Keto diet is one of the most trending diets and people who have actually followed it rigorously have shed a lot of weight. This low carb, high fat diet is perfect for people who want to lose weight quickly and are can actually live without carbs.

Keto deit might seem easy but it is a bit technical when it comes to counting and having the right macros. To help you out, we have listed some best ketogenic diet books.

Are you searching for the best keto diet book / ketogenic diet books?


You want to start with a diet, not sure which diet will be appropriate for you?

don’t worry, I have everything covered in this article for you.

So, You have lately been hearing a lot about low carb diet ketogenic diet also known as low carb high fat (LCHF) etc.

best ketosis diet books


You have already visited tones of websites that offer best diet plans.

And read as many books as you could get your hands on, and still ended with little or no result at all, right?

Then let me congratulate you for you have landed to just the right post that has everything you need to know about finding a right diet to the best ketosis diet books.

Now you must be wondering what the hell is Ketogenic diet, how does it work? And is it the answer to your call?

What Is Keto Diet?

A ketone diet also known as low carb diet produces ketones in the liver. By consuming higher- fat/lower carb-diet, the body is forced to use fat as energy, allowing the body to use its own reserved fat for energy.

How It Works?

Ketones that are produced in the liver are from fat. Ketones are only produced if you eat very small quantity of carbs.

When you are on a low carb ketogenic diet your whole body runs entirely on fat. Insulin levels get low and fat starts burning dramatically. The fat in your fat stores becomes accessible and starts to burn off.

The Goods
  • It helps reduce the risk factor for many chronic diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer’s and epilepsy etc.
  • It has many of the advantages of fasting without having to fast without completely eliminating certain foods.
  • Ketones can burn fats more efficiently than carbs
  • It creates a balanced environment for weight loss without harming the body.
  • It burns fat for energy rather than the carbohydrates which can result in body fat burning more rapidly.
  • It’s also best known to support a healthy brain; it’s becoming more and more famous in many high-performance career fields.
  • Nutritional ketosis diet is a great gut option for many.
  • It’s reported to soothe discomfort in the body.
  • It increases energy level; people who are in ketosis diet wieght loss plan can go for hours without certain foods and still not come short on energy.
  • It’s known to reduce appetite.
  • It has many used by people for decades for health advantages and management of healthy weight.
The Bads
  • Suppresses hunger
  • At first when you cut off carbs you may experience headache, nausea, fatigue, irritability and flu like symptoms.
  • Can lead to leg cramps; make sure you are getting plenty of magnesium, calcium and potassium.
  • You can be constipated if you don’t eat high fiber, low net carb foods and drink lots of water.

In this post, we are going to share with you the best quality information about the ketogenic diet. Particularly, the best ketogenic diet books.

We are going to share our best keto books about the lifestyle that can change your life.

So, let’s get started on your journey to healthy weight loss and healthy living.

Top 10 Best Ketosis Diet Books for 2018

#1: Keto Clarity: Your Definitive Guide to the Benefits of a Low-Carb, High-Fat Diet [Editor’s Pick]

The first book in our list is Keto clarity that’s highly recommended by us. We have our reasons to recommend this book.

This book is purely based on scientific evidence backing up the information including a diet/nutritional plan.

The other best part about this book is it’s co-authored by Jimmy Moore, and Dr Eric Westman, a diet researcher and practicing internist.

This book is written beautifully using everyday language to explain the complicated science without insulting a layman’s intelligence.

Jimmy Moore starts the book with his experiment, which is something that adds value as people don’t generally empathize with people who don’t follow what they preach.

Anyone who has doubts about the miraculous healing effects of ketogenic diet weight loss plan will definitely love this book.

This is the best gift for someone who is on a high protein diet for weight loss and may need help.

The book is based on relevant medical knowledge and expertise, the information isn’t randomly picked up from the internet, but written by professionals who have spent considerable time in the field.

To add more value and facts the co-author Dr. Eric C. Westman brings you the crystal clear information you need to know to understand what a ketonic diet is.

To make the information more relevant the authors bring about interviews and opinions from doctors, researchers and nutritionists of all the big names of the world of ketogenic diets.

They also provide real-life success stories along with the inspiring testimonials from the people who have real-life experience with the diet.

They give you practical tips and step to step instructions to help you to start producing more ketones in your body.

The book focuses on the lifestyle’s long life benefits.

The book has virtually anything and everything that you ever wanted to know about ketogenic diet, but were afraid to ask.

With everything explained in detail along with the science behind it, it clarifies all the doubts that one has in mind.

It’s always recommended to buy a book that’s based on scientific facts rather than personal observations or possibilities.

You can trust the information provided in this book as everything is written is backed up with research.

The book comes with hands-on, practical information such as what to add in a grocery list and sample menus.

