There is no need for you to hit the dollar store anymore as Amazon can be your new place to make your cheap purchases from. Here you can purchase all the fun and useful products for products under 5$ on Amazon or at times even less than that.

CNBC has submitted a report on Amazon and according to that report, more than 75% of the entire Unites States shops on Amazon and after reading this article if you are not on the list yet then you are sure to become one of them. Amazon provides people with the opportunity to shop products in the most convenient way without the need of leaving the comfort of their couch.

Not to forget, you can find almost every product here. With the undeniable comfort from shopping at Amazon, it can also be quite easy to fill up your Amazon prime shopping cart with products that you do not need. With products under 5$ on Amazon, you are surely going to convert yourself into compulsive buyer.

The only drawback is that these products under 5$ on Amazon in your shopping cart can total up to hundreds of dollars or more than that, which obviously will not turn out well for your bank account.

Luckily to solve that problem there are many innovative and useful items that you can purchase on Amazon without breaking the bank.

Majority of these products can be purchased for just pennies on the dollar. So, next time when you hit the checkout button, instead of feeling cringing looking at your wallet you can actually feel positive about your shopping.

Below mentioned are the top favorite products on Amazon for $5 or less.

Get yourself a plastic bags organizer basket

Product: Plastic bag holder and dispenser

Purpose: plastic bag organizer

Majority of the people try not to use plastic bags due to their non-degradable property which pollutes the environment but there are reusable plastic bags also available that can prove to be a much better option for the environment. Reusing the plastic bags also has an impact on the carbon footprint as it reduces it. If you plan to reuse your plastic bags you need to look for a way to organize and store your plastic bags. This is one of the most useful product under 5$ on Amazon.

No matter you’re convenient it is to shove your plastic bags under the sink or in the drawer, this method after a while can very easily get out of hands. This is the reason why the plastic bag holder or an organizer basket with a dispenser is the perfect option for you to get your bags in order.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to reusing the plastic bags such as they can be used to contain your swimsuits or clothes after your trip to the beach or the pool, at times the plastic bags can be used to store garbage by placing them on top of the trash can and lastly they can be used to store the lunch in order to take it to work. And now with the option of organizer baskets, you will be able to store your reusable plastic bags neatly and together all in one spot, without having to kill your budget.

Portable Flashlight

Product: Mini portable flashlight

Purpose: portable flashlight for emergency situations

Nowadays many of us have built-in flashlights in our mobile devices, but it is never a bad idea to carry a portable flashlight to light the way when in a dark situation. The portable mini flashlight available on Amazon plugs directly into any USB port such as to a back-up phone battery pack or to a computer making it a perfect useful product under 5$ on Amazon.

The mini flashlight utilizes fingerprint technology along with LED lights to control the brightness and allow you to adjust the light intensity as less or more bright just as you want. This portable mini flashlight/dimmer is also small enough in size to fit inside your wallet or pocket. The mini dimmer light also plays the role of an efficient light source, even when your phone is dead.

Faux Diamond Rings

Product: Faux Diamond Vine Leaf Ring

Purpose: affordable women ring

As the saying goes all that shines does not need to be expensive which is why this faux diamond ring can make a perfect gift for your loved one. This beautiful ring is made up of alloy and has a one of a kind vine leaf design on it which makes it a unique useful product under 5$ on Amazon. The faux diamond ring comes in three different stone colors such as pink, dark blue and aquamarine.

This ring may look like it must have cost around several thousands of dollars but in reality, you will not be spending that much money depending on the combination of your style and size when you purchase this beauty. This ring makes a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, birthday or just like that because love needs no occasion to be celebrated. This ring makes an ideal gift for anyone that holds a special place in your life that to under 5$.

Give your space a makeover with this Persian rug

Product: Persian black rug

Purpose: For home decor.

Deciding on the right rug to decorate your home space can be quite a challenging and expensive task. If you are on the hunt to spice up your place then look no further and purchase this Persian rug available on Amazon for less than a $1. The rug is made with an elusive neutral pattern which is put together with a bold outline of black color to really set the room. Given the size and elegance it adds, this rug is the best useful product under 5$ on Amazon.

