Marketing is boring!

for DRY people



of course those who don’t know how to have FUN!

Marketing is very much fun…

let me show you how…

What If I told you…

Can marketing be fun by using these terrible yet amazing marketing pick up lines?

lets spice them up a bit?

Do you want to impress your marketing guy?

Do you want to appear cool?

Use these hilarious pick up lines for marketing

they will work anything like magic

You will have more influencers.

Its a known fact that humorous people are liked by everyone.

Using these lines will not only impress upon your marketing nerd friends

They will also make you appear SWAG!

Yes, yes, you know about your friend’s marketing skills and you are no DUMB CHICK you are a pro yourself. Prove it girl!

So ladies (and gents) I present you with these freshly baked funny pick up lines for your marketing geek bfs/gfs . May your next hot date get converted successfully using these funny pick up lines…give it a GO Girl!

Funny Pick up lines for marketing

  1. From ooh… ah…ouch…BAM! Oh shit! I am not sharing everything on my clickbait journey!

2. Hey girl! I am an SEO guy how would you like me to do a free audit of you?

3. Me without you is like a website without traffic.

funny pick up lines for marketing4. We hate SPAM as much as you do…why wont you stop spamming us B**ch!

5. Would you like to make a 301 redirect to my heart?

6. I don’t need to look at more stats of your site. What I’m feeling with you is already statistically significant.”

funny pick up lines for marketing


7. Do you know if ONLY Google was a woman…she would fall for me

8. I think you have a broken link I can only fix and replace it with my own link.

9. I have been checking you out and you are the exact match keyword I have been looking for.

funny pick up lines for marketing

10. Did you know there’s no such thing as FREE CONTENT? Give a DO FOLLOW link please!

11.  Just like your Facebook Ad campaign you have made quite the impression on me.

12. Hey do you have a like button? because I definitely want to give you a like.

funny pick up lines for marketing

13. Do you have a privacy policy cuz I definitely would like to exploit it!

14. If you let me be your marketer, Ill give you solid backlinks you will enjoy

15. To get to you I can even scroll down at the bottom


funny pick up lines for marketing

16. The way to a blogger’s heart is through his subscriber’s list…so subscribe please!

17. You must be an SEO specialist because you always rank #1 on my site.

18. You are like a catchy headline which no guy can resist looking at.

funny pick up lines for marketing

19. You are an exact keyword I have been looking out for for my entire life.

20. Hey girl you are like a piece of content that everyone wants to get linked to.

21. You are an exact match for my site can I download you.

22. If I said you had a beautiful blog, would you give me an access to your dashboard.



funny pick up lines for marketing

23. Hey you are just like an old website that just gets better with time.

24. I found you on my “qualified” email list, doesn’t mean you can get away with spamming me!

25. I’ll index yours, if you index mine.

26. You are so handsome, you should have your own hashtag.

funny pick up lines for marketing
27. If only men were landing pages it would have been fun to convert them.

28. We had a 100% click rate when our eyes locked with each other!

29. What I hoped to get was a dofollow link (a pretty woman) but instead what I got was a no follow link (fat woman).

funny pick up lines for marketing

30. My story made you cry…alright… now how about clicking to my amazon link?

31. You must be my competitor you are always stealing my making out strategy.

32. Talking to you is as fun as ranking a long tail keyword.

funny pick up lines for marketing

33. Did you know why my two marketing friends didn’t get married? Because they weren’t on the same landing page!

34. Hey girl I wouldn’t unsubscribe even if you could keep on spamming me all night long.

35. Hey is your name Google? because I want to get on top on you.

36. Hey girl I like you loads can I follow you and you follow me back?


funny pick up lines for marketing

37. How would you like to bounce back from my room to your room?

38. Your  deserve shares, and likes and everything nice.

39. You’re so beautiful; you don’t even need an Instagram filter.

40. Do you have a sitemap? Because I just keep getting lost in your eyes.

Soo.. some of these are obviously better for men than they are for ladies, but that’s perfectly alright, as long as these made you laugh as much as they did me. 🙂

With these marketing funny pick up lines I hope you win your marketing guy, he’s definitely in for a surprise?



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