Why do women complain so much?

I complain she complains, they complain, actually correction, we, women, complain a lot,without even realizing it.

Have you ever wondered why females complain so much?

Having said that, did you ever realized that this habit of complaining excessively is breaking down our relationships?  And no wonder men think that we complain about almost anything and everything.

Did it ever occur to you that no good ever comes out of complaining?

Does a lot complaining solve a lot of your problems? No, in fact, sometimes increases the problem rather than minimizing it.


Complaining is a negative habit

We don’t realize excessively complaining is a negative habit until we experience it ourselves, for instance, I once had a family member who used to nag and compare a lot .I know she was going through a rough time, but things weren’t  going very fine at my end too.

She would constantly compare her life with mine, her kids, her husband. She used to sound as if her problems were bigger than mine. She was having a rough time and yet I had a life full with luxuries.

I started avoiding her company. I would dread the moment if I had to be alone with her.She was affecting me negativity and after every time I hung out with her, she left me drained and finally we grew apart.

Then the realization struck me hard

I realized that I was doing the same with some people. Not as much as she was, but I was also unconsciously comparing myself with my other friends. And after every encounter I had with her, I would compare my life with her. I knew there were so many things that she had had an upper hand on. But I just refused to talk about it. I started avoiding her company. I would dread the moment if I had to be alone with her.She was affecting me negativity and after every time I hung out with her, she left me drained and finally we grew apart.

So Why do we complain?

We want people’s sympathy.


We want them to consider us the victim and the most innocent soul on the face of the earth.

We want to be heard.

We want people to solve our problems.

We feel light hearted.

We compare ourselves a lot with other women.

We just want to share without realizing we are actually complaining.

We expect every situation to be an ideal one.

We don’t accept the problem.

We don’t have anything better to do, in other words, no aim in life.

We are jealous of others happiness.

We envy them.

Women never stop comparing

Some women go to an extent that they never stop comparing themselves with other women. Little do they realize that if the other woman is successful, how hard she has strived to be where she’s today or, how much she had suffered, or the sacrifices she had to make in order to be there.

We consider us the Victim and feel sorry for ourselves

Sometimes we are too busy feeling sorry for ourselves that we don’t realize that everyone has problems in the world, it’s just that some people prefer washing their dirty laundry in front of other people and some don’t, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have problems. Life isn’t a bed of roses, we all go through hardships in life, some people give up quickly while others face those obstacles, work hard to remove them, and fix their issues instead of just complaining. Always remember complaining too much is negative and it doesn’t SOLVE any problem.

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  1. Loved ur article … I totally agree it never solves anything infact it make things worse .. But it’s one habit which is quite difficult to get rid of .. Because of us being women.. Women, no matter where they live what they do have to compromise in lots of things and thats what make them blv that they r victims .. V don’t really take this change happily .. V r dependent souls and so v complain .. Independent ppl don’t really complain .. That’s the dilemma of women we need to become independent.. I m not saying financially but emotionally more importantly!! Nice read !! I always think on these lines too ..

  2. This is the way women are! They are different from men, who do not seem to care about things but women are emotional and yes, they do want attention. Sometimes its not even under our control, its just happening inside the body, the hormones, I mean.

  3. Good points discussed. Just keep your tone a little less harsh 🙂

    I am loveing the change I am seeing in you these days MashAllah. It is really depicting in your articles as well.

  4. What awonderful post. It’s so true, we women do complain a lot! And we don’t realize how much until we sut and review it. I’ll definitely be tuning into the next post!

  5. Of course it’s not right to complain and compare all the time, but it is advisable to have close group of friends to confide in and receive advice. We can’t say totally stop complaining and suck it up, but we can check on ourselves and try to figure out how or why certain situation make us react in such a manner, and how we can overcome it.

  6. You said it. Our society is so engrossed with the superficial and what we think we see. Below the layers, the people blessed in our eyes have their own trials. Once we finally realize that and give thx for for our joys, we will make progress insha’Allah.

  7. Looking forward to the next part insha Allah.

    I guess such complains affects one to the extent one is involved in a circle/ company of ”complain bags.” Its important to make a good choice of keeping a close circle of those who will focus on purposeful and positive aspect of life.

  8. So true ! and when I complain too much and compare my life with my friends, my situation gets worst and I always end up wanting to go back to the situation I was complaining about ! Nice reminder sis 🙂

  9. I think a lot of complaining comes down to neediness. There’s this book called ‘Why men love b*****’ by Mandy Hale – excuse the swearing – otherwise it’s a great book! It really helped overcome the nagging/complaining habit. Even though its about relationships, it’s an awesome book for personal development too.

  10. Think that it’s in our nature to complain lol. I used to a lot…until I realised it was destroying me…so now try to look at the positives.

    But at the same time you need to think what that sister may have been through for her to complain so much. Sometimes they may have been through hell and still are and it helps them release so of those feelings by talking about it and it comes across as complaining.

  11. Agree with you and always inspired by ur articles and that comes to a real point and lead to a daily life problems and literally amazing and appreciate able.


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