Where ever you find two or more women sitting together, guess what would they be talking about, other than clothes and jewelry? Yes, yes, yes…you guessed it right...’Maids’ and their never-ending issues.

No discussion is completed without having a discussion on our favorite topic of maid..as if our lives only revolve around them and our very existence is only dependent on them,oh, don’t get me wrong here, I myself have had my share of maid issues…until one day I realized I was getting fat, clumsy and good for nothing..it’s on one of that day that I omitted the word “Maid” from my priority list.

It’s not like I don’t have a maid or I don’t want to keep one oh god, it’s so tempting, provided she gives a good massage too 🙂 but if she decides to run away without prior notice…or threaten me to leave…I am more than happy to show her to the door.

These are the possible maid issues you can face

Phew! so what were we talking about…oh yes we were discussing the  Maid issues…so let me ask you….do you have what it takes to have a maid? The list is endless..believe me…so if you already have a maid, or looking forward to having one in future..please bear in mind the following points.

  • It’s a maid’s choice at whatever time she decides to come for work..or when it is convenient for her.(non-negotiable)
  • You must finalize her salary on the first day of work.
  • You must pay her ‘Full Salary’ on 1st of every month.
  • She can leave work anytime she finds a better job opportunity in terms of salary..but if u find her replacement which is really a miracle…you must give her a month’s notice before leaving her.

Caution: If you fail to do as instructed..it can result in a lot of yelling and verbal abuse.

  • Every public holiday is a maid’s holiday…including all the strikes, Sundays, defense day and Independence day and not to mention the day when it rains…after all, she has every right to enjoy the rainy weather like us.
  • It’s a maid’s choice when she decides to clean every corner of the house. It might happen once in a year or two.

Warning : If excessively pressurized the maid can leave the work immediately.

  • It’s a maid’s  choice if she mops the floors every day or once in a week.
  • It’s a maid’s choice to mop the floors with the same dirty water if she wishes so.

If you don’t want to have the maid suffering why not buy a steam cleaner?

Also read: best steam mop cleaner for everyday use.

  • You must provide her  with cash even if she asks every second day for it.
  • You must present her with a chilled bottle of water on her arrival at work…and if possible prepare a glass of glucose too in advance…as the maids tend to get dehydrated after their long journey from home to work.
  • She must be provided with two fresh meals (breakfast and lunch every day) in addition to tea and unlimited teaspoons of sugar.
  • Make sure that you provide her with designer dresses every twice a month…even replica will do…after all a maid is a woman too with feelings.

Warning :If you fail to do as instructed your designer dresses can get burned too while she irons it.

  • You must be able to afford her medical..including the bus fare and all the medicines, doctor visits, injections and oh, the Nestle juices she needs every time she faints.
  • It’s your responsibility to provide her with the groceries every time you go to do your own…her essential items include Flour 10 to 15 kg…Nestle. Cerelac, formula milk (yea the one that you give to your child) and not to forget the emergency pampers, after all, maids have emergencies too.
  • Every time your maid runs out of balance…you must load that package card, which gives her the freedom to talk for hours without interruption…of course, she is an all rounder..she can mop the floor and talk on the phone at the same time,she would even show you stunts with her mop stick.
  • You must not forget to tip her generously every time she tells you the news of your neighborhood, your mother-in-law, sister-in-law.

Warning: If you fail to tip her, she might gossip about you too with the same people and get her tip from there.

  • It’s a maid’s choice,  the kind of clothes she would like to wear….low necks, deep necks…caprice with an extremely short shirt…tights.After all, she just can’t wear anything at her job….she is not a ‘Maid.’


  1. hehehe, agreed with you . well I never had maid since I am independent ,as I was living alone for so many years ,so there isn’t much work for one person living in studio , I preferred to do all my stuff myself.The idea of getting dependent on someone itself is so scary for me. I like to do my own stuff at my own time ! Right now, I have a small apartment so its easy to manage and now Alhamdolillah my husband helps me with everything, so far it’s going good!


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