Gone are the days when households could run efficiently relying on a single income. Now our men are toiling day and night, working their ass off to be able to afford the latest designer suit for their women, an essential part of every woman’s summer wardrobe. If you find me being sarcastic here, I intend to.

As I look back on my earlier days, I myself have been amongst those women, who were obsessed with the much-coveted designer lawn jora!  yes, you guessed it right…Sana Safinaz!, something that I don’t feel very proud of now.

Now, as I see women queuing up in these lawn exhibitions waiting and dying to be at least given a chance to lay a finger…I find them utterly foolish…desperately calling every store before the release of a famous lawn collection to ‘reserve’ their jora before anyone could even set their eyes on it… and getting hysterical if they can’t get their hands on  a famous number from the catalogue…for god’s sake.. it’s not a matter of life and death..don’t get me wrong here, I have nothing against women buying as many  lawn joras as they want…its only the extravaganza that I object to.

It’s perfectly fine to buy a good quality lawn suit that best suits your budget….everyone is entitled to buy lawn joras in hot summers to beat the heat. But spending 10k to 12k on a single jora and then buying so many of them….it’s just not fair despite the fact that you can easily afford it…there are so many people around us who can barely afford a single meal and here we are spending this much on lawn…with this much money we can easily sponsor for a needy child’s education. It’s all about what you prioritize.

There is a big difference between necessities and luxuries…buying a designer lawn jora is a luxury not a necessity… however, spending on your child’s education comes in  necessities….so think about it…how many girls who are sitting in their homes..not getting a decent proposal just because they can’t afford a dowry.

All you smart and educated women think about it…is it even worth it? Its about time we put an end to this madness. Feel free to share your ideas and views on the topic, as always your valuable feedback is needed..until next time cheers!


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