Parenting your children is the most important responsibility

The good upbringing of children is the most important responsibility of parents especially mothers, among their other responsibilities. It’s not an option but an obligation. It becomes very challenging at times but it’s also proven to be a very enjoyable experience for some parents.

Parenting takes more than just disciplining your child 24/7

Parenting is more than slapping or yelling at a child 24/7, it takes a lot more than that to be a parent or may I say a good parent.

We, parents tend to forget that we live in a world of internet and Smartphones, so in order to parent our children, we need to be smarter too, because the lack of understanding and direction on the part of mothers can create a lot of depression in children especially when they enter their teenage.

It becomes the duty of a mother to do training as she is around the child most of the time, however, the role of a father can also not be undermined.

It’s a combination of both parents love and attention towards a child and their own relationship with each other let the child achieve his milestones.

Do’s and Don’ts of Parenting

  • Respect the child’s individuality Avoid criticizing the child in public.
  • Avoid constant lecturing, threatening and saying hurtful things to a child.
  • Appreciate even if it’s a small achievement.
  • Initiate the conversation yourself as communication helps to solve a lot of problems.
  • Try to learn about your child’s interests that will help in better communication.
  • Don’t enforce too many do’s and don’ts.
  • Always welcome a child when he/she wants to talk about something and take an interest.
  • Don’t talk to your child when you are angry or busy talking on the phone.
  • Always show that you love and care use ‘I message’
  • A card or a note ‘mommy loves you’ means a lot to a child.

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Last, but not the least be a good role model for your child, be the kind of a person that you would want your child to be in future and always keep a check on your own action and words


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