Imagine you are going to attend your most awaited event in summers, and your foundation is not staying? This will be heartbreaking, right? As soon as summers reach around the corner, all we care about is make-up. Most of the women get tired of searching for the seasonal make-ups because they hardly find the exact product according to their skins. There is a myth that you can use a single foundation throughout the year, but it’s not true. It is the common problem of women that they sweat a lot and the foundation does not stay long. It cracks and leaves untidy patches on your skin. The whole make-up goes in vain with just a little mistake of not having a waterproof foundation.

Waterproof foundation helps a lot in summers especially for those ladies who sweat a lot. To prevent yourself from looking like a helpless hot mess, stick to a foundation that stops sweating. Waterproof foundations are blessing on hot summer days.

  • If you are an athlete or sportswoman, to make your look fresh, you need a waterproof foundation.
  • If you live in a humid climate, the make-up can melt quickly so you need a waterproof foundation.
  • If you want your foundation to last longer even in summers, you need a waterproof foundation.


When we apply make-up on our already beautiful faces, we wish to have a natural look. You do not need to worry about the look it will give. The waterproof foundation does wonders for your face and looks natural. All you need to do is choose a good shade according to your skin tone. As soon as you will find the matching shade, you will be slaying throughout the day. So to experience the natural look of waterproof foundations, the same shade with skin is a must.


Many of the women do not have enough time in their daily routine to give quick touch-ups to their make-up. In this situation, waterproof foundations come to rescue us. Silicon-based foundations are best as they are long-lasting and do not melt. This ingredient is hypo-allergenic and non-irritating which do not clog pores and foundation remains for a longer period. Also, waterproof foundations are vegan and oil-free which let the foundation stay longer on your face. So it is not to be worried about, just go for waterproof foundations in summers!


Well, you will be roaming your eyes here right now. But do you even think that foundation that is waterproof can’t be used in swimming? The answer is quite obvious. You can definitely apply waterproof foundations during swimming. When we are in the water or if we sweat a lot, SPF does not last long and as a result, our skin gets tanned. For this issue, waterproof foundations work as SPF and you can definitely use them in swimming. Choosing the foundation with UV formula deducts the necessity of sunblock. You can simply apply waterproof foundations. This helps a lot against the scorching heat of the sun.


If you are not a make-up freak, you might be confused at this point. Applying a waterproof foundation is not rocket science but it can be for you if you are not familiar with make-up techniques. There are many ways to apply a waterproof foundation such as:

  • Use a synthetic fiber brush with a tapered flat tip to have precise application all over your face.
  • Use the large fluffy brush in a circular direction for a natural look.
  • Apply a foundation with a sponge by tapping it all over your face. It yields a light day make-up look.
  • Fingers are the best makeup tool and yes you can apply them with your fingers.

Any of the above methods can be used to apply the foundation. All you need to do is blend the foundation equally and properly on your face. Follow the correct circular direction and BOOM! You are done!


All the information is of no use if you don’t even know which foundation to choose for your skin. But why worry when we are here? Choosing the right foundation can be a hard nut to crack. Many of the make-up owners misguide just to sell their product. No need to worry about all this just analyzes your skin type.

Here is your guide to the right foundation:

Choose a foundation with SPF

Always look for a foundation with at least SPF 15. If your skin is sensitive and tans easily, then sun-protection is most important for you.

Analyze your undertone

Analyzing your undertone is important because our outer skin changes its color due to several reasons. But our undertone color such area under wrist hardly changes. If your skin is warm, you should go for yellow, peach or golden. If you have a cool undertone, then red, blue and pink is for you. And if your under-skin falls in the category of neutral, then you can have a combination of cool and warm colors.

Determine your skin type

All of us possess different skin types such as normal, oily, and dry. For oily skin, choose a matte and oil-free foundation. Choose a moisturizing and cream-based foundation if you have dry skin. Go for hypo-allergic foundations if you have sensitive skin. Apart from this, if you have uneven complexion, choose a foundation that gives medium or full coverage.



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