The book also busts some silly myths about low carb ketogenic diet.

The best quote from the book

“When someone asks you why you are not eating, you can respond: I am eating…Ketones!”Click To Tweet
The Goods
  • Every paragraph written by the author is followed by the opinion of an expert.
  • The information presented in the book is backed by 20 high authority medical experts.
  • Share practical tips, benefits of the ketonic diet including foods to eat and diet plans.
  • Written in a simple everyday language
The Bads
  • Focuses mainly on the benefits of ketonic diet without mentioning the possibility of any risks involved.
  • Limited to beginners only.

#2: Ketogenic Diet: The Step by Step Guide for Beginners: Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: Optimal Path for Weight Loss [Editor’s Pick]

The second book that we have on our recommendation list is, “The step by step guide for beginners: Ketogenic diet for beginners.

As the name suggests the book is specifically written for beginners, those who want to start with Ketogenic Diet but hesitant and want some additional information.

The book works as a complete guide providing you with a structured program on how to begin a ketogenic diet.

It discusses various advantages of the ketogenic diet and all the actionable information that will clarify all your confusions regarding ketogenic diet so that you can enjoy long-lasting, healthy weight loss without having real side effects.

According to this guide, ketogenic diet will help you lose weight, inches of reduction in overall body measurements and an improved mood.

The Goods
  • Easy step by step instructions on how to go ketogenic
  • Healthy meal recipes that breaks down calories, carbs, proteins and fat content.
  • It provides you with a ketogenic grocery list.
  • The detailed overview on why you should go ketogenic
  • The guide provides you with a quick start meal plan to get you started
  • It explains in details the benefits and impact of ketonic diet on your body
  • A special list of food comes with a book that’s just right for ketonic success.
  • This book is ideal for those who like to thoroughly study the guide before trying out a new diet, with all its pros and cons.
  • This book has all the information for you to get started.
  • Read this book and make up your mind and clear all your confusions regarding the diet is safe or not.
The Bads
  • The book serves as a guide yet it only point out the positives points, leaving aside any possible side effects the diet may have.

#3: The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: Your Essential Guide to Living the Keto Lifestyle

The third book we have on our list is, “The complete Ketogenic diet for beginners: Your Essential guide to living the Keto Lifestyle.

Amy Ramos is the author behind the bestsellers, The Complete Ketogenic Cookbook for Beginners and Easy Ketogenic Diet Slow Cooking cookbook. This is one of the best ketogenic diet book with potential health benefits.

Amy Ramos is the pen name of the author. She is a professional chef with over 25 years of experience in the field.

She is a strong supporter of the ketogenic diet and a passionate advocate of health benefits and low carb lifestyle.

She is an expert in recipe development, medically restricted diets and holistic health.

No matter what your reasons are for starting a ketogenic diet, either you want to lose weight and want a slim waistline, starting a ketogenic diet is never easy until and unless you are fully equipped with a proper guideline and right information, that’s when this book comes in handy.

The book provides you with easy to follow diet plans, need to know about keto lifestyle, shopping list.

The complete keto diet plan for beginners is your one resource book if you are seriously considering opting for a keto diet.

If you are someone who doesn’t like to waste your time and need proper guidance before starting anything new, then you got to have this book.

The book will provide you from recipes to all the related information to starting and sticking to ketogenic diet then I highly recommend this book to you. This book will make your life easy as it comes with an effective ketogenic diet menu.

The book comes equipped with the following.

  1. 14-day meal plan: Jumpstart with the plan provided for 14 days with shopping lists and balanced meals.
  2. 75 easy to follow recipes: Using five ingredients merely or even less for every recipe
  3. A complete overview: containing all the principles of the ketogenic diet and advice for living the keto diet.
  4. Handy charts: providing you with all the nutritional and calorie information.
The Goods
  • Loads of easy recipes to make
  • Meal plan and grocery list with minimum ingredients to cater to a low budget
  • Perfect as an intro guide for beginners who want to start with keto diet.
The Bads
  • Needs to elaborate more in regards of life style.
  • She is a professional cook not a doctor by profession; hence medical advice is still needed before incorporating the diet plans.

#4: Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone Diet: Burn Fat, Balance Appetite Hormones, and Lose Weight

The “Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone diet: Burn fat, Balance Appetite Hormones, and lose weight” is another recommended book on our list.

Dr. Colbert has been practicing medicine for over 30 years. It’s because of him, nutrition, cancer treatment and weight loss have been taken to a whole new level.

By this book he sets out not only to help you lose weight, he also wants you to plan out a healthy life, one that you enjoy living devoid of any illness such as hormones imbalances, obesity.

The bestselling author Colbert believes that whether you want to or need to lose weight, the answer lies in nutrition,  not in surgery, counter remedies or prescribed medication.

