Okay, so I am guilty of being nasty and rude to my own kids, not that I am not aware of it or that I haven’t read  any of the parenting blogs or  magazines that I could get my hands on…but I just can’t stop doing that.

These are the thoughts of most of the mothers when it comes to parenting. Actually we, the mothers know everything that’s written in the parenting article but when it comes to implementation, we lose it all.

So I was thinking why  I get mad over such small things, which I realize after every encounter with my kids, was not worth getting angry at, for instance when I am working on my computer writing something or using face book, or maybe chatting with an old friend on phone, i would not like to be disturbed , but my children choose that very time to have a fight with each other or break something that they weren’t supposed to touch.It’s during these scenarios when I usually lose my cool.

You can’t solve any problem in the world if you are not aware of its root cause….you have to find a trigger, which is actually  causing a problem. So i realized few things which are…

I need to be more organized

Need to make a time table for everything i do.

Plan things in advance.

My kids too need to have a fixed routine.

Once in a while i need to have a break.

I must get my ‘me time’ even if that means half an hour or 15 minutes.

I have to calm down  myself before I react to situations.

Get my children involved in household chores around the house.

Try hiring a maid for house chores.

Buy a steam cleaner for easy cleaning to avoid maid hassle.

For buying the best steam cleaner, also read: Best steam mop cleaner for everyday use

I must inculcate some sort of an exercise in my daily life to release stress.

Instead of giving punishment or saying awful things..it’s better not to talk to the child when he/she has totally messed it up.

Following the above tips helped me a lot. I am not saying they are a solution to every problem but it at least solved many of my problems. And before I knew, I found myself getting less angry, less yelling, more playful and happier. I am still trying to follow the tips I have become come up with, and it’s not like i am still not tempted ,oh I am so temped at times, but now I know the trigger and how to put a stop to it.



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