Today, in this post I am going to share with you Five Pakistani ads which can actually solve your five problems.

Magical Lemon max Bar

I was washing incredibly filthy, stinky cooking utensils in my kitchen as well as cursing loudly the guests who had just left, then all of a sudden appeared the dancing  long‘ Magical Lemon max Bar,’ and all my problems were solved instantly.

All my utensils started dancing on a beautiful tune along with ‘Fahad Mustafa’ (hai Allah ji  what a bar) and all my dirty utensils were cleaned and looked as if they were brand new within minutes, not only that,they were also automatically placed in their respective places without me having to move an inch, and I was looking beautiful as ever.

After that, I went for a long drive with Fahad Mustafa of course (what a treat) Such is the magic of using Lemon Max fresh bar.

So, girls, if you want to meet your prince charming all you have to do, is buy the ‘Magical lemon max , and the good part is you don’t actually have to do a thing other than buying this magical bar, with a complimentary ride with Fahad Mustafa.


Success Formula FAIR & LOVELY CREAM

I was jogging in a park the other with my father, that’s when he suggested, It was about time I got married. I got puzzled by his concern.

Maybe he thinks I am getting old. As I returned home and as soon as I entered my room. A magical cream landed in my room from nowhere and asked me, “ Do you want to be well settled, want a good job and want your own house”

I instantly said, “Yes”, as soon as I applied the cream on my face, my dark circles, blemishes, two toned patchy skin and pimples disappeared. I became beautiful instantly  ( gori chiti), even my hair grew longer.

I instantly rejected the proposal my father suggested me earlier during the jog. I told him I wanted an equal equal match (meaning fair husband) to make a perfect match.

Any girl who wants to be successful, well settled, want an own job and own house, should definitely use fair and lovely and within minutes she will start looking like Katrina.



 Toote Bekar cheezain Baich Day Olx Pay

toote purane cheezen baichday


I was watching my favorite Star plus drama on tv when suddenly a ball came from nowhere and hit the tv screen with full force ,and within seconds, my tv screen was broken. I gave my son an angry look that had the power to wet his pants. And suddenly he said, ‘Mama, poorana jaiga, tu naya aiga na.”

Message: Sometimes you have to let kids break the stuff around the house to bring new stuff to home, as poorana jaiga tu naya aiga na

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Bright Joru ka Ghulam Washing Powder

brite juro ka ghulam washing powder


My husband never used to help me in household chores.

I was always tired and exhausted. Then one day, a friend came to my house and suggested me to use the famous, “ Bright Juro Ka Ghulam washing powder”.

As soon as I bought it, my husband was transformed into the most helping husband.

As I lay on the bed watching my favorite drama ‘ Man Mail’ on Hum tv.

My husband even did all the laundry. He was actually very happy and said to my son, “ Mama roz kam karte hain inko aram dena ab se mera kam hai”, to which I blushed and replied, “Kia karoon ek din ke araam se thakan utarte he nai”



Tapal Danedar Ab Hubby sunay dil ke awaz Tea

hubby dil ke sunay tea


I had a long day, I was busy in shopping, of course, I was standing in a long cue to get my favorite Sana Safina’s lawn. After all, it wasn’t every day they had an exhibition.

As soon as I entered  home, I could smell the aroma of  freshly made tea coming from the kitchen. As I peeped inside the kitchen to look what was happening, I spotted my husband, very much looking like Fawad khan, getting the tea ready for me.

He looked at me and said, “ tum mein or ek cup chai hojai”.

Anyone who gets the tapal danedar Ab hubby dil ke sunay tea can surely have a hubby who listens to your heart as well as get you a tea when you come back from your exhausting shopping trips, hell, he would even start looking like Fawad khan (all the more reasons for you to buy the tea brand)

Share your favorite Pakistani ads  and how they solved your problems:)




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