Weightlifting is for those who want to lose fat, have sexy toned abs, build muscle and strengthen bones. Here is why you should do it too.

Who said weightlifting is for bodybuilders only?

Just because you are not striving for 20 -inch biceps and stronger thighs doesn’t mean you avoid weight lifting and shun the weight room thinking it’s not for you.

Gone are the days when the only advice you would get out of a gym instructor regarding weight loss would be, ‘Get on a treadmill.’

In spite of reducing fat, Weightlifting has numerous advantages- all the more reasons you should opt for weight training.

but in spite its advantages somehow women are still hesitant when it comes to lifting weights due to those stupid myths around the corner.

You might have been told that cardio is your only true call, but that effect stops the minute you hop off the treadmill.

Anyone can benefit from weight training— people of all age groups.

Strength training is particularly beneficial for people with health issues such as heart condition or arthritis.

10 reasons why you should start weight training for weight loss

Weight training helps to keep the weight off

Strength training helps you not only shed those extra pounds but also help you maintain your desired weight.

According to research conducted recently, women who followed their weight training routine thrice a week burned double the amount of calories they burned on a normal day activity. (including those burned during the intense workout)

One can easily maintain his/her current weight through weight training; you can easily lose fat but can’t gain it as long as you are strictly following your weight training routine.

You will lose 40 percent more fat than you will lose by any other exercise

According to a survey done by Penn State, the researchers put people into three categories—no exercise, aerobic exercise only, or aerobics and weight training. They all lost approximately 21 pounds, but lifters shed extra 6 pounds of fat.

Are you wondering why lifters lost more weight?

Simple, what lifters lost was pure fat, while what others lost was fat and muscle both.

According to another research, people who don’t perform weight training, on average lose 75% of their fat from fat; the remaining 25% is from muscle.

So, it might appear that they have lost weight when they get on their weighing scale, but it doesn’t improve your reflection in the mirror and you are likely to gain back the fat you lost.

However if you chose a weight training program and you also control your diet, chances are you will secure your hard earned muscle and burn more fat.

You will be able to fit in your desired clothes

According to a recent study people who don’t include weight training a part of their workout regime, are likely to lose 50 % of their body’s total muscle, chances are it will be replaced by fat over time.

Between the ages 30 to 50; they will increase their waist size, and will result in poor self-image, lower self-esteem because one pound of fat takes up to 18 percent more space than one pound of muscle.

You will eat healthier

According to a study carried out by the University of Pittsburgh, the researchers observed 169 overweight individuals, out of which those who didn’t carry out the weight training program thrice a week ate more than their allotted 1500 calories a day.

Weight training can actually curb your cravings. According to a small study people who lifted weights for 90 minutes felt less hungry than those who didn’t work out.

You will burn more calories when you weight train

Lifting increase the number of calories you burn during your work out and post workout.
That means you will still be losing weight when you are sitting on a couch watching TV. This is called Physiologic homework.

Strength training can actually boost your metabolism up to 15 percent which can prove to be a great milestone in your weight loss program.

When you do strength training more calories are used to make and maintain muscle, hence your body only loses fat and not muscle.

According to research, pushups, jump squats. Lunges and mountain climbing are also exercises that comes in strength training, you don’t necessarily have to seek membership of an expensive gym, or limit yourself to only weight lifting or expensive machines, consider these options too.

There is another remarkable fact about weight training is, people who did a full body workout, their metabolism was immensely raised for 39 hours afterward.

People who maintain a regular routine of strength training also lose a great percentage of calories from fat as compared to those who don’t.

In fact, you would be amazed to find out that doing eight moves of strength training can expand 159 to 231 calories which hardly takes 8 minutes, that’s the same amount you would burn if you ran at a 10 mile per hour pace for the same duration.

You will handle stress better

You will be more cheerful and happy, all you have to do is commit to weight training thrice a week and you will be all good.

Even scientists believe that the fittest people manifested a lower level of stress hormones than those who didn’t do weight training.

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You will get into your desired shape fast enough

Your D-shaped body will get into shape faster.

Burning extra calories after and during workout plus building the muscle that will surely get you the desired body you want.

You will lose belly fat fast

For those who women want to look better in a bikini by losing their belly pooch should give it a go.
In addition to losing belly fat, it also reduces your risk of diabetes, metabolic syndrome and life threating diseases like cancer.

