Derma roller works by rolling smoothly on the face. When it is rolled on, it punctures the surface by making tiny holes in the skin. These holes are controlled skin injury so you do not have to be distressed about it. It causes no damage to the outer layer of the skin but works on carrying out instant results.

When the derma treatment is done, after 5 days, the collagen produced by the body is inserted in the treated area of the skin. This process makes the skin firm, smooth, and free from wrinkles. The derma roller leads to superficial bleeding, which triggers the body’s healing response. After which following conditions occur:

  • New blood vessels are formed in the skin
  • The skin makes more collagen
  • A substance is released from the skin that stimulates growth


Whether you are using a derma roller at home or at the clinic, handle everything carefully, and follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Take out a derma roller from its box
  • Wash with warm water and spray alcohol
  • Prepare your skin with saline wash for the treatment
  • Hold the skin tightly over each section. First up and down, once side to side and then diagonally
  • Give a bath of saline to your skin when it gets reddened
  • Again wash the derma roller with alcohol after use.
  • Leave it to dry, and put it back in the case

When using the roller on the face, apply on each section like:

  • Top of forehead and cheek
  • Under-eye and lower cheek
  • Around the mouth

After the derma roller treatment, you can apply any oil or serum to moisturize the skin. This will help to enhance the glow and will show visible results.


Needle roller for face can give you multiple reasons to love it. It leaves a visible impact when using it in the right way for the right purpose. Here are the reasons WHY you should go for needle roller!

  • Scars: It stimulates collagen and repairs skin irregularities such as scars.
  • Hyperpigmentation: For deep layer issues, such as hyperpigmentation derma roller normalize pigment cells, peel off the skin, and increase the efficiency and absorption of the skin.
  • Rosacea: It thickens the epidermis and stimulates collagen growth which improves the appearance of Rosacea which minimizes redness.
  • Sun damage: It resuscitates sun-damaged skin by boosting the collagen which is the best internal healer of the skin.
  • Wrinkles: Deeper wrinkles require deeper treatment. That is why the derma roller fills the wrinkles as new collagen are produced. The cherry on top is that you will see visible results in just 3 to 5 applications.


Derma needle roller involves microneedles, so using equipment that is not made according to guidelines can be risky. When you are selecting a derma roller, always buy from a trusted retailer. Also, buy a derma roller’s needle size according to the treated area, so if you will use it at home, follows the suggestion below to have the best results.

Skin ConditionsNeedle’s length (millimeters)
shallow acne scars1.0 mm
deep acne scars1.5 mm
enlarged pores0.25 to 0.5 mm
post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation0.25 to 0.5 mm
skin discoloration0.2 to 1.0 mm (initiate with the smallest)
sun-damaged or sagging skin0.5 to 1.5 mm (a combination of both will be ideal)
stretch marks1.5 to 2.0 mm (avoid 2.0 mm if using at home)
surgical scars1.5 mm
uneven skin tone0.5 mm
wrinkles0.5 to 1.5 mm


How often to use a derma roller also depends on the length of the needle you are using, so follow the maximum time duration given below for the best results.

Needle length in millimetersHow often to use
0.25 mmevery other day
0.5 mm1 to 3 times a week
1.0 mmevery 10 to 14 days
1.5 mmonce in 3 to 4 weeks
2.0 mmevery 6 weeks (try to avoid this length for home use)


Would you mind buying a derma roller designed by healthcare professionals? Well, who would deny! Have a look at this safe and hygienic derma roller that has 3 to 4 times stronger titanium needles as compared to stainless steel that lasts longer and stays sharper for a longer time causing no injury to the skin.

Moreover, it includes roller head refills that promote sanitary use and reduce the discomfort of dull needles. This high-quality derma roller exfoliates, improves skin with luminous and a smoother look. It can be used 3 to 4 times a week on the face and neck.

Direction to use

  • Clean face, hand, and neck and dry thoroughly before using a derma roller
  • Apply desired skincare serum
  • Move this derma roller gently on the face, neck, forehead, lips, and under-eye.
  • For desired results, use with light and gently pressure
  • After this reapply serum on the face
  • Clean and disinfect derma roller after use


Do not use if if you have acne, eczema, open wounds raised moles, or warts


Looking for stainless steel derma roller? Get your hands on the top-rated derma roller that has 192 real stainless steel microneedles. This masterpiece has replaceable heads so you do not have to wipe out the whole roller. Most amazingly it contains 83% less plastic as beauty grows brighter when you save the earth.

You will watch your complexion from dull to luminous after its use. It causes no harm or injury to the skin instead it is trusted by dermatologists. This efficient device has a Patent Pending Ergonomic design that is convenient yet comfortable to use. Its luxury look and matte finish give you a look of Professional treatment even by doing it at home.

