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Pros and Cons of Homeschooling


So you are confused whether homeschooling will work out for your children or not, right? If yes, then perhaps you have come to the right place.

Homeschooling your child is an important decision that you must take into consideration after carefully evaluating the pros and cons of homeschooling.

Weigh the pros over cons, take some time to think about each and every advantage and disadvantage of homeschooling by applying it to your current situation.

That will help you take a right decision for your child as well as for your family.

Considerable Pros of Home Schooling: 

First, let’s talk about the good parts that come with homeschooling which motivates every mother to homeschool their children.

  •  Educational Liberty 

The best thing about homeschooling is the freedom which comes with it. You can make your child study what you want, when you want and how long you want.

There’s no pressure on parents to cover the particular lesson on any given time frame or any fixed curriculum they have to follow.

Parents can make their own curriculum, and have the full freedom to modify the lessons to best suit their child’s interests, mental level, and abilities.

  • Out of the box thinking

As homeschooling children are not dictated by teachers all the time, they develop the out of the box thinking, they don’t have any fear of failure neither they have to excel in order to compete with another child.

  • Independent learners

As homeschooling parents have other responsibilities to attend to, children are mostly on their own which makes them independent learners, and problem solvers. who are not always looking at their parents for guidance.

  • Help around the house

Children, who are homeschooled, are also a great help around the house as they don’t have any home works or assignments to do, which leaves them with plenty of time.

They can help their mums in running errands or household chores around the house and hence become more responsible.

  • Outdoor games

Homeschooling children get more time to play outdoor games due to the flexible routines they follow.

On the other hand, school going kids struggle with time management due to long hours spent in school and doing homework, which practically leaves no time for them to pursue their interests.

  •  Activity based learning

Contrary to popular belief, learning shouldn’t bound a child to a particular place or a classroom. Small children, especially are not meant to sit in one place, sit still, they learn through moving, exploring, breaking things (mind you).

Moreover, homeschooling families get to enjoy more off-season vacations, visit parks, museums during the week and if parents are vigilant they can turn these trips into learning experiences, who says learning can only be done with a pen and paper?

The best advantage of homeschooling is you get to decide how you want to teach your child, you can use a variety of methods and focus on areas your kids finds interesting and excel in the most.

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  • Values and Belief

Many parents feel that the initial years of a child’s life are the most important ones to instill their values and religious beliefs, and homeschooling provides them with just the right opportunity to set them on the right track from the very beginning without having any other external forces influencing their innocent minds.

  • Close relationship with family

According to many Child development experts that a child’s life between birth and age five are the crucial years for developing close family bonds and emotional ties.

Almost all homeschooling families admit that homeschooling has played a vital role in bringing their families together.

The time and attention that parents devote to teach their children, foster the loving relationship between the family, as children love it when parents give their undivided time and attention to them.

Parents also become more responsible towards their children as they are solely responsible for teaching their children now.

  • No Identity Crises

It’s just the other day I bumped into a group of homeschooling kids aged between 8 and 12. My Curiosity got the better of me and I ended up asking them, “What was the best thing that they liked about homeschooling,”? To which they replied without a pause, “The freedom to be what you want to be.”

Homeschooling kids don’t have to worry about bullying, peer pressure or suffer at the hands of the spiteful teachers who are always trying to rob children of their self-esteem by bringing in competition between kids and labeling them as losers if they fail to deliver according to their expectations.

Many parents with kids who have been a victim of bullying have also opted for homeschooling as they know how harassment can badly affect their child and shatter their confidence.

  • Less expensive

No expensive school can be a substitute for parental love and attention.

Children learn more when parents take interest in their learning.

Having said that, another advantage of homeschooling that we must consider is the cost of school’s admission fee, tuition fee per month, examination fee, extracurricular fee and other unforeseen expenses that you can spare if you home-school your child. You can save that amount for higher studies of your child or to travel the world.

  •  Safe environment for kids

One of the biggest benefits of homeschooling your child is the guarantee of your child’s safety. Even when you are not physically present with your child in the same room but you know your child is safe as he/she is within the house.

Also, you can monitor and watch your child’s activities, you can choose who he/she should be friends with, what environment is safe for him, which kind of games should he indulge in.

  • Well rested, relaxed kids

Though it’s a good habit to wake up early in the morning and have an early start, but let’s be realistic all children are different from one another, some are early risers while others are not.

For some kids, 8 to 9 hours sleep is more than sufficient for some even 12 hours are not sufficient. Some people are just not morning people and that’s alright.

Kids who live far away from their respective schools and go by school vans have to be up very early, a lot of time is taken up traveling to school, and then back to home which makes kids really exhausted, as even after coming back from school they have heaps of homework to do.

So one of the pros of homeschooling is, your kids are well rested, relaxed which makes them less cranky, more playful and reduce the number of their mood swings.

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Major Cons of Homeschooling:

Though there are more advantages of homeschooling, but there are few cons of homeschooling too that you might want to know about before opting for homeschooling.

  • Lack of routine

Lack of routine is often been associated with homeschooling and one of the biggest cons of homeschooling.

Homeschooling in some families means having no proper schedule for anything, with kids going to bed late and waking up late. Due to the lack of routine half of the day is utilized in sleeping, kids are not much productive.

Children also develop a habit of staying up late at nights without parents monitoring their activities.

  • Moms feel burnt out and give up

Often it’s the moms that suffer a lot due to homeschooling, as fathers go to work leaving mothers to deal with the bunch of undisciplined kids.

It’s mothers who juggle between household chores and giving their kids the quality time, and as a result, they feel burnt out quickly and give up.

Then, in a frenzy, they send their kids off to schools, forgetting all about their vision why were they homeschooling them in the first place.

Their vision becomes lost in the relief they are gone. Hence prove to be the disadvantage of homeschooling worth considering.

  •  Lack of discipline

At times homeschooled children don’t have the best of manners or lack discipline as compared to school going children.

Homeschooling children become socially awkward as they don’t get to interact much with people, they don’t know how to communicate or behave in group settings.

School going children are more disciplined (as they know they will be punished for showing unaccepted behavior)  as their good and bad behaviors are both rewarded, it makes them responsible, dedicated and punctual.


  •  Not all parents are great teachers

The biggest disadvantage of homeschooling your children is no matter how well designed your homeschooling plan is, still it won’t be much of a  match of the nationally accepted curriculum that’s being taught in schools

And until and unless you are trained and qualified as a teacher, you won’t be able to teach your children as efficiently as a trained professional teacher would.

  • No control over screen time

With homeschooled children staying home 24/7 doesn’t leave mothers much time for themselves.

In their attempt to keep children busy with something, they can allow kids too much screen time.

Too much exposure to tv and social media can turn them into addicts and exposed them to content that’s not age appropriate.

  • Can do more harm than good

If you are a working mother or someone who doesn’t have support at home, then homeschooling isn’t for you, trust me, you will do more harm to your kids than any good.

Children can turn into brats, anti-social, introverts, addicts, loners and frustrated with having no friends around to play with.

Final words

Again, homeschooling is a personal decision since its purely to benefit your family and children. There’s no clear-cut answer to the question that if homeschooling is a good or a bad decision, it depends on an individual and what are one’s expectations from homeschooling. I hope you would find the guide useful and it will help you take a better decision, one that’s good for the betterment of your child.




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