In his book, he aims to help you design a healthy, enjoyable lifestyle that helps you eliminate fat, put your hormones balance back and helps you lose pounds as a result.

His book also includes a 7-day ketogenic diet menu plan, that will help you jump start your ketogenic diet.

This book is an eye opener, really, and will not only help you shed those extra pounds but will also encourage you to live life to its fullest.

The book will motivate its readers to give up on unhealthy lifestyle and plan out a healthy life that they will enjoy.

The Goods


  • All the information, diet menu provided in the book is by a medical doctor
  • Motivate people to opt for healthy life style
  • The book gives out an important message by losing weight we can solve many health issues such as hormonal imbalances and obesity
  • Provides with a 7 day menu plan as sample for beginners
The Bads
  • NONE

#5: Ketogenic Diet: 60 Insanely Quick and Easy Recipes for Beginners (Keto, Ketosis, Paleo, Low Carb, Cookbook, Low Salt)

Another great book we have on our list is, “Ketogenic Diet: 60 Insanely Quick and Easy Recipes for Beginners.

If you are someone who is holding back the idea of starting a keto diet, just because you feel you don’t have enough time to make it work. Then this is just the right book for you.

The good news is all the recipes provided in this book take up to less than 20 minutes to cook and prepare, isn’t it something amazing?

We all know how fast-paced the life has become; we hardly have any time nor the strength to stand in the kitchen for long hours to prepare a low carb diet for us that’s when the book comes handy.

Trying to be healthy can be a very confusing journey, we were always told fats were bad for us, yet in spite the fact we eliminated fats from our diets we became more obese.

But after some years of research, we have finally reached the conclusion that not all fats are bad for.

Written by the author Jeremy Stone, the book provides a plethora of delicious ketogienic diet menu and recipes for those with a more hectic lifestyle.

In addition to that, even folks with little cooking can navigate too through these easy to cook recipes

The recipes provided with in the book are also Paleo- friendly, and recipes for people with food allergies and preferences.


The Goods
  • 60 quick and easy recipes to help beginners
  • Each recipe is provided with its nutritional value
  • Cooking and preparation time is provided with each recipe to find the quickest and easy recipe.
  • An overview of the ketogenic diet
  • Why choose skillet cooking and its benefits are stated.
  • Most recipes even take less than 20 minutes of your time to prepare
  • Packed with nutrition yet easy to cook recipes are provided.
The Bads
  • Might need to refer a nutritionist before starting with the diets mentioned within the book.


The sixth book we have on our list is, “30 days Ketogenic Meal Plan: Ultimate weight loss.

The book is ideal for those who are struggling with strict, low-fat diet plans and despite repeatedly losing weight gaining it all back.

This book is designed to make people opt for healthier food choices that would lead to fast weight loss, and will let them have a slender, lean proportional body that they always dreamt of having.

The comprehensive healthy meal preparation book is written by a well-known dietician Teresa McCain.

She offers you invaluable tips on the best way to lose weight in a healthy manner by following her healthy, mouthwatering meal planner.

In this book, you will learn about one of the most popular diets worldwide as ketogenic diet is geared to encourage the life to produce KETONES which is possible only when you indulge into low carb eating plans.

Advantages Of Eating Low-Carb Diet

Keto diet eliminates helps to prevent cancer by removing sugar from meals. It promotes weight loss by providing more healthy and filling meals.

The brain function and energy levels in the body are greatly enhanced by keto low carb diet plans.

The Goods
  • The book comes with a 100 of original appetizing that anyone from novice to professional chef can cook easily.
  • Different meal groups provided for lunch, breakfast, snack and dinner with their recommended portions.
  • Accurate amount of calories provided to make the monthly efficient so that you lose more weight.
  • 20 irresistible dessert recipes provided while keeping calorie intake lower and getting rid of stubborn extra kilos in the healthiest and smartest way.
The Bads
  • All the information and recipes provided doesn’t really have any professional keto researchers backing it up.
  • Lack of information on the keto diet, too much emphasis on ketogenic diet menu and  recipes only

#7: Ketogenic Cookbook: 101 Recipes for Weight Loss (Timothy Pyke’s Top Recipes for Rapid Weight Loss, Good Nutrition and Healthy Living)

Ketogenic Cookbook: 101 recipes for weight loss” is an ideal book for those who want to rapidly lose weight by following a good nutritional diet and adopt healthy living.

This is the Amazon best seller for PC, Mac, smartphone, tablet or kindle. Hundreds of people have taken advantage of the ketogenic diet weight loss plan for losing the stubborn weight and are living a healthy life now.

You can take advantage too by getting this amazing e-book packed with 101 recipes for weight loss.