Be sure to choose the black color when you are making your purchase. The runner is made in Turkey and has dimensions of 2 by 7 feet that make sure that the rung looks great in a hallway, entryway or even along the side of the bed. This rung is also stained resistant making it a real winner. This attribute of the rung makes it compatible with pets and kids in the house.

A small coin purse to keep that loose change together

Product: Vintage small owl design purse

Purpose: organizer pouch to store coins

According to the CBS report, people in the United States toss up to $62 million in the form of coins every year. If you are guilty to be one of those people who toss out those pesky nickels, pennies, quarters or dimes then this small sized coin purse can be a game changer for you.

Amazon provides the option of choosing from five coin purses which are all made up of durable canvas material. Each coin purse has a different owl design that makes it a stylish and timeless accessory that you can carry with you on the go.

Why let your pennies waste, when you can store more pennies to buy more useful product under 5$ on Amazon?

This small purse is not just made for the coins. It can be used to hold your driver’s license and credit cards as well, as the size of the clutch is large enough to contain cash, lip balm, coins, and other small items. The small clutches range in price from $0.59 to $0.69 all depending upon the style of purse chosen.

Prepare your pet for the colder weather conditions

Product: Pet winter cotton coat

Purpose: Clothing item to keep the pets warm

Human’s are not the only species that are affected by the cold temperatures and just like the dogs are impacted too. If you have a dog as a pet in your house then get them a coat for the colder coming months.

On Amazon, you can find a cotton dog coat equipped with a hood to keep your pet warm without breaking your budget. Furthermore, your pet will look adorable wearing this.

The cotton coat is a useful product under 5$ on Amazon and it is available in sizes such as small, extra small, extra small and medium. Wearing this cotton coat not only will your dog stay warm but it will also look stylish and sleek being all bundled up.

The pink colored jacket has purple scales and spots in the design and features an image in the front of a face with brown horns on the cotton hood making it Instagram worthy and it will make your pet the talk of the town.

An organizer for your messy purse

Product: Organizer for handbag

Purpose: Handbag organizer to avoid mess.

If your purse from the inside looks like a complete mess then this organizer can be your savior as it can help you to put the things right where they belong. This merlot colored purse organizer is the perfect leather piece for holding lipstick along with other smaller items of cosmetics such as your mobile device, pen, paper, car keys, and other items. You can also keep your diaper bag in check with this organizer.

This organizer can hold several diapers easily along with pacifiers, toys, wipes, bibs and other essential things that your baby may require on the go. The purse organizer is provided with one large pocket and four small pockets, five mesh pockets, and two zipper pockets. It can easily be moved from bag to bag being a standalone insert. It is ideal for traveling as it is portable. With nominal price, this handbag organizer for ladies and is in budget because its a useful product under 5$ on Amazon.

Stay warm and stylish with these mittens

Product: Faux fur mittens

Purpose: to keep warm in cold weather

In a cooler weather mitten are a must have. You can become your own style icon with the pair of these faux fur mittens available on Amazon for only $0.99. The gloves are made out of wool and they come in eight different colors including brown, yellow, red and black. The mittens have a fingerless design, so you can also continue to text while keeping your hands warm and toasty.

For a much needed chic touch, the mittens also have a button on the wrist and the cable knit pattern of the mittens follows with the colder weather mittens trend. These gloves are cruelty-free as no animals were the harm in the making of these mittens, so you can also wear them without a guilty conscience that to within 5$.

Stress relieving squishy watermelon

Product: Squishy watermelon

Purpose: To relieve stress

This squishy watermelon can make an excellent choice of gift for the stressed-out children and adults it can be used as a squeeze ball to ease the buildup tension. Additionally, this squishy watermelon can also be used as a toy by the children and they can throw it and bounce it around.

The only problem with this squishy watermelon bears is that it is so cute to look at that you will have a hard time squishing it but under 5$ on Amazon, you can get more and more of these.

Pore cleanser brush for blackheads

Product: Blackheads pore cleaning brush

Purpose: Blackhead remover for a smooth skin

The nose is one of the dirtiest parts of the face that can have dirt accumulate in the pores leading to blackheads formation frequently as compared to the other parts of the face. This all happens as the nose is more prone to taking up dirt from the air and this is why the nose consists of the most blackheads than any other part of the face.

