a good thing, we can sell that.’

She’s known for her colorful aphorisms, she was the most popular and highly buzzed character in 2015, now who wouldn’t want to be bitch slapped by cookie?

15. Elizabeth Jennings, the Americans

Elizabeth Jennings, the Americans

Elizabeth is the most intriguing character of the fiction. She is a highly trained operative undercover KBG agent operating near Washington D.C. She is a fierce and merciless fighter who you don’t want to get on the bad side of.

She always gets things done once she put her mind into something, even if that means using her sex appeal to seduce men to get information.

16. Regina King, from The Leftovers

 Regina King, from The Leftovers
Van Redin/HBO

If it wasn’t for Emmy wins Regina King, The leftovers wouldn’t be such a great hit. It brought, even more, pathos to the underrated drama, for which she has received a Critics’ Choice Television Award nomination.

If anyone could give Carrie Coon a run for the money in Leftovers land, then it’s Regina King. Regina King clearly stands out for her acclaimed performance as the fierce matriarch of the Murphy family.

17. Juliet, from lost

Juliet, from lost

“If I ever meet you, then I never have to lose you.”

She’s one of the toughest and best badass female characters on Lost. She’s a tough woman you might not want as a friend but you definitely can’t afford to have her as an enemy. She was ruthless, yet she had a core of pain, compassion, and selflessness. She was always thinking about how to save her sister or protect people she cared about.

This character possessed some prickly qualities. The enigmatic doctor wasn’t exactly warm and outgoing. But Michelle gave her character a great deal of depth and shading. Over the course of time, Juliet became such a compelling character that her fans of “LOST” mourned the death of the character.

18.  Buffy Summers, from the Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Buffy Summers, from the Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Mutant Enemy Productions

“I’m going to give you all a nice, fun, normal evening if I have to kill every single person on the face of the earth to do it.”

And she was true to her words as she died twice and saved the world countless times across the seven seasons of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

The character of Buffy is and will always be a monumental TV accomplishment. She was a slayer, a hero, and a cookie dough. She made sure she never met a battle she couldn’t face, even if it meant losing her bf or risking her own life.

You can certainly derive strength from her and be as fierce and as brave as Buffy was in your daily life. She is certainly a stimulation. Buffy’s character teaches you about struggles in life. Just like slayer, though, you keep fighting — no matter how hard life gets.

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19. Jessica Huang, “Fresh Off the Boat”

Jessica Huang, “Fresh Off the Boat”

She is the hilarious mom of Eddie Huang. From bargaining deals at big box grocery stores to negotiating car sales for romance; to her liking for Stephen king.  The character of Jessica is feared, love, full of surprises and simply awesome.

This woman is tough; she manages a household of three boys (and additional mother-in-law-character), works a successful realtor, and also helps out at her husband’s steak out. GOSH! This woman definitely has her hands full and the best part is she does everything pretty darn well.

She is also bossy who is always dishing out amazing pieces of advice, and no nonsense motherly words of wisdom. Whether, she’s busy negotiating the cost of popsicle on the frozen food aisle, or she’s giving Eddie the talk, one thing is for sure her hilarious character makes us laugh out loud,  and keep us glued to the screen.

20. Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars

“Sometimes I’m even  persnicketier”

 Oh boy! Isn’t this woman full with brain power and saas, even though she isn’t much of a warrior or has any super powers? She is always busy saving the small town of Neptune, and solving mysteries. This badass girl deals with rape, murder, and an addict mother.

21.  Ellie Ripley, from Alien Film series

 Ellie Ripley, from Alien Film series

“Did IQs just drop sharply while I was away?

She’s not a side kick, arm candy or a damsel in distress to be rescued. She is the lone survivor of the Nostromo, competent member of a crew. She awakes from her statis 57 years after her encounter with HR Giger nightmare aliens. She also finds out that her daughter is dead and her fight isn’t over yet, she has more aliens to fight who wants to kill her and everyone else.

Ripley isn’t a fantasy version of a hot kickass woman pulling impossible stunts. As fun as it maybe, to watch them spin about like a gymnast in a dryer, but still, it’s giving women curt treatment.

Ripley, on the other hand, is a real character that is pushy, aggressive, rude, with some tough looks (yes she’s not wearing any makeup), empathetic and determined to save others. Guess what she’s not a kill bot, rather a significant woman character. She is always in control of her fate, thanks to Ripley I have learned to never rely on someone else to save me, but to believe in my own strength.

Ripley is a practical woman; she took actions, made plans and saw them through. She taught us that even when things seem hopeless and we are faced with the scariest of obstacles, we still have to survive and protect the people around us, not only that, you have to be creative and use all tools at your disposal to overcome them.

22. Katniss Everdeen

Katniss Everdeen

“There’s 24 of us, Gale, only one comes out.”

She is a great, flawed hero. She sets up an entire rebellion just to save her sister. She doesn’t take shit from anyone even if it’s from men — Peeta and Gale, who simply adore her.

23. Sarah Connor

Sarah Connor
comic vine

“Dyson listened while the Terminator laid it all down…it’s not every day you find out that you’re responsible for 3 billion deaths. He took it pretty well.”

Sarah was the bravest character who fights the future, fights Terminator machines and gives birth in a middle of her struggle. She even died during her brave expedition leaving a coffin full of guns in case of an emergency.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the famous badass females. Everyone is badass in something.

Which is your favorite badass female character? Would you like to add to the list? feel free to add in the comment box below.


  1. Collection is quite impressive but one thing I notice that is most of the names you mention are fictional characters .my suggestion is try to add people who exists in reality rather fiction it will more power to your words


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