Directions to use

  • Clean face and hands
  • Disinfect the roller with alcohol for 60 seconds
  • APPLY serum
  • Use the roller gently over the forehead, chin, and neck
  • Apply gentle pressure in a vertical, horizontal, and diagonal direction
  • Roll over each 2 to 3 times


Be confidently gorgeous and let your skin shine 24×7 with this derma roller micro-needling kit for the face. This beauty has 0.25mm microneedle that role over the skin gently to create many minuscule contact points that encourage the natural healing process to repair skin for a smoother, healthy, and young finish. The best micro-needling device has the safest needle that is highly suitable to use at home.

This tool can be used on the face, forehead, neck, cheek, scalp, and chin to make the skin tone even and remove discoloration. Now you do not have to spend thousands of rupees at the salon for just small treatments. This best at-home derma roller improves the elasticity of the skin which natural glow. Also, if you are a beginner then this device is a must-have for you!

Its packaging contains:

  • 1 derma roller
  • storage case
  • instruction guide
  • 4 EBooks
  • 24×7 customer service

Direction to use

Well, there is no rocket science in using this derma roller. Although if you are a beginner then you must use these steps to avoid any inconvenience.  First, apply the serum to your face with clean hands and clean the derma roller. Move the roller horizontally, vertically, and diagonally all over your face. Give 4 to 5 repetitions to each section of the face. Again apply serum and disinfect the derma roller.


Forget the expensive salons and medical treatments for your skin, because now you are being introduced to microneedle roller. This painless yet safe device contains a 0.25mm needle that does not hurt, unlike other brands. It is made with 540 pure-grade titanium microneedles that ensure long life.

You do not have to be expert enough to use this derma roller as it provides stability and control even at first use. The handles are comfy and easy to use so that you do not have to be conscious while using them. Give a shock to your friends and family with the unbelievable glow on your face!

Package Includes:

  • 1 Microneedle Facial Skin Roller
  • 1 Storage/Travel Case
  • 1 Jump Start Guide
  • 3 Downloadable E-books

Direction to use

3 simple steps and you are done!

  • Clean and sanitize your face
  • Apply derma roller 3 to 4 times horizontally, vertically, and diagonally
  • Apply your favorite serum and creams after derma rolling


If you have been scammed by beauty creams and have looted lots of money, now is the time to switch to the best solution. The skin needle roller contains 3 in 1 derma roller and Vitamin C Hyaluronic Serum with collagen cream and beginner’s user guide. This masterpiece is used to treat acne, scars, hyperpigmentation wrinkles, and more.

It stimulates the growth factor and collagen production in the skin which gives a natural glow to your skin. The Vitamin C serum gives unbelievable results to your skin and protects you from outside influence. The collagen cream is a supplement for glowing skin as it moisturizes increases the soothing process of vanishing away all the wrinkles. Furthermore, it has 3 roller heads for 3 different functions:

  • 180 Needles: Designed to treat Eye area which is safe and highly effective.
  • 600 Needles: Designed for the face area to treat your complexion and smooth your skin.
  • 1200 Needles: Designed for the rest of the body parts

Direction to use

  • Apply Vitamin C on your face
  • Gently roll the derma roller on your face or any affected area
  • Apply the collagen cream after the treatment to avoid redness
  • BOOM! You are done!


Wrinkles, fine lines, Stretch marks, Acne Scars, Laugh lines, enlarged pores, fine lines, and what not! Are you searching for a single problem for multiple solutions? Have a look at this best derma roller for the face that is best to use at home and requires no professional training. It increases the absorption of topical skincare products to maximize 500% effectiveness.

It enhances circulation and improves the skin’s overall glow. Do not worry about the bleeding as it's safe and painless formula does not let the skin bleed. You can also combine this best micro-needling device with other skincare products such as a serum, hyaluronic cream, and essential oil for astounding results. This is corrosion resistant so what are you waiting for, go get yours now!

Directions to use

  • Wash your face with cleansing lotion
  • Start rolling over the desired area and move around 4 to 5 times vertically and diagonally
  • Do not press or hard slide
  • Sanitize the derma roller with alcohol after use
  • Place it back in the storage box that is provided


If you are tired of redness, irritation, and puffiness under your eyes we have the best of the best product for you. The stacked skincare micro roller has an amazing cooling effect. The great thing about this beauty tool is it is not just for your face but also can be used on the body. You can use it on the areas where you have puffiness, redness, irritation.

It is a stainless steel derma roller. The product contains a cooling gel core and water. It massages and makes your skin glowing and relaxing. It gives you the same result as using the ice gives with no mess.

Directions to Use

  • Store the ice roller in your freezer
  • Use it smoothly on your affected areas
  • Use a light hand while using it on your face and body
  • After using wipe it with a dry cloth
  • After using put it again back in the freezer


If you are cautious about getting wrinkles and fine lines we present you with the best derma roller. Beauty Bio GloPRO is one of the best tools to use for skin firmness. It is a painless treatment that will help you to achieve the younger-looking skin that you want. You can attain bouncy glowing skin with a derma roller.  It rejuvenates your skin cells.

