prepare for the new born child

How to prepare for the new born child

To Prepare for the new born child is the last thing on any mother's mind As soon as mothers come to know about their pregnancies, they get so overwhelmed...
child's responsibility

My Child’s responsibility belongs to me

  My Child's responsibility is my first priorityFirst of all my children are my responsibility. It's my primary duty being a mother to take full responsibility for my child's...
where did my childhood go

Mama,where did my childhood go?

  Where did my Childhood go Where did my childhood go or when did my childhood ended is a question we all ask ourselves from time to time as...
do's and don'ts of parenting

Do’s and Don’ts of Parenting: All parents must take into consideration

Parenting your children is the most important responsibility The good upbringing of children is the most important responsibility of parents especially mothers, among their other responsibilities. It’s not...
angry mom to organized mom

My journey from being an Angry mom to Organized Mom

Okay, so I am guilty of being nasty and rude to my own kids, not that I am not aware of it or that I haven't read ...


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