To Prepare for the new born child is the last thing on any mother’s mind

As soon as mothers come to know about their pregnancies, they get so overwhelmed with emotions and joy, that they are least bothered about how to prepare for the new born child.

 As for me when I had my first baby,and as soon as I had the first glimpse of him, I instantly fell in love with him. I forgot all the pain I endured for him, lovely blue eyes, pointed nose, small mouth, curly hair and those curved ears. My eyes were filled with tears, as I never, though, I would be blessed with such a lovely creature my son. I had been waiting for this moment for so long…carrying him inside my body… for 9 months to be exact…when I held my son in my arms,…I felt as if, a heavy weight had been thrust upon my shoulders. There was no running away from the responsibility now ,that, I had brought about myself when I had decided that I was going to have a baby.

What a pregnant mother is supposed to do?

So, how do we prepare for the new born child, when we are sure of our pregnancy? Some mothers frantically start buying anything and everything that they could get their hands on, from baby crib to clothes, toys, and accessories, but the main thing that is being neglected by mothers-to-be is how would I raise my baby? how would I inculcate good morals in would I raise a better Muslim? We would have all the time in the world to buy as many things as baby needs…but if we are not mentally prepared to accept the responsibility of a child, we will soon find ourselves in trouble,

Parenting is an art that doesn’t come naturally, research more when you have time

 As the baby comes into the world, a mother hardly gets a moment’s rest ,let alone to get time to think rationally. She has to prepare for it before the arrival of the baby when she has time in her hand. Parenting doesn’t come naturally, it’s an art that one has to learn, research on ,you can’t randomly raise a child, you need to do your homework before the baby comes, no wonder most of the mothers find themselves suffering from baby blues and Postpartum depression as soon as a child is born, because they are clueless, as to, what to expect, and how to tackle certain situations..and instead of bonding with a child, they regret having one.

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Most women suffer from Postpartum depression after delivery when they are not prepared

Postpartum depression is a severe form of long-lasting depression experienced by new mothers, symptoms include loss of appetite, Insomnia, anger and irritability, lack of bonding with a child, feeling of guilt and inadequacy, overwhelming fatigue and thoughts of harming yourself or baby which is quite dangerous. In extreme cases, even doctors don’t recommend leaving a child with the mother alone.
There is nothing unusual or abnormal with women having these disorders , and in extreme cases, one should also seek help, but with proper planning and adequate knowledge on the part of mothers, will surely bring about less stress and positive energy, which will help a mother to enjoy her baby more.

So, I hope all about to be mothers now know how to prepare for the newborn child and have taken advantage of the post, I shall end the post here, hope you liked reading it….kindly give me your feedback…happy parenting!


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