You will feel good about yourself

When we look good, we automatically feel good too.

Now someone suffering from PMS cramps every month, or having low energy levels wouldn’t be able to feel good, right?

Neither throwing around some serious iron empowers women in the movies.You got to lift heavier weights in order for you to build strength.

It comes with a big boost in your self-esteem.

Your strength will not only be exhibited in your toned, lean body, but it will also reflect in your attitude.

You will fight Osteoporosis

Did you know lifting heavy weights not only protects your bones but also prevents you against osteoporosis?

According to a popular research, weight training if done consistently can help prevent bone loss and also help the bone to grow.

According to a study, older women, especially in the high-risk group of postmenopausal women experienced increases in bone density after actively participating in weightlifting for a year.

Live longer and healthier

According to research conducted by the University of South Carolina, total body strength is associated with lower risk of death from cardiovascular diseases or cancer.

The more strengthen your body has fewer chances of any disease attack.

Similarly, another study by University of Hawaii scientists suggests that being strong at middle age was linked with exceptional survival. A man reported having survived until 85 years of age without a major disease with weight training.

A man reported having survived until 85 years of age without a major disease with weight training.

You will stay sharper

According to a study carried out by the scientists of the University of Virginia, men, and women who lifted heavy weights thrice in a week for up to 6 months and more experienced significantly reduced their blood levels of homocysteine, a protein that’s mainly responsible for the development of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

You will be smarter

Muscles not only strengthen your body but also your mind.
Resistance training is known to have enhanced lifter’s cognitive function.
According to a group of researchers, resistance training workouts results better in short-long term memory, improvement in attention span and improved verbal reasoning.

Your heart will be healthier

According to researchers at the University of Michigan, people who performed weight resistance thrice a week with three total body weight experienced a decrease in their blood pressure.

Weight training helps reduce the chance of stroke by 40 percent and a chance of heart attack by 15 percent.

Your productivity will increase

According to a research, workers were more productive on days when they exercised compared with days they didn’t.

They felt more energetic, strong and alert while on other days they felt lazy and clumsy.

They did more work on days when they exercised, even their quality of work, presentations were far better when they didn’t.

The work that could be finished in 9 hours was finished in less than 8 hours or more work was done in those 9 hours.

The days when they worked out, they looked more fresh and appealing, and enjoyed work more, and appeared more cheerful and chirpy and less grumpy.


With so many advantages of lifting weights, anyone with who is sensible enough will go after it. Weight lifting doesn’t only assure weight loss and burning of calories but it also helps you develop a healthy, sharp mind, flexible body, strong muscles, and resistance to life-threatening diseases. Anyone who wants to opt for losing weight in a healthy way should opt for weight training.


  1. I love weight training! I know most women don’t, out of fear of bulking up or getting a manly figure but I love it! It feels so good when you lift heavier than yesterday and push harder than the day before. Feels like such an accomplishment!

  2. Yes let’s start promoting more weight lifting please! I’m a personal trainer and I’m constantly promoting weights to all my clients! Great post!

  3. One of my friends convinced me to buy some weights as she is into weight lifting….I got some basic ones…they are now sitting there gathering dust…should really get them out and have a go again.

  4. Been starting to work out again and really weight lifting IS SUPER IMPORTANT! Thank’s for sharing all your tips and reasons, I second all of them. Especially if you’re losing weight you don’t want to get to an unhealthy point to lifting weights and building muscle while you lose the fat is important to keeping healthy.

  5. I hate hate weight training during my workout sessions but it has to be done but you feel so good after! When you triceps start hurting, that shows that you have been working out well!

  6. This is something that took me forever to understand. I would kill myself doing cardio for hours and wonder why I couldn’t lose weight. I lifted weights for 30 minutes a day and my body completely reshaped itself. This article is great!

  7. I knew I would enjoy this post as soon as I saw the title 🙂 I’ve been working out consistently for the past 5 weeks and have weight lifting included in my routine and can attest to the points that you have raised, most especially with regards to just feeling sooo much better. Great post!

  8. It’s funny that I’m reading this post right as I’m contemplating getting a new gym membership. Working out(mainly running on the treadmill and a bit of weightlifting) has always been important to me but I’ve been slacking since our recent move.


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