Lucky for you that Amazon has a product that can help you eliminate these blackheads and that is the handheld pore cleanser brush for your blackheads. This brush can reach the parts of your face that can be a bit difficult to clean and wash making it the most useful product under 5$ on Amazon.

The pore cleanser brush is made of silica gel and has tiny elevated bumps on it that work together along with the facewash to penetrate your pores and helps in getting rid of the dirt from them.

Citrus fruit peeler

Product: Citrus fruit skin peeler

Purpose: handy kitchen tool

Peeling a citrus fruit when you have just gotten a fresh manicure isn’t something that you look forward to doing. So, before you think about digging your freshly manicures fingernails into the protective skin of the tangerine or orange, have a look at this citrus fruit peeler and you will probably never look back again. The citrus peeler comes in three colors pink, green and orange, but you cannot choose the color of your choice though.

This small handy tool can be kept in your purse in order for you help in peeling your kids fruits on the go. Or you can simply leave the peeler back in your kitchen drawer so that you can use back at home. This citrus peeler is also kids friendly and due to its small size, this tool can be stored in any lunchbox. The blade of the citrus peeler is made up of plastic and works well enough to remove the skin of the fruit without penetrating the fruit.

Pack your toiletries smartly now

Product: Toiletry bag

Purpose: waterproof travel organizer to keep toiletries

You probably store your shampoos and conditioners in your makeup bag or in large zipper bags when you pack up for a trip. Now, you can save yourself from this hassle of carrying the plastic bags or making space in your makeup bag and instead of this you can now purchase a toiletry bag from Amazon. This toiletry bag is large enough to store your conditioner and shampoo bottles.

You can also tighten the top of the bag with the help of the drawstring to prevent any leaks. The best part about the bag is that it is made up of PVC and waterproof fabric. You probably do not need this right now but this is one thing that is bound to come in handy.

Wipe that microwave grime away with ease

Product: Angry Mama Microwave cleaner

Usability: kitchen tool

When it comes to cleaning microwave the chore is not even given a serious thought, but once that grime and gunk accumulates it does not go away easily. It is very common for microwaves to lose their shiny and spotless appearance over time thanks to the occasional food splatters and explosions while heating.

Angry mama microwave cleaner is kitchen tool that does the job by getting rid of the gunk and grime to a spotless fresh microwave. The tool is eco friendly and does not contain harsh chemicals. Therefore, it does not affects the appearance and functioning of your microwaves.

No more spills & mess on the kitchen counter

Product: Mini collapsible funnel

Usability: Kitchen tool

Gone are the days when our moms used to have those plastic funnels in the kitchens, that were hard to use and difficult to store. But, this is also true that a funnel is among one of the most necessary items to have in the kitchen. You cannot avoid transferring and pouring liquids from one vessel to another while working in a kitchen.

That’s where the handy silicone funnels comes in. These funnels come in a variety of seven colors and are easy to store as they are collapsible and can be hung as well. The great thing about these handy silicone funnels is that this space friendly tool is also heat & stain resistant. So whether you are pouring oils or cake batters through it, you don’t have to worry about them staining. So, pour away your liquids without the fear of any mess or spills.

The beauty tool that changed the blending game

Product: CAETLE Beauty Flawless Wedding Water Drop Comestic Sponge

Purpose: To blend makeup

Makeup is all about perfect blending, and one of the most on trend beauty tool in the makeup scene are the beauty sponges. The beauty sponges are the perfect blending tools to apply face products such as foundations, concealers & contours. The Ceatle teardrop shaped blending sponge is the perfect makeup tool to add in your beauty regime for a flawless skin.

The small sponge when dry is 2 inches and expands in size once dampened for the smooth makeup blending. This teardrop sponge is a great alternative for makeup brushes as it is quite multifunctional from blending foundation to applying and smudging eye shadows. Therefore, the blending sponge will be a great tool in your beauty arsenal.

