Virgo Zodiac Sign

Among 12 Zodiac Signs, Virgo zodiac sign initiates its cycle in the period 23rd Aug -22nd Sep.

If you don’t know much about the Virgo planetary cycles then it is important, at least, to know the activation energy of this sign.

During the whole year, different planets move through the Virgo which activates the energy of this sign. The effect of that energy is irrespective of a person’s sun signs.

Some facts about Virgo

• The symbol is Virgin.
• The element is Earth.
• Quality is Mutable
• The colors are grey and pale-yellow
• The ruling planet is mercury
• The Day is Wednesday
• The best compatibility is with Pisces and Cancer.
• 14, 15, 23, 32 and 5 are the main Lucky Numbers.

Virgo Vital Traits

  • When we talk about their Strengths, they are loyal, hardworking, very practical, more analytical, extremely kind and generous.


  • Shyness, worrying too much, no playing sports, self-destructive, critical and uptight are the main weaknesses of Virgos.


  • Virgos enjoy taking long showers, going to outdoor concerts. They are more into young age fellow friends; some Virgos are obsessed with hygiene and healthy food.


  • They hate lethargic people, too much spice in food, getting away from the home and stunningly a squeezed tube paste from its top.


  • They are dreamers and have an ambition to achieve something big in life.


  • If a person is analyzing a situation with his roaming eyes that are undauntedly sizing up and have a childish face then he is a 100% Virgo.


  • Some of Virgo’s hobbies are babysitting the cute kids in the nearest homes, working with their hands practically to build something creative, and keeping the home nice and clean.

Virgo Stones

Jade, Jasper, Blue sapphire, Carnelian and Moss Agate are the famous stones of Virgo Sign. Do you know that Virgo has a planetary Stone as well?

The name of Virgo’s planetary stone is Citrine. Zircon is the Talismanic stone of Virgo sign. Amazonite, Blue Topaz, Peridot, Smithsonite, Gaspeite, Stichtite, and Garnet are also the birthstones of Virgos.

Amazonite is a thymus which removes the blockages from the veins of the nervous system of Virgos. It is believed that this stone allows better communication. Due to the oscillations of the heart , you can communicate easily with integrity and truthfulness. It is said by the astrologists that this stone can absorb your cell phone negative rays which are carried by electromagnetic phenomena.

Blue Sapphire is an awesome one as it is the vital stone of blue ray. It gives the power to throat, and aids you to enhance your communication power. Who don’t want psychic powers? I am sure everyone is looking to boost their intellectual level and psychic visions. Well, this stone serves this purpose tremendously and increases your natural visionary capabilities.

Did you know Blue Topaz is known as writer’s stone? Its oscillations are in between the third eye and throat  It uplifts the expression power of a Virgo. It supports the mental stability system and increases the understanding of one’s present moment. This amazing stone enhances the thinking power of a person. Better thinking power results in proper communication of ideas and boosted creativity.

Here is an amazing fact about Garnet, It has the strongest connection with the universe especially earth. All Garnets are not red colored though red garnets are most famous among their other family stones. They have the deep connection with the root rocks and their vibrations provide emotional support. When it reaches the position of spiritual grounding, you feel safe and energized.

Do you want spiritual awareness? If yes, then Gaspeite is the best Virgo stone for you to wear every day. In risky conditions, you want safety. This stone is known to provide you that mental security against risks and fears. It gives you support when you need to work all by yourself. Australia is the origin of this incredible stone. Gaspeite mediates the growth channel for spirituality empowerment.

Now, Let’s have a look at Moss Agate which is a beautiful green stone. This is an ideal stone for someone who has a weak relationship with his/her spouse. This greenish stone has the incredible healing characteristic. It intensifies the confidence level to face the critical situations. Want to lose weight fast? Try wearing Moss Agate. It helps in reaching your life goals faster.

Feeling Negative emotions, Peridot is here to balance it up. These unbelievable gemstones have the positive aura and energy. Whenever you are feeling low about yourself, this stone gives you emotional support and stability. It opens your mind to the personal prosperity.

Are you stressed about your life events? Don’t worry, because Smithstone is there to relieve stress. This wonderful stone has the power to create a balance in your life events. At crown cycles, these stones get full energy. Due to the hectic daily life routines and work-life imbalance, stress is a normal result. Smith stones help to bring harmony and stability in your life.

Virgo Characteristics

Focus on minor details

Virgos have an interesting habit of looking deeper into the situation and focus on the minor details. These are widely misunderstood humans because they don’t accept the validness of their natural feelings.

Leadership qualities

They possess leadership qualities and know how to lead the crowd. Virgo lies between Taurus and Capricorn which infers the capability of leadership in them.

They are perfectionist

Want to know an interesting fact about Virgos? They are overwhelmingly critical about the minor details of different things that they missed accidentally. Their minds are usually thinking about the goals inside the specific borders.

Creative and Organized

They love the practicality and doing things with their hands but they hate chaos too. A well-organized life is all that they want.

Attention to tiny details

Let me tell you something interesting about spotting a Virgo. If you find a friend who cares about little things that most people ignore then he’s a real Virgo right there.

