So, I woke up this morning with a heavy heart, I experienced mixed feelings of sadness,mourning, grief, regret, shame for judging a woman, I had absolutely no right to judge,for I didn’t know the life she led, sacrifices she had to make and the hardships she faced, and what compelled her to be the bad woman she pretended to be.

Now, I am not justifying Qandeel Baloch aka QB here. The path she chose was wrong and will remain wrong, but is she the only one to be blamed?

The Pakistani drama Baaghi has left many questions unanswered and made every person wonder about the trials in life she had to go through, it made us see things from a woman’s perspective too and brought us face to face with the bitter reality of how woman are being oppressed and become a target of abuse, be it sexual or emotional abuse in our society.

Every woman at some point in her life can relate to Qandeel Baloch’s plight. Every woman whether we admit it or not become a target of abuse including domestic violence at some point in her life. Every woman is not as brave as Qandeel Baloch was, every woman doesn’t have guts to change her situation as Qandeel Baloch did, she didn’t accept her circumstances as a part of her fate, rather she put up a great fight, she didn’t want to be an ordinary woman,just another woman who would spend rest of her life feeling sorry for herself.

And I am afraid if we don’t change our ways, we will see the rise of many Qandeel Baloch emerging in our society in coming years, revolting against the biased and unfair system of our society, where its common place for a man to have extra marital affairs, keeping more than one wife or a mistress and women are killed in name of honor.

Coming back to the review of much talked about Pakistani drama, “Baaghi,” which is given much hype and is the most talked about drama on aired. Qandeel’s baloch role played by the most talented Saba Qamar,  has won many hearts, no doubt. The colorful role of Sabar Qamar and her ability to bring life to the character added spice to the drama.

Baaghi was based on Qandeel Baloch’s real-life story and gave the audience an insight into her life behind the colorful persona( live videos and selfies) she carried.

Had it not been for Saba, the character of Qandeel Baloch would not have been possible. All in all a great drama, yet there were many loopholes within the story, how its possible for a young woman to travel all the way from a small village to a big city, with no money. no place to live and absolutely no support.

It also highlighted many factors regarding why women succumb to such below the belt tactics to gain overnight stardom and money, and how difficult its to get ‘Izzat ke roti’ in this male dominant society where women are treated merely as tools to sell the products or to gain advantages using the fairer sex.

The drama is a bit exaggerated, how Kanwal Baloch (Saba Qamar) and her friend Rehan continued living under one roof without having any intimacy just on the basis of a great friendship. This isn’t something that’s done here in Pakistan, considering its not a liberal country and no one from neighborhood raised any fingers (unbelievable).

However, the chemistry between Rehan and Kanwal Baloch was great, and how Rehan was always willing to help her out in her adventures as a true friend, even though he knew how those adventures would turn out to be disasters, yet he always stuck to her side and came to her rescue.

Why Qandeel Baloch allow her family to use her for gaining money and benefits even though she was born and raised in the family and knew how selfish her family was, still kept on being used. Did she have a guilty conscience, or might be she indirectly trying to compensate for the shame she brought to the family? or was she trying to get approval of her family..maybe acceptance, or affection? or there is still a possibility she merely did it out of love are still a few questions that are left unanswered.

Why didn’t she accept Shehreyar’s help earlier even when her brother was locked up in jail or when she needed money to buy the house for the family is something that even a common person feels baffled about?

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Since they mentioned all her life events even the contest of Pakistani Idol where Qandeel Baloch was humiliated by the judges, why did they miss on Maulvi Abdul Qavi involvement with Qandeel Baloch? what were her motives behind shaming the Maulvi and why Maulvi Qavi’s possible involvement with her murder case (which will lead to Pandora box if discussed further) was kept in dark, leaves a big question mark.

How could Qandeel Baloch kept on supporting her family and never did anything to get back her son, is something again that doesn’t make sense and makes us judge her? I can understand how hard its to let go of our children, especially in her circumstances, when she left behind an infant. When she had enough money to get her father treated or support her selfish brothers, why didn’t she want to give her son a better lifestyle?

Being a woman myself I understand her plight and dilemma, but there are many loopholes in the story, how could her sibling kept watching her on t.v and never once they suspected it was her? a bit vague, and how she kept on selling her body to gain benefits for her family? even though those were not the things she dreamt of if izzat ke roti was so important to her why did she sell her soul and body? even though she was already an outcast.

The character of Kanwal Baloch played by Saba Qamar has transformed the image of Qandeel Baloch, turned her into a legendary figure, easily forgetting what she did to gain stardom was still wrong and can’t be blamed on her circumstances. However, why she was brutally murdered in the name of honor and how her family let her down is a sad scenario.

Baaghi is an outstanding drama, won the hearts of many, Saba Qamar was absolutely phenomenal and I am sure many people after watching the last episode cried their eyes out.

The irony is, not many people cried on Qandeel Baloch’s death, but many around the globe have surely cried for Kanwal Baloch. The drama has actually turned the course of events in favor of Qandeel Baloch and made her a victim rather than a rebel, held the society responsible for her actions, and earned her the respect that she never gained in her days when she was still alive. However, there are still many loopholes in drama baghi. It feels like as if it was just to clear the image, without having much focus on the facts and figures.

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