We all need some kind of motivation from time to time in order to achieve something solid, right?

And losing weight is no EXCEPTION!

Yes, yes, yes, we need to be motivated too to lose weight.

Is there any woman who doesn’t want to stay fit and lose some extra fat or who doesn’t dream of having a flat tummy.

Hence you find many women are often searching for weight loss motivation tips.

The reason why many women fail to lose weight is they are not inspired enough to do so.

Having a fabulous body ( one that has a size zero and sexy abs) is every woman’s dream, which remains a dream (in most cases), especially after pregnancy and kids.

Reason? they lack motivation.

Never ending struggle with weight loss…

So how many of you are struggling with weight loss? or shall I say how many of you are on a weight loss mission?

Oh please! Don’t tell me that you are someone who orders a chicken cheeseburger and a diet coke?

Oh, who are you kidding?

If you really want to shed those extra pounds then you need to do some serious work rather than just being a couch potato and ordering around.

You need to move that pretty little butt of yours and get into action, that is if you really want to lose those extra pounds, and eliminate those love handles aka tires around your waist.

The Good news is…

In this guide, I am going to share with you some reasonable tips and break the  stereotypes regarding weight loss. So stay tuned.

This article covers the most practical and best weight loss motivation tips you could get your hands on!

13 Best Weight loss motivation tips that actually work

So. are you ready for some Inspirational weight loss tips?


TIP 1: Staying healthy should be your first priority

Make a commitment to yourself that no matter what,.health should be the first priority.

DON’T switch from junk food to crash diets, in any circumstances being healthy should come first.

Get another thing straight you are never going to have a body that you had once before you were married or when you didn’t have babies.

So discard that pair of jeans and that favorite dress of yours, because you are never going to fit into that and you be discouraged in a long run.


TIP 2: Be realistic in your goal

You are never going to be a ‘size zero’.

You are not a model neither any actress so stops dreaming of having that body of a model.

You have a whole family to support to, household chores to be done, your life, your responsibilities are different from that of a model.

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TIP 3: Take baby steps

Take baby steps..don’t rush things, you can’t possibly have an overnight weight loss, you didn’t gain this weight in one night.


Tip 4: Staying patient is the key.

Stay patient is the key to success. Don’t compare your body with your friend.

If they had lost 2kgs in a week using some fad diet, doesn’t mean your body will react the same way.

You have to lose weight but in a healthy way.

 Tip 5: Eat homemade fresh food

Make an effort to eat home made fresh food as much as possible.

Don’t eat 2 days old left over please, and frozen fried items too should be a BIG NO.

 Tip 5: Limit your caffeine and fizzy drinks

Limit your use of caffeine, fizzy drinks and flavored juices, instead have more milk, yogurt, cottage cheese and green tea.

 Tip 6: Reward yourself

Treat yourself once in a while with your favorite food. Celebrate your hard work and success.

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 Tip 8: Stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water and eat fresh fruits rather than having fresh juices.

Try to drink at least  8 to 9 glasses per day that will help remove harmful toxins from your body.

It will make you appear fresh and your skin glowing.

 Tip 9: Order smartly when eating out

When eating out, make a cautious effort to order healthy options.

for instance ordering burgers and fries, you can go for grilled options or bbq.

Tip 10: No dry salads, please

NO one can survive eating dry tasteless salads.

Make your salads fun, add things you love to eat (you can add nuts, mushrooms, low-fat cottage cheese, olives, lemon juice, sausages to make it yum)

Eat stir-fry veggies to feel full.

Add your veggies in soups, sandwiches.

Tip 11: Stay active

Try to stay active throughout the day instead of being a couch potato.

Avoid elevator, prefer taking stairs.

Prefer walking than driving.

Get enrolled in yoga, aerobics, dance or kickboxing class.

Tip 12: Make healthy changes in your lifestyle

You would have to make some serious changes in your lifestyle.

For instance, going to bed early and waking up early.

Get into some sports on daily basis, it could be anything from swimming to badminton or even hiking.

Eat five short meals a day instead of giving long gaps in between.

Tip 13: Stay Consistent

Make changes forever not just for a week, month or a year.

Whatever you do, just stay consistent, as consistency will bring changes in a healthy way.

For more tips you can also read this guide, I found very useful.


We all need a healthy dose of inspirational tips from time to time to lose weight effectively.

It can be in a form of reading inspirational weight loss tips or inspirational success stories from women who actually proved that losing weight and staying healthy can go hand in hand.

Do you have any Inspirational weight loss tips to share with us?


  1. Great article. I’ve been looking for weight loss tips and your article helped a lot since it’s simple to follow.

  2. Good tips u can add the monitoring aspect in ur article bmi, weight record, calorie intake control etc with help of apps such as Samsung health


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