Keeping those makeup brushes on fleek

Product: Makeup Brush Guard Mesh

Usability: to safeguard brush bristles

Well, if you are a makeup enthusiast chances are your makeup stash is overflowing with different shapes and sizes of makeup brushes. Buying such high-end brushes is an investment. You would never want to ruin your contour, highlighter & all other brushes. But even if you store them in organizer bags or boxes the soft bristles of brushes are bound to become dusty, bent or frayed.

To keep these brushes in their perfect shape think about investing in the brush guard nets. These net covers are perfect and cheap solution to keep brushes from losing their vigor over time. The guard nets practically cost a penny of about 60 pieces. These soft net flexible covers fit best on medium to large brushes.

Wear your cause on your tank top

Product: Statement Tank Top

Usability: Clothing item

Tank tops are a perfect option and have so much styling potential to either dress up or down depending on the situation. This tank top is a great piece of statement clothing. The statement item is an ode to ever popular commando movement among feminists and non feminist alike.

So if you are in the mood to flaunt your support to cause, you can throw on this cute but edgy tank with a high waisted, shorts or yoga pants as per. Considering the minimal price this tank top can be a clever gift for a friend in high in the feminism scene. it ‘s all about flaunting and voicing your ideas in this day and age with freedom.

Multipurpose on-the-go tote bag

Product: Mesh net bag

Usability: Great alternative to plastic bags

The minimalist netted black bag has a serious vintage feel to it. This tote bag can be used as a perfect haul bag for a farmer’s market stroll. The tote is big enough to carry and an environmentally friendly alternative to using plastic bags. Since it’s lightweight and breathable, the tote is a perfect accessory to store perishable items and is washable as well so don’t worry about getting it dirty and weary on the trips for groceries and farmer’s market.

Other than this tote would serve as a perfect companion at the beach to carry your beach mats and other accessories. The netted design of the tote will save you from the pesky beach sand that lingers on the usual beach bag normally. So, either it is a Sunday market stroll or beach outing this tote will be a perfect partner to carry your stuff around.

Head over from here to Michael Kors Handbags and get the most exclusive handbags for your style.

Just a little glow in the dark spark

Product: Luminous 103 pieces sticker kit

Usability: for room decor

No matter what age, the fluorescent and glow in the dark objects always seem to amaze not even barring the mature adults. So, we can only imagine the excitement and enthusiasm of kids and teens over glow in the dark stickers. The glow in the dark star kit available on amazon has 103 pieces containing stars, shooting stars and moon stickers are not only mesmerizing but are also very affordable.

This kit could add an extra oomph to your already fabulous room and can bring a slice of outdoors on the roof and ceilings of your room. The glow in the dark stickers can be used for creating customized constellation designs or a view of a starry night. Also, this customized glowing roof could lull anybody to sleep pertaining to the beautiful therapeutic images above.

The glowing stickers are completely non toxic and odorless with no adverse effects, therefore, they can be used anywhere. Although, make sure the stickers absorb some form of light whether artificial or natural to glow later on.

Customize your home space with cushy – cushions

Product: Throw Pillow Case

Purpose: Home decor item

It is a common belief that your home is your statement or the reflection of its owner. Simple customizations and additions could give your home space and new and a fresh feel. One of the easiest ways to perk up the interior is to add new throw pillows and cushions on the couches and sofas, which is a huge trend for interiors.

These pillow covers are so chic and come in a variety of colors and graphic designs with almost 7 options to choose from. The cushion covers features statement quotes to abstract designs. These not-so run-of the-mill cushion cover will instantly bring an upbeat flair in your interior.

Although the cushion covers do not include filling the trendy covers are a great bargain and a smart option to upcycle your old cushions. The covers have a hidden zipper and great quality fabric and can fit on 18 x 18 inches pillows.

Lunchin’ in style, hot or cold

Product: Canvas lunch bag

Purpose: Multipurpose storage bag

Eating healthy or home cooked food is essential to stay fit and healthy and a great way to stay on budget while at work or out and about. Either you are carrying a hot lunch or cold, since food is a perishable item you definitely need a well insulated lunch carrier to keep the food fresh and consumable. Therefore this latest affordable canvas lunch bag is an awesome investment to keep the lunch fresh and at the right temperature.

