Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. - Dalai Lama

Happiness   isn’t something that somebody’s going to serve you on a silver platter; neither it’s a commodity that one can find in a local grocery store, you have to find it in the little things in life. Also, happiness doesn’t come from expensive trips and designer clothes. To be happy or not it’s a matter of choice, we all go through a lot everyday and not every situation is an ideal one, but it’s up to us now that we choose to think about the unhappy moments or refuse to think about them, and instead treasure the happy moments in life. The feeling of happiness is experienced when there are no anxieties, insecurities and fear in life which usually happens, when you love what you do or you achieve something you value.

So what is happiness? Have you ever stopped to wonder what exactly happiness means to you? You need to be clear in your mind for what you are wishing for. Happiness is a feeling of contentment and well being. In other words, if all your needs are met and you are overall satisfied with your life makes you a happy person. Many of us confuse happiness with pleasure; we believe tha`t going out, having fun at a party is happiness. These are all the wonderful experiences that can give you pleasure, but not happiness, as true happiness can’t be attained by the worldly possessions, and situation; true happiness comes from within.

We often hear people complaining about the lack of happiness in their lives, you would hear them say, all they want is to ‘be happy’, and if you take notice of their actions you will conclude that, every act, is in fact, a pursuit of happiness, whether going to the movies, eating out in a new restaurant, shopping, travelling are all motivated by the desire to be happy.

The following are the few tips that can bring about the feeling of happiness and inner peace in your life..

  • Change the way you look at things, make sure that you look at the positive side of the situation.
  • Love yourself unconditionally.
  • Learn the technique of visualization.
  • Hang out with people who give you positive energy, and make you feel good.
  • Watch, and read things that make you laugh out loud, instead of making you sad and depressed.
  • Find things that are relaxing for you, for example, listening to your favorite music.
  • Don’t excessivelythink about your problems, instead think about the solutions.
  • Read a lot of inspirational quotes and stories every day.
  • Look at your accomplished goals, not at what you have not been able to do.
  • Everyday do something special for yourself, for example going to a movie, buying yourself a book, eating your favorite ice cream or just taking a walk on the beach, it could be anything small.
  • Take some time out for yourself, maybe take holidays from work and enjoy a change of scenery.
  • Don’t envy people for their happiness, be happy for them.
  • Stay detached in worst situations, when things don’t turn out the way planned.
  • Smile as often you can.
  • Don’t take anything personally, don’t let others remarks and negative behavior affect your mood or hurt your feelings.
  • Do at least one good thing for someone each day, that can be a kind word, treating someone, giving a present, or maybe going out of your way to help someone. If you make someone happy, even that will make you happy.

The above mentioned tips will surely bring happiness in your life. The problem with us is that, we all want to happy, but only few of us know the secret to do so.

“I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition.” (Martha Washington)


  1. Thanks for such an interesting and profound post 🙂 Being merely humans, it’s only natural that there will be times when we may feel sad and upset but it’s also true that we can motivate ourselves to turn our negative emotions into positive energies. Just like we can make an effort to transform our negative experiences into a positive aspect of our personalities. As you mentioned that we should focus on the positive side of the situation. If we try then we can consider even our difficulties as a blessing as they enable us to empathize with others in their sorrow. It was only after the first time I fasted, and went through an entire day without eating or drinking, that I truly understood the meaning of word ‘hunger’. And this experience strengthened my desire to help those unfortunate people who go through without proper nourishment throughout their life.  It was after I went through a surgery due to an illness, that I felt more deeply the plight of those people who have health issues and can’t even afford a cure. This again, reinforced my yearning to help such people.  Of course, it’s not always necessary to go through the exact same experience in order to sympathize with, or help, others.  However, our sorrow and suffering can often make us more compassionate and caring towards others, and thus make us a better person, and help us spread happiness in this world, which further leads to inner peace and self contentment 🙂

  2. While reading this I felt like someone read out my heart…I have a few of my friends whom I always see them to be sad…no matter how much I explain to them, tell them about people who are going through a situation much more worse then them, but they only see themselves. And within every good situation they find something unhappy. So this is such a perfect article for such people only if they want to be happy….

  3. Human emotions are real mess!
    “Happiness is an illusion” Yes, It is.

    Life is nothing but a serious game of perspectives, that’s why psychology says, If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!
    So to conclude, happiness is a state of mind and It’s not something to fetch, It’s something to be shared, celebrated and owned but at the same time It doesn’t exists. Boom! Haha!


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