Despite the common belief that men are flirts, Heartbreakers or pain in the neck, we gotta admit one thing about them,  and that is,  men, make best friends.

It must have come as a shock to all those people who thought I was a ‘Feminist’. Well, it’s  kind of difficult to get along with female friends, especially, when you have been a tomboy throughout your life. Anyway,  coming back to the point, come on ladies, We have to give them the credibility of being best of friends. They make better friends than females. Following are the few observations that I have come across,  after having a discussion with my fellow female friends.

Anyway,  coming back to the point, come on ladies, We have to give them the credibility of being best of friends. They make better friends than females. Following are the few observations that I have come across,  after having a discussion with my fellow female friends.

Less Drama

There is actually less drama involved with men.It is like, they say what they mean, and mean what they say, getting my point? whereas with female friends, they say one thing, mean another, they say something on a face but believe quite the contrary. Men are more straightforward, for instance: if they say they ain’t hungry, they really mean it. If they like something or not they express it honestly.

You Can Be Yourself

With men,  you don’t have to wear a persona. You are what you are, and they accept you. There’s less tension about wearing the right clothes,  makeup or jewelry. If they call you a friend they will accept you even if you smell like rotten tomatoes (haha, just kidding, relax!)They don’t judge you by your appearance.

Less Judgemental

Men, mostly don’t  pass judgments like female friends do unless you ask them to. They are pretty much okay with whatever is happening around them.Less interference in people’s lives, hence less judgemental.

No Gossiping or Boring talks

Men don’t believe in gossiping about their male friends/colleagues. If they say you look beautiful, they mean it (unless they are flirting with you). On the other hand, female friends can’t seem to stop gossiping about the wedding/formal dinner they happened to attend, even after the two days of the event  (they seriously need to get a life).

Less Jealousy/Rivalry

In very seldom cases, we see men getting jealous or turning rivals of their male friends.Usually, they are happy about their friend’s promotion and would be more worried about getting a treat out of that friend.

Always helpful and friendly

Men are always helpful and friendly.They don’t hesitate to help anyone anywhere they can, whether your car battery is dead, and you need a hand in getting your car pushed, or it is an assignment you need help with. A guy wouldn’t even hesitate to share his notes with you. Where as women don’t believe in helping their peers, they always have an excuse ready.They can’t bear seeing their female friends getting ahead in life.

You Can Joke With Men

You can actually joke around men, and they won’t get offended. However, with women you never know what to expect, as they tend to get offended easily, they can let go of the nastiest of a joke, at other times the same female friend can mind something very small.

Easier To Getting Along with

Men are easier to get along with.They don’t nag, complain or have unrealistic expectations of you. They believe in the information you provide them with. They don’t get over protected or emotionally attached.

Don’t Hold Grudges

It’s natural for both men and women to fight.But men usually during a fight, get intense, punch each other, and after a little while, you will find the same friends, playing a cricket match together, of course after getting things sorted out.But women even though resolve their differences, don’t come out clean, they hold onto grudges even after years.

Men are Better Listeners

Men are better listeners than women. Even if they don’t understand your crap, they would let you ramble. Women, on the other hand, are too full of themselves. They are more interested in talking than listening.

Now, I am not suggesting that you shouldn’t have female friends.I am sure they are many fantastic female friends out there who would make great friends as men.But generally, what we have noticed is, female friends lack unity. A woman humiliates another woman publicly and won’t feel bad about it. Selfishness, ego, and hypocrisy are common traits adopted by a woman against another woman.

Why being a woman, a woman doesn’t understand another woman, why the moment a female friend turn her back, other women start gossiping about her, and after few days, you will find the same women holding hands, and introducing each other to their friends? Why can’t we take inspiration from men in this regard? why do you see such cat fights in dress/bags exhibitions and shoe sales? just because every woman wants to dress better than another woman and feel threatened, and insecure if they find them dressed better than them, and are in constant competition whether they admit it or not.


  1. I completely agree with you .. Infact i blv in It so much that I literally had only male friends all my life .. I even married my best friend.. I never really missed a female friend .. Girls make me so much nervous … Now I know why .. Good article !


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