Are you happy with the kind of relationships you have with people around you?

if you feel positive and content then chances are, you have built best healthy relationships. However, sometimes, you can’t comprehend, what went wrong with your relationship and whom to turn to.

If you are someone who is struggling with relationships and can’t decide what is wrong, why you don’t get along with people. The post is just for you with these 11 best relationship advice.

11 Best Advice to Make Relationships Work Better

Sometimes we are so blinded by our egos to realize our own mistakes. Once you figure out what part is it that you’re not doing right, odds are it will save many of your future relationships. In my experience, there’s one common mistake that people do all the time, that is, “They don’t invest in their relationships” 

Relationships don’t flourish by themselves. They require a lot of hard work.Let me ask you a very simple question here:  If you decide to plant a  flower in your garden what would you do? of course, you water it,  provide it with the best of soil and sunlight.

To put it in simple words, you invest in it. Similarly, you need to Invest in your relationships too, to make them work.

Let’s be realistic things don’t always turn out to be the way you see in movies or plays. Nothing gets fixed automatically. If one wants to enjoy healthy relationships, then one must strive hard for it.

There’s no magical formula that ‘Fits all’ but hard work and consistency is surely a key to success in anything. I am sharing below, are some ‘to do tips’ that will definitely give a love boost to your relationships.

1. Treat People Right 

I know it’s a little tricky. Your way of treating people right might be different from mine.

What you need to do is treat people similarly the way you would like to be treated yourself. Now we all want people to treat us with respect.

So, first of all, learn to respect people. Now respect doesn’t mean you become a doormat to someone or be weak or lose your voice.

Treat People Right

It only means that even when you have a difference of opinion with the other person, you still respect the person’s point of view without sounding harsh or rude.

Try to be in their shoes, see things from their perspective too.Make a rule to respect people at all times.Having a difference of opinion is only natural, it doesn’t have to affect your relationship with them.

2. Compliment More

In my opinion, nothing works better than complementing or appreciating people a little to maintain a good relationship. Now it doesn’t really cost you a dime or does it? for instance, you can compliment people on their new dress or a new hair style or a shade of lipstick. Hell, you can even compliment on their smile.

Compliment More

Making someone’s day or boosting their self-esteem does wonder to people. You are the reason to bring a smile to their faces, you are a reason to transform their world, naturally, they will like you more. You would feel happy too when you make someone happy. Now don’t confuse compliment with flattery. Compliments made  should be genuine and not fake

Now don’t confuse compliment with flattery. Compliments made should be genuine and not fake.

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3. Have More Empathy

Learn to empathize with people when they are going through a rough phase in life.

Have more Empathy

Offer an advice, try to solve their problems in a best possible way you can. When they find you sincere with them and feel that you genuinely care about them. It builds a strong relationship.

4. Let go of Negative Feelings

Accept the fact people are not always in a pleasant mood. They have a lot happening in their lives from stress at work to having relationship issues. They can’t always be nice to you.

If they get angry or rude to you, learn to forgive them by understanding they must be going through a rough phase in their life. This will stop put you at ease too. Understanding people at their difficult times is exactly what relationships are all about and as time passes by, people do realize how rude and mean they were to you and apologize too only if you stayed calm.

5. Be a Good Listener

Listen to what people have to say. Find out more about their interests, rather than just talking about yourself only. As a result, you will learn more about them and have a better understanding.

Be a good listener

6. Give what is their due right

Give people what you owe them. Don’t give extra, don’t give any less. Just do the ‘Right Thing’.

The best way to make any relationship work is to give people their due right. Don’t make them think that you’re not providing them with their rights for e.g you must know, being a mother, a wife or a daughter or a friend, what are your responsibilities, what is expected of you or what you are accountable for.

Give rights

This will guide you on how to handle your relationships tactfully. Now your child needs most of your time, as he/she is dependent on you. Your mother needs your support and your husband needs you by his side to be his strength and to support him morally as well as emotionally.

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If you give everyone their due rights, you will enjoy balanced relationships.

7. Don’t Just Criticize

Don’t criticize people when they come to you to share their problems, by saying ‘ Look I told you so and so’ ‘how could be so foolish’. Most of the times people just want you to listen to them without offering any advice or criticism.

Don't Just critize

8. Agree on Mutual Points

Try to talk about things that you have in common with people, instead of talking about things that they can’t relate to or have a difference of opinion on. If they realize that you don’t have similar interests or you talk mostly about things that only interest you.

Agree on mutual points

It will greatly hamper your relationship with them. Imagine a person talking about Shakespeare or Marlowe with you when your least interested in literature, how would you react?

9. Avoid Negative Talk

Try to have a positive conservation with people. Talk about current affairs, sports or latest trends. Don’t spoil the fun by just talking about your problems only or tragedies happened with you in life.

Avoid Negative Talk

Nobody wants to hear about your problems believe me. They will start having negative vibes from you and will avoid you like a plague.

10. Stop Arguing

Stop arguing

Don’t destroy your relationships with people to win an argument. It’s alright, two adults can have a different point of you. In other words, agree to disagree. Avoid topics that can lead to heated arguments.

11. Focus on Your El

Spend a good time developing your emotional intelligence (El). Among other things, emotional intelligence will help you clearly recognize your own emotions and what they’re telling you.

Focus on EI

High EI also helps you identify the emotions and needs of others.

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The Bottom Line

In the end, I would just say Humans are social animals, they do need human beings around them to survive. Hence, it’s important for each of us to make our relationships work until and unless one wants to be a loner.

At the end of the day, we all want to share our happy moments,  adventures,  our success stories, as well as our failures, it only makes us humans, and it will only be possible when we take some time out to work on our relationships.

I hope you liked this post, if there are any tips of your own that you would like to add to the post, please feel free to add in the comment section.


Hey!! I am Saima Masood. A passionate writer, daydreamer and a blogger, a procrastinator by nature + coffee lover. Food is one thing that makes me immensely happy.



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