Since the bag is insulated therefore, it can maintain the constant temperature of food for a longer period of time. The bag sports a trendy graphic design and is available in four other colors including the black & white version.The tin foil lined is although perfect for hot & cold lunches but is a multipurpose bag to use as toiletries or for travel storage as well. With its easy to use design and handles along with insulation this lunch bag is also easy to store since its foldable and saves space.

Delicate garments need delicate care

Product: Protect Mesh Round Bag

Purpose: reusable wash bag for intimates

It is considered care manual 101 that protective bags should be used for delicate undergarment washing. The mesh storage bag is a great solution for maintaining the quality of the undergarments. This mesh bag should be used to wash your intimates rather than just throwing them in the tumbling piles of clothes in a wash cycle.

This easy to use wash bag is made of polyester and has a dimension of 15×13 cm therefore quite spacious to stuff your stockings, bras, and undies. Since the washable garment is safe to use in washers and dryers there’s no excuse to lose your dainty, lacy and pretty things to the horrors of washing cycles.

Upscale your baby’s style quotient with shades

Product: Infant Retro Classic Anti-UV Color Film Eyeglass

Purpose: Kids fashion accessory

Those little pretty eyes of your babies also need protection from sunlight just like us adults do. So, next time when you are out for a pool or a weekend on the beach your baby deserves his own set vintage shades for a great time out in the sun and amazing pictures showing off their soaring style quotient. The sunglasses are available in different styles of frames such as cheetah print, vintage frames and colors as well.

The prices of the sunglasses differ on the basis of sizes and designs starting from $0.1 and have around 3 options to choose for designs and colors to choose from. Such affordable glasses are not only stylish but they also provide protection against harmful sun rays and are anti glare perfect for kids. You can stock up as many as you want given the minimal cost for such stylish and protective shades.

No More clogging drains

Product: Drain Cover

Purpose: avoids clogged pipes

Kitchen sinks or shower drain, whichever it is you can never be too cautious with them. One way or another the pipes get clogged with hair, debris and whatever manages to pass through the drains. Clearing those clogged pipes is so annoying. The silicon doily shaped drain protector is a great way to save the pipes from clogging again.

The silicon adheres any surface and shape without sliding or moving around. The silicon drains protector can be used anywhere from kitchen sinks, wash basins to bathtubs and shower drains and is available in four colors suitable to match the color scheme of your kitchens & bathrooms.

Get rid of all the dust in places you can’t reach

Product: Mini Duster for Car Air Vent

Purpose: Multipurpose cleaning tool

Your usual dust cloth cannot clean or even reach into the nook & crannies while the dust can. To keep those small spaces and nooks squeaky clean and free of the mini duster is the perfect tool. It can reach in between the car vents, blinds, tiny spaces on your keyboard, and light rims to wipe away all the dust away with the help of its soft bristles brush on one end and microfiber cloth pieces on the other. This dusting tool not only picks up dust but also takes away debris stuck in vents and blinds. If you are obsessed with squeaky clean surfaces this mini duster will be your perfect tool.

Who would say no to an affordable wallet

Product: Business Leather Wallet

Purpose: Affordable gift item

When you are out on a hunt for affordable men’s gift, wallets make the list but they are quite expensive and in case they aren’t expensive then they don’t look valuable or luxurious. But this wallet is a great find on amazon priced at under $1 only but it looks so luxurious that nobody can guess the actual price.

The bi-fold faux leather wallet is available in 8 different colors with a dimension of 11.2×9.5 cm which perfectly fits in the pocket. A metal carving on the front, 2 wide cash pockets, and card slots along with an inside hidden zipper pouch the wallet is as good as any. This wallet is a perfect and affordable gift item to be added in the gift baskets or stocking stuffers.

A unique led lamp option

Product: LED mushroom sensor lamp

Purpose: Home decor item

When it comes to light installments and lamps we know these are costly items but this great mushroom shaped LED lamp is one of the rare finds or as we say a great bargain. This environmentally friendly has extremely low consumption of energy has a long lasting life.


This lamp would look great in a kid’s room or even on a patio or balcony to brighten up any corner. The warm light setting and plastic and silicone material shades along with colorful leaves in the back give this lamp a very tropical feel.


What are you waiting for? head to Amazon to get these amazing products under $5.


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