There isn’t any makeup lover in the world, who does not wish for long, full, pretty eyelashes. From using an eyelash curler to a voluminous mascara, makeup lovers will do anything to get the perfect eyelashes. With each passing year, there is are various trends for getting full lashes. Some opt for glue-on lashes, some choose lash lifts, some go for lash extensions, and some go for this new technique known as the magnetic lashes.

Your makeup look is incomplete without those full lashes, but with so many options in the market, do you end up confused for which eyelash technique to go for? Don’t worry!  We have got you covered. Here we are providing you the pros and cons of magnetic lashes and lash extensions so that you can choose the best for yourself.

Lash Extensions

In lash extension, faux lashes (either, silk, synthetic or mink) are applied to each eyelash individually, to give it a natural look. They just look like an extension of your natural lashes, without any view of fakeness. They look completely natural and saves you from the hassle of apply false lashes every time you go out.  Lash extensions are a treatment just like the hair extension; this is why you will need to visit a lash extension clinic to get it done. Eyelash extension gives you the most dramatic look, but the real question is, are eyelash extensions bad for you? To answer this simple question of yours, let’s check the pros and cons of lash extensions.

The Goods
  1. Lash extensions last for about 4 to 6 weeks, depending upon how you care for them.
  2. You can control the length and fullness. It ranges between 6 mm to 17mm.
  3. They make your eyes pop up and give you the dramatic, ingenue look.
  4. They do not fall off easily.
  5. You can choose from a variety of hair (silk, mink or synthetic), depending on the look you want.
  6. No hassle of applying mascara 😉
  7. Saves you time for getting those falsies or even applying mascara.
  8. They are customizable, but you need to concern your lash technician.
The Bads
  1. It’s costly because it requires professional consultation and application.
  2. They are difficult to maintain.
  3. You need to be very careful to not rub your eyes, as the lashes can fall out.
  4. Refills are needed every 4 to 6 weeks.
  5. Appointments are time-consuming. 2-3.5 hours are needed for a single sitting.
  6. It’s essential to contact a verified expert; otherwise, it can cause you a lot.
  7. You can get an eye infection due to poor application or sanitary conditions.
  8. There is an allergy possibility.
  9. Lashes can temporarily or permanently fall out if the chemicals don’t suit you.

Lash extensions are pretty and can save you a lot of time, if you have a daily makeup routine. But it’s essential to ensure that you get it done from the right place.

Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic lashes are the hottest trend in the beauty industry. They don’t have any hassle of applying any glue or a technician to get it done. There are top and bottom magnetic lashes for each eye. You simply put them under and over your lash and then close your lashes with magnets. It is chemical-free and completely safe because it does not involve any glue. They give you a dramatic look as you like by choosing a variety of magnetic lashes. But just like lash extensions, there are a few pros and cons of magnetic lashes as well. Check the pros and cons of magnetic lashes below:

The Goods
  1. They don’t involve any use of glue. Hence, they are chemical-free.
  2. There are cheaper than the lash extensions, lash lift, and the glue on lashes.
  3. You can use them more than once without investing time in cleaning that sticky glue.
  4. You don’t need a technician to apply them.
  5. They are clean as compared to other types of lash extensions.
  6. You can choose from a variety of magnetic lashes, depending on the look you want.
  7. Magnetic lashes do not damage your eyes, which is not a case in other types of lashes.
The Bads
  1. They take a lot of time to apply, but with practice, they can be used within seconds.
  2. In some brands, you might trim them as per your eye shape.
  3. They fall off a couple of times, but that to can also be controlled with practice.
  4. The primary issue or con of the magnetic lashes is that they cannot be bent.
  5. They look a bit cheap because of their inability to get the right shape.
  6. You might need to repurchase them over time.
  7. To get a natural look, you might want to use a mascara and an eyeliner, which in case of nude sort of look, can be a massive put off.

Lash Extensions Vs. Magnetic Lashes – Which one to Choose

Both magnetic lashes and lash extensions have their pros and cons. But still, the question remains which one to choose? Lash extensions are long-lasting and will not require your daily few minutes. But you won’t be damaging your eyes with the magnetic lashes because no chemicals or glue involved.  But magnetic lashes can be tricky to apply, one needs a lot of practice to use them. Magnetic lashes also take a lot of patience because they can fall off easily, if not applied correctly.

Based on the pros and cons of magnetic lashes and lash extensions, the answer to the million-dollar question is that it depends on what you prefer. If you have sensitive eyes and if you are willing to practice this art, magnetic lashes are your go-to option. But if you don’t have few minutes to spare in your daily makeup routine, then lash extensions are your best bet but who will get into chemicals that can lead to temporary or permanent lash lost?

As per our research and customer reviews read from various sources, magnetic lashes do need practice, but once you get hold of it, you will be loving it more than any other type of lashes. What are you waiting for? Order your pair of magnetic lashes right now!



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