Blessed with great communication Skills

What is the value of a ruling planet for a Virgo? Mercury is the ruling planet of this sign which adds a lot of values in Virgos. They are extremely good communicators not only in speech but also in writing. As a career goal, mostly they like working for a social cause. Blogging and writing is the fundamental trait of Virgos.

Virgo is not a water sign but an earth sign

Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are the water signs. Virgo is an earth sign which has more influence on the senses. You must have heard someone saying the word, “you are earthy”. Earthy means the person who has an earth sign and who is connected to more realistic visions.

It is highly important to create a balance for these earthy people’s emotions. If not handled properly, earthy signs can lead to arrogance and stubbornness. Virgo is a mutable sign which infers its changing nature.

The best Match for a Virgo Sign

As you know, Virgo is a reluctant shy sign which hides the feelings. Some people think that there is only one sign match for the Virgo. But this is quite redundant, as a lot of signs share different characteristics like Virgos. Virgo has good relationship with other zodiac signs but following zodiac signs make the best match for Virgo.


Talk about a love match for Virgo? Taurus is the one of the best. Both of them share the same earth element. Taurus could be the fulfilling one for the Virgo. Can you guess why? It’s because Taurus can harmonize well with the nervous tendency of Virgo.

Taurus has no worries as Virgo can’t go out of the line to do something stupid like stealing the money from the bank. Virgos loves logic and Taurus follows step by step. Both can have a nice going as Taurus has the same romance tendency. It’s just the matter of time when they could get together for a lovely relationship.


Cancer is an emotional sign while Virgo is shy one. But they have a good loving partner’s tendency. It’s because cancer being the water sign can go well with Virgo traits. For a Virgo, it is a great feeling to be valued. Cancer is outstanding in giving value to others. Both can please each other as they can make best compromising give and take relationship.


Virgo is a calm one and Scorpio loves that. They both go hands in hands because Scorpio is supremely shocked by the calculated yet balanced view of Virgo’s romance. Scorpio loves the intelligence and smartness while Virgo likes high and the small details of information. They can live together without any worries.

They both like harmony, comfort, organization, order, and beauty. They both have quite similar styles of parenting their kids so they can make a good couple. Both love to raise children fulfilling proper responsibilities. Home devotion is common in these two and they can start a nice family together. Scorpio has good communication power and Virgo loves understanding different facts. There is a big plus for both of them, that they value perfection.


Capricorn and Virgo have the quite similar pairing as that of Virgo and Taurus. Capricorn is hardworking and goal oriented sign while Virgo appreciates that kind of seriousness. Capricorn is more biased towards the looks while Virgo values both the look and inner beauty. Both can make an incredible couple as both love planning things. They have the shared earth element to make the relationship stronger.

All other Zodiac Signs find some similarities for pairing with Virgo, but the above four have the best combinations. They all share a lot of similar traits to be an in a well-established relationship.

Virgo and Virgo love compatibility

Virgo compatibility with Virgo work like magic. They get along extremely well. There’s no tussle of division of responsibility between the two. They both are comfortable working side by side as Virgos tend to be more organized. They both enjoy being a romantic couple as both of the partners frequency matches with one another. They both share same exquisite taste. They don’t like believe in public display of affection but they turn out to be an incredible and doing couple.

The Zodiac animal for a Virgo

There are some zodiac signs which are called Air signs as they are not symbolized by any animal. Virgo represents a young maiden, a virgin. Entirely different from Leo’s lion, she signifies the sign alone by herself. Air Signs describe the emotional quotients and the intelligence. Virgo also connects to the emotions as this an earthy sign represented by a virgin, i.e. the young maiden.

Virgos have Eminent Personality traits

Here are some of the unique traits of Virgo that makes Virgo a real hero.

They are the doers

Virgos are not bullshit talkers. When they plan something, they execute it. If they say they have a goal then you should be sure that they will go all in to achieve that goal. They are self-disciplined people. They are the real action takers.

Analytical Geeks

Real Virgos are the problem solvers. You can’t really beat them with medium level challenges. They have the strong mental abilities to crack the problems. They are intensely focused on the minor details to find the solution of critical problems.

Frustration Peak

Virgos reach the frustration peak point level when they feel incompetence. They don’t like losing or facing risks. So, if a Virgo gets frustrated, you might need to run because he can go hard on the environment. To calm themselves, they need a little break or a distraction.

Sensitive Perfectionists

Virgos are shy about showing the sensitivity of their emotions. They lack expressions and you can never tell if a Virgo is upset or not. They are perfectionists about their outer appearances and sometimes they can go a little hard on themselves.


Virgos are not blind believers. If you have a friend who believes everything that others say, then he is not a Virgo for sure. Virgos go into the minor details of every piece of information and then they draw conclusions on the basis of their intuitions. They love concrete evidence and don’t like beating around the bush. They are naturally born independent skeptics.

Overthinking Warriors

When Virgos think about solving an issue, they overthink the whole process. They could be bossy and you can like to beat the rivals with logic. They hate being judged and interrogated. They love confidence and intelligence and their minds are constantly overthinking about the different scenarios of their life. This overthinking sometimes lead them to the best decisions but sometimes into an endless loop of possibilities.



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