Where did my Childhood go

Where did my childhood go or when did my childhood ended is a question we all ask ourselves from time to time as we miss those carefree days when we were from any kind of stress or responsibilities.

But the irony is despite the fact that we had carefree childhoods ourselves with minimal stress, and responsibilities, it’s not the same for our children. Today children from an early age have to go through a lot of stress, which sometimes hamper their growth.


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Often when the time flies away, we end up regretting that we didn’t let our children enjoy their childhood fully as they were supposed to do, we carry guilt throughout our lives for depriving our children ourselves of their childhoods.

Childhood or infancy is a very short period of time that comes in every person’s life ,and before you realize what’s happening, It quickly passes away, leaving us or children wondering,where did my childhood go

Mama, can I go outside and play with my friends?” asked little Andrew, “No, you have an English test tomorrow, so go and study”, said Catherine, who apparently was doing something really important (Facebooking). Andrew‘s face dropped as he was instructed rather curtly to go back to his room and study.This is a scenario, we all have in our daily lives. In this case, Saad was a 6 years old boy who was reluctant to study as all children of his age are, they are more into playing than studying or reading books.

Nobody is to be blamed but ourselves, no wonder we are producing more depressed children who have little time to play or be creative and learn about their passions. It’s almost like a pressure cooker, from monthly tests to assignments, projects, and exams..the list is endless and not just that, children spend half of their day in schools and another half in coaching.


Children never have enough time to explore new things and find out about what interests them the most, they are not learning for the sake of learning but for the sake of getting good grades so that they be accepted by the society, and make their parents proud.


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As I remember my childhood, I and my friends studied in ordinary schools, a school that was nearby to our place, with reasonable fee structure, not like a hi-fi schools of today. We played every day after school as long as we wanted to play.


We played every weekend. We spent our summers playing without our parents feeling the need of sending us in into any summer camp. So, you see things were better and simple and made us learn so many skills which none of these expensive schools can teach your child today.


We had all the time in the world to get bored, to get ourselves in trouble and find a way out. We climbed trees, played sidewalk games, wrestled with our cousins, and above all, we learned to survive on our own without clinging to our parents for petty issues.



Latest Research shows that children who get to play freely are happy, productive and independent children who develop skills such as problem-solving, thinking creatively, teamwork, control over their emotions ,getting along with people and cooperation.


So,whose childhood was better? We can’t only blame the conventional schools in this regard, the decision is solely yours, you have to break the norms…and in case, if you are wondering that your child will be left behind then no, he won’t be.


Every child learns at his/her own pace, just stop pressurizing your child and go with a flow. Many parents have opted for home schooling , which is again not a bad idea if you think you are organized and can handle it. Whatever you do just stop this madness and give your child his/her childhood back, as time will fly away with your child wondering, Mama where did my childhood go?


  1. It was do true that’s what I am doing with my kids now I ashamed of myself I have to really changed I will insha allah soon

  2. Wonderful! I must appreciate that u are gifted by rational thinking skills, even against the so called race…..and really belive it or not , i had recently started allowing more playing time to my kids, keeping myself in their place I felt choked.

  3. Very good article.. im homeschooling my 4 years old kid. Initially i thought my child will be behind other kids but when i see his analytical thinking, creative thinking and problem solving approach. I m glad that Allah made me make the right decision. Homeschooling is hectic job but pays well. Most of the important thing is that u have very strong bonding with ur kid.


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