With these recipes provided in the book, you will never run out of ideas, above all these recipes are easy to make and scrumptious.

With these recipes you never feel as if you are on diet, in fact you feel fuller and content.

Some of the recipes included are

  • Greek style salad with chicken
  • Pan-Seared Asian-inspired Salmon
  • Healthy Pecan shortbread cookies
  • Italiano chicken Zucchini noodle soup
  • Herbal lemon chicken with Quinoa
The Goods
  • 101 delicious recipes for weight loss
  • Available for Mac, Pc, smart phones and kindle.
  • Best book for beginners.
The Bads
  • NONE

#8: The Ketogenic Bible: The Authoritative Guide to Ketosis

If you are someone who doesn’t like following any diet without proper research, scientific information then this is one book you should get your hands on.

The ketogenic Bible” is your one-stop shop for all the accurate and tested information when it comes to following the ketogenic diet.

In the book ketogenic Bible, Jacob Wilson and Ryan lowery provide with comprehensive information on the ketogenic diet and Ketosis, the fat burning state as a result of ketogenic diet.

It provides complete information on keto. It covers all the areas from how to follow the diet and how it affects our systems on the basis of which we function every day.

The information provided by the authors is based on scientific research that’s been conducted on ketosis.

To make things more clear he has provided all the practical tips and advice for following keto diet, along with easy to make 74 delicious recipes.

No other book can beat this comprehensive science based views presented in the book regarding ketogenic diet.

The Goods
  • Backed with scientific research
  • Comes with practical tips and advice
  • 75 easy to prepare and delicious recipes provided.
The Bads
  • A layman may feel overwhelmed with all the scientific information provided with in the book.

#9: Quick & Easy Ketogenic Cooking

The Quick and easy ketogenic cooking book is for those who are already familiar with ketogenic diet but are looking for ways on how to incorporate it better and efficiently in our day to day life.

The book is written by the nutritionist, Maria Emmerich. The book provides with the wide variety of easy and delicious to cook recipes for those who have hectic lifestyles and want a complete ketogenic diet menu.

This book is ideal for beginners as well as those who are already into the keto diet.

In this book, Emmerich focuses not only on the whole food recipes but also on recipes that are Paleo-friendly.

The book also provides meal plan and several recipes for people with food allergies and preferences.

The book even has a vegan-friendly meal guide along with two-week ketogenic diet menu and many recipes to choose from.

The book has practically everything one could ask for, from two week guides to four different monthly meal plans.

The Goods
  • Lots of options to choose from for people with food allergies and preferences
  • 170 recipes to choose from
  • Variety of meal plans
The Bads
  • Lacks information on keto diet itself.

#10: The 30 day Ketogenic Cleanse

The last book we would like to recommend to our readers is, “The 30 day Ketogenic cleanse.” It’s another popular book written by Maria Emmeric.

Maria Emmeric is a nutrition and exercise physiology expert.

In this book, she provides complete information on how to kick-start or restart your ketogenic journey.

Her book like other guides doesn’t endorse the starvation approach, rather she provides over 160 fulfilling tasty meals that will help your body start losing weight effectively.

This book is so no less than her previous Quick and easy Ketogenic cooking.
As you probably guessed by now the book is built around the 30-day ketogenic meal plan that should get you started with keto.

As effective as it may sound but let me warn you this book involves a lot of cooking.

By following this plan you will need to cook 2-3 different recipes for a single meal.

For those who love to cook it might be an advantage and at the same time, it’s a disadvantage for those who have a hectic lifestyle and can’t afford to spend so much time in the kitchen cooking different dishes.

This book is also packed with a lot of details on keto.

The best thing about the book is it’s written in a simple format which makes it easy for readers to grasp.

Her explanations are straightforward and to the point, doesn’t need a person with the professional background to understand the information.

The 30-day meal plan is accompanied by a complimentary shopping list.

Most of the ingredients found in the recipe are budget-friendly and easy to find.

There is plethora of recipes to choose from which makes your life easy.

The Goods
  • Loads of recipes to choose from
  • Information provided in the book is written in easy and concise manner.
The Bads
  • Too much cooking is involved to follow the diet plan.
  • Might not be an ideal book for a person with the hectic lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned books can prove to be as the best guides to refer to before you kick-start your ketogenic journey. These books will help you put your health on a right track, packed with detailed information about the keto diet itself, along with its advantages and disadvantages, practical tips, advice, meal plans and easy to cook recipes to choose from.

What could more one ask for? Each book is a guide in itself, it’s up to you now which book you opt for as per your requirement. Whatever your health requirements are, whether you merely want to lose weight or have a healthier lifestyle, one thing is for sure Ketogenic diet is an answer to many diseases such as depression, Alzheimer, cholesterol and diabetes.


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