The tool contains RED LED light which is best for anti-aging. This micro-needling roller contains stainless steel that safely works on the uppermost layer of your skin. Moreover, the microcurrent in the tool helps to stimulate cellular turnover and shows you amazing magnifying results of radiant skin.

Directions to Use

  • Clean your face gently before using the derma roller
  • Roll it over the targeted areas which you want to recover
  • Roll until 60 seconds
  • Don’t apply too much pressure on the skin
  • Use it with light hands
  • Use it 3 times a week in the evening
  • Sanitize the derma roller after using


We all know that there are many derma rollers available in the market. We are always in search of one. This time we offer you one of the high-quality derma rollers. Lolysenta Derma roller is a natural beauty tool to achieve younger-looking healthy skin. You can use this derma roller conveniently.

It is fast and effective and gives frequent results. You can easily include this derma roller in your existing skincare routine. This needle roller can be used with any skin type. The 0.25mm is painless and does not give discomfort. Just by following instructions, you can achieve scare-free, radiant skin by setting at home. For best results make sure you do it once a week.

Directions to Use 

  • Clean your face properly before using it
  • Use it light-handed on the areas you wish to treat
  • Apply a thin layer serum if you want to before using this tool on your face
  • After using clean your needle roller and disinfect it for future use


If you are someone who is a beginner and just recently started to use skin needle rollers then a health care face derma roller is surely for you. It is so convenient to use. You can use this micro roller for the face, scalp, neck, and body. It removes old collagen from your skin and develops new ones.

It gently increases blood flow and cleans pores as well as clean follicles. There is a safety issue when you use this product however you will feel a little tickling sensation but it’s nothing to worry about. The 0.25mm is the safest micro roller size. It rejuvenates and increase’s skin elasticity.

Directions to Use 

  • Before using, clean your face properly
  • Apply any serum, oils, gels, moisturizer if you want to. This derma roller helps to absorb serum in the skin effectively
  • Can be used by beginners. There is no pain and bleeding. Use it with a light hand
  • Use it for 5-10 minutes
  • After using sanitize the derma roller for the next use


Do you want a treatment for your skin that is pretty yet effective? Get your hands on the best micro-needling tool that is an essential anti-aging tool that eliminates dead skin cells and improves 200x product absorption for a natural glow. It works for the noticeable signs of loss of elasticity and lack of moisture.

This best derma roller works on 2 levels. First, it exfoliates the top layer that is the stratum corneum which is made of dead cells. Secondly, it boosts skin absorption through the creation of thousands of tiny micro-channels into the skin. This method is truly effortless and gives stunning results.

The package includes:

  • 1 x Titanium Micro-needling Roller
  • 1 x Protective Storage Case
  • 1 x 30ml Disinfection Spray Bottle
  • 1 x Double Lined Velvet Pouch
  • 1 x Protective Cover
  • 1 x Exclusive HD Instructional Video
  • 2 x Comprehensive Bonus eBooks
  • 3 x 24K Gold Eye Masks

Direction to use

  • Disinfect the roller and your skin
  • Clean and pat dry face
  • Gently glide over the targeted areas
  • Lastly, apply a high-quality serum


Looking for top rated derma roller? Why worry when you are blessed with a derma roller kit. This derma roller has 3 needles 1200, 700, and 300 needles which are painless to use at home. The titanium needles are 3 to 4 times stronger than stainless steel and dig deep into your skin cells. It works best for scars, wrinkles, and fine lines.

This tool can be used on the face, forehead, neck, cheek, scalp, and chin to make the skin tone even and remove discoloration. Now you do not have to spend thousands of rupees at the salon for just small treatments. This best at-home derma roller improves the elasticity of the skin which natural glow. Also, if you are a beginner then this device is a must-have for you!

Direction to use

  • Sterilize the roller in an alcohol solution
  • Wash skin and pat dry
  • Roll the derma roller back and forth 3 to 4 times on the affected area
  • After rolling, apply a moisturizer or serum
  • Sanitize the roller and store it in the case


Do not use around eyes and lips

Do not use on acne, open wounds, irritated skin, rash, and inflamed skin


Unlock your skin’s beauty and glow with the best-selling and most demanding skin care kit that is combined with premium VC formula. It gives astonishing results that are only expected from a skincare professional. Your search for the best derma roller for the face will end because this ultimate kit includes Centella soothing cream, beeswax, vitamin E, and flower extract that gives a luminous finish.

Boost your skin issues like wrinkles, fine lines, and laugh lines with vitamin C hyaluronic serum and smooth with Centella cream. The micro-injuries occurred due to the needles stimulate by vitamin C serum. This serum will stay on the skin for up to 6 hours as it has hyperpigmentation and anti-oxidant stability.

Direction to use

Simply apply the face serum of your choice, move the roller two and fro on the affected area. Be gentle and generous. Sanitize the roller after use. Apply the serum provided with the kit for distinguished and stunning results!