What is this feeling of Restlessness? Why this Emptiness? Why you feel as if something is missing? How would you define it? Maybe what you are looking for is ‘Inner peace’….so what is PEACE and how can we achieve it? ? Is it even possible to achieve? We often meet people who have everything in the world from money to perfect families and kids, and yet they are still unhappy, restless, their hearts aches, they can’t figure out what’s missing in their lives.

Peace can be defined as a stress free state of security and calmness that comes where there is no fighting or war, when everything coexisting in perfect harmony and freedom, then why we see people always longing for peace even in this modern world with full of technologies. Why do we feel the need of a friend or someone we can talk to, share and understand our feelings better, who can spend time with us.

As the world is progressing and new inventions are being invented everyday, we are becoming more isolated ,we see that the ratio of depression, loneliness and unhappiness among people is increasing day by day. We have all the luxuries in the world, our life is much better than the way it used to be 10 years back, with all the appliances to make us less tired and exhausted, and to simplify our lives, but the element of happiness has vanished somewhere, now we see people socializing more in social groups (face book and twitter) than with their immediate or extended families.

There used to be times when it was a common practice to meet relatives on weekends, and having lunches or dinners together, but nowadays nobody seems to have the time or energy to indulge into something like that, we often say our hi’s and hello’s on face book or whatsapp without feeling the need to meet people in person. We even send out invitations for dinners or weddings through these platforms,  and save ourselves the hassle to going over to everyone’s place to drop a card(how very convenient ) Looking back I realized we actually used to look forward to those occasions, that would allow us the time to connect as a family, and provided more opportunities for family get together.

It used to be a common practice for boys to play cricket on roads, or play any outdoor games with cousins, but now you hardly see children getting involved in any such physical games, whatever time they are left with is occupied with their mobile phones, no wonder children are suffering from obesity and other disorders which includes    Add/Adhd, Anxiety, Insomnia and behavior issues.
Times are gone when there used to be (mobile free) healthy discussions among family members during meal times, or family times, discussing what each of them doing,discussing school, college or work, asking for each other’s opinion and sharing stuff…now you can’t spot a child without a mobile phone in his hands, and in many cases parents are obsessed too, even when they are going out to eat or social gatherings they just can’t keep their hands off the mobiles (which is actually horrible) their lives revolve around their mobile phones .Hence, children don’t have the strong bonding with their parents.

Everything that is done within limits is right, I have no issues with people using mobile phones or connecting with people on social networks, but doing it excessively to an extend that it  replaces your family time is wrong, using mobile phones 24/7,checking every minute for maximum likes/dislikes and messages is an indication that you are getting addicted, which is actually not very healthy, no wonder we find love, attention, and peace in all the wrong places.


  1. From my observation I think children are only drawn excessively towards gadgets because they see their parent do so. Regarding this Ustadh Noman Ali Khan shared his view. That when kids come to us we are lost in our gadgets and when they come to talk to us(like yo know kids talk a lot when they first learn to speak) we hush them away, try to get them to watch tv or just hmm while looking into the screen. Then when they grow up they do the same with us because that’s what they have observed all their lives.

    By the way regarding this peace thing I had written a blog post The Call. Do read it. 😀


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