So, you wear Hijab, cover yourself from head to toe.You don’t mingle with Namehrams (any male figure other than husband, father, son or brother), You can wear almost anything just because you wear Hijab hmm? And you think that’s all is required of you for being a good Muslim woman? Is that the only thing that Islam asks you for? What about your other duties being a Muslima? Would you be exempted and wouldn’t be asked about them on the day of Qayama just because you chose to wear Hijab?

Sadly, we live in a society where women who wear Hijab are practically considered as angels as long as they wear Hijab, and anyone who doesn’t wear it naturally comes into a category of ‘Pervert’. A woman who wears hijab is as pure as rivers flowing in Jannah, she can’t do no wrong, she has a good character, a true believer, and might as well directly go to Jannah (without any accountability as she can’t do any wrong, remember). Having said that, let me clarify that I don’t have anything against women wearing Hijab, but I strongly believe that you can’t judge, label or discriminate any woman on the basis of her Hijab. A woman who wears hijab can still commit sins, maybe she has a bad temper and hurt people with her tongue as well as with her hands, maybe she isn’t a good wife, or perhaps her neighbors ain’t that too happy with her, as compared to a woman who, though doesn’t wear Hijab yet she possesses qualities such as her soft tone, her positivity which makes people feel comfortable with her, and they like being in her company because of her ‘Good Akhlaq’.

The point that I am trying to emphasize here is that as long you don’t change your negative attitude, which includes your actions, your manners, your Akhlaq.You are giving a bad name to your hijab. You are practically setting a wrong example for believers as well as non-believers.You are showing to people that wearing Hijab makes you arrogant, mean and self-centered, and that’s what they should expect from hijabi women. The end result would be as such that people won’t judge you by your actions, but will judge you by your Hijab.And instead of embracing Hijab, women would actually not wear it fearing they would be judged too.So your good intention too will go against you, and will be scrutinized instead of being looked up to.

I am sure we all have read in our school days in Islamiyat books about the seerah of Prophet Muhammad .(P.B.U.H) How was he able to influence Arabs with his Good Aqkhlaq, how he used to treat people, even those who did wrong to him. It’s mostly due to his Good Aqhlaq that Islam was spread throughout the world. Imagine, may God forbid, if He was ill-tempered or wasn’t Sadiq or Amin, would he still be able to spread the message of Islam?

Now there’s another point I would like to add here is that once you have opted to wear Hijab, that doesn’t give you a right to stare at men from the safety of your Hijab just because they can’t stare back at you, as your covered.Yes, women in hijab check out cute guyz too.If it’s wrong for non-hijabis to flirt with men, or go out with them, it’s equally wrong for you to do so.

Another myth is that if you wear Hijab you won’t get good jobs, you won’t be getting promotions, or one way or another, your hijab will come in your way of success, or people won’t treat you with respect. firstly it’s your fate, your hard work decides if you are going to be successful or a failure, not your hijab. Secondly, it’s your attitude with people that makes them respect or disrespect you.If your hard working, passionate, good at what you do, and profitable for the company you work for. I am not sure if your Hijab can come in your way of success in any way.So just because you don’t want to wear it, don’t give lame excuses against it.

Lastly, I think if you have decided to wear Hijab or already wearing one. You need to be extra cautious with your actions. The Hijab is not just a covering or veil, it’s a way of life. It’s by no means a parameter to judge one’s character or piousness. But once you wear it, You should earn respect for it, instead of giving it a bad name.


  1. Indeed, best of the garments is TAQWA (PIETY). May Allah make it easy for us to obey Him.

    At times, hijabis and non hijabies seem to be at cold war! Lol. Most of us had been non hijabis and know what one thinks of the other! So let us just leave judgement to Allah and concentrate on pleasing Him.

    Indeed, hijabis show Islamic identity openly and need to be mindful of what they do. We are humans too. So please over look our petty mistakes. Jzk.

  2. Interesting article. Allah knows best what’s in our hearts – May we purify our intentions and may He forgive us if we’ve strayed. Ultimately though, we can only be in charge of our own actions and intentions, and stay true to ourselves regardless of how people might perceive us.

  3. Yea, as hijab wearing folks, sometimes we forget that we need to keep our naf in check when it wants to judge a sister who i snot wearing hijab. Also, we are ambassadors of Islam and what we do can be generalized and taken as a rule if we misbehave wearing the hijab. Great reality check, xx! 🙂

  4. True, hijab should go beyond acting as an outer covering to being an inner shield for our heart and soul. It isn’t easy but we just have to keep trying.

    It is truly a way of life.

  5. I agree…I saw many sisters in hijab who had ‘boyfriends’ at uni and then on the contrast some non hijabis that would always have their gaze lowered….so noone should judge.

    However, I do feel that sometimes Hijab CAN hinder your job prospects, especially in the current environment of hatred towards muslims but it shouldn’t stop you from working hard and trying

  6. Interesting read! but what you think if women should wear hijaab or not? They should adopt good deeds, I agree but do they need to wear hijab or not as their duty like adopting good acts. Or they should just adopt good Ikhlaq, good deeds, and wear jeans and stuff like that, that thing also creates negativity…


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