The very first time I started applying makeup was from my mom’s makeup box. She wasn’t much of a makeup geek and she is still the same, but I was, and I am crazy about having the perfect foundation shade, and that popping highlighter. Well but the craziest thing is when I first started applying makeup, I applied compact powder in the end. Yes! You heard it right in the end.

Yes, I was that dumb! But we all make mistakes and it wasn’t entirely my mistake, because all celebrities did the same, well for the touch up though. Plus, YouTube in my country was not much famous at that time! Well, if you are new to applying makeup and confused by thousands of products, here is a simple guide of what compact powder is and why you should apply it after foundation!

Compact powder is an essential cosmetic product that gives your makeup look the perfect finish and wow factor it deserves!  You can use compact powder to enhance and smooth your foundation application. It is every essential after applying the foundation because it gives a matte look to your face and helps yourself to get rid of greasy and oily face.

Face Powder

Compact powder allows you to give a light touch upon your face throughout the day. It is available in different shades allowing you to choose the best-suited shade for your skin tone. The wider the shade range of a compact powder by a brand higher is brand recognition. Compact powder is the semi-solid state of powder. You can also find it by the name of pressed powder.

The compact powder makes your foundation long-lasting also helps to give a smooth look. Compact powder gives you flawless beauty and also very easy to carry you can carry it in your mini handbag. Pressed powder foundation provides more exact, controllable, and are easier to apply. It is available in a metal case and there are three partitions in the case first for mirror second for pressed powder and third for the puff.  You can also apply it with a brush, beauty blender, or a powder puff. One cannot travel without a beauty blender if they are a makeup junkie.

Even when you don’t have any other makeup product you can apply compact powder on your face. Compact powder helps in the summer season its controls oil of your skin and gives you glam look. Compact powder could be used in both situations with or without foundation depending on your skin type. In the summer season, it is the most essential part of your cosmetic products without it your make up will completely ruin in few hours if you want that your makeup remains constant for many hours then you should have compact powder in your makeup drawer.

Effects of Facepowder

  • If you are office women than compact powder in your makeup box makes it easier for you to get ready for meeting within no time.
  • Whether you are a model or not the addition of compact powder in your makeup kit make your scenes and shots more energetic and fresh.
  • If you are a tourist then you don’t need to apply foundation again and again for a glamorous look you just need to apply compact powder when you feel that your makeup does not look fresh enough.
  • Being a mother is hectic. If you have to drop your children to school and you don’t have time to do a lot of makeup because you are in a hurry than apply compact powder on your face after moisturizer it will give you a fresh look.

Benefits of compacts powder

There are many benefits of compact powder it hides your skin scars and recovers your open pores very effectively. The compact powder makes your skin one tone lighter. It covers your pimples and acne scars. You can hide your unbalanced skin areas. It gives natural covering to your skin. You can also cover your dark circles as it gives an even tone to your whole face. Foundation is a liquid type of makeup it needs solid powder to keep it flawless and natural.

Use of compact powder after foundation

It is the essential part of your makeup, the compact powder makes your foundation look matte and long-lasting. Mostly textures of the foundation are liquid and give a greasy and oily look and make your face shiny which is not good for the summer season or day-time. By removing oil and grease, it gives you a fresh feel, which also helps others to can gain positive vibes from you because “healthy face represents a healthy mind”

If you have an oily skin type

If you have oily skin than compact powder is a miracle for you because the compact powder will control your sebum production and make your face matte for 4-5 hours. Don’t worry about your skin type anymore! Find the alternative to give yourself the best look.

If you have a dry skin type

If you have dry skin type then there is also a great range of compact powders that help you to make your face look natural and fresh, but it depends on your knowledge about the texture of your suitable product. Each compact powder is not for dry skin you have to be very selective in this selection.

Use of compact powder on a daily basis     

If compact powder becomes the need of your every day than you really don’t have to panic, because it is not harmful to your skin. There are no side effects of compact powder, you just need to be careful, remove the cover of this before going to bed and also spend makeup-free time so your skin can breathe and feel fresh.

Cover your little mistakes in your make up

If unfortunately your liner or eye shadow gets spread throughout the area of your eyes than you don’t need to be panic stay calm and take some compact powder and fix your mistake easily and quickly.

Advantages of compact powder after foundation

  • It is easy to use and manage the flaws of the foundation.
  • It saves you time.
  • You can apply compact powder in a few seconds.
  • It is also available in many shades and tones.
  • You can also fix the greasiness caused by the liquid foundation.
  • It is not too much costly you can buy according to your range.
  • Unfortunately buying a wrong shade compact powder can blow your makeup look.
  • It gives you a smooth glamorous and fine face look.

Disadvantages of compact powder after foundation

  • It can be difficult for beginners.
  • Beginners have to manage the quantity of compact powder.
  • Beginners should be familiar with the tone of their skin color and also have some knowledge about their skin type.


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