Nano Steamer Large 3-in-1 by Pure

Considered by thousands of customers, the nano-steamer large 3 in 1 nano ionic facial steamer is the portable facial steamer you should definitely check out. This product is as effective as the 2 in 1 facial steamer used by the salon professionals. It not only creates steam of the water as it uses nanotechnology.

The steam contains negative ions, giving your skin a much fresher look than the regular facial steamer. This facial steamer is perfect for making your skin hydrated. If you have dry skin, then trust us, this product is ideal for you.

This steamer opens your skin pores along with hydrating them, making the absorption of skincare products effective. The negative ions in the steam are 10 times effective in penetrating the skin, giving you smoother skin faster and for a longer time.

Apart from working as a facial steamer, it also works as a humidifier and is used for warming towels. If you don’t handle direct steam on your face, you simply warm the towel and use it to prep up your skin for your facial and cleansing routine.

The built-in tower warming chamber makes it easier to warm the towel. It has 30 mins of operation time. Simply fill the water tank with 200 ml water and use it for 30 mins non-stop. The water storage capacity is perfect, as you might not want the water to go waste and re-used for future use.

It comes with a 5 piece skin kit that helps you clean your skin from blackheads and toxins on your skin. Followed up with your steaming needs, this skin kit clears your skin effortlessly.

Although this facial steamer is the best portable facial steamer in the market with 30 mins of use time, you cannot add essential oils to the water. It is mentioned on the package box and Pure’s website that does not add essential oils in the water. Some customers have reported burning of the water vessel, and some.

It might also explode while heating up if you add essential oils directly in the water. However, given the price and other features, it is the top home facial steamer, especially for a time like Covid-19, where going to a salon is not an option.

You can not only use this steamer for your facial or beauty needs. It also works perfectly if you have sinuses or flue and just want steam to relax a bit.

  • It comes with a skin kit making your skincare session complete
  • The water capacity is ample
  • It’s versatile because of its 3 in 1 functionality
  • The size is compact, making it a perfect handheld steamer
  • It’s easy to use
  • 30 mins of use time
  • You cannot add essential oils to it
  • It does not have an automatic shut-off feature

Portable SPA Facial Steamer by Pretty See

Next in the list of portable facial steamers is another nanotechnology-based facial steamer. The nanotechnology facial steamer generates steam containing negative ions making your skin smoother and healthier. It is a 2 in 1 facial steamer with both cold and hot steam, giving you a perfect product for opening and closing the pores. Hence removing your worries to use ice or any other product to close those open pores.

The nanotechnology-based portable SPA face steamer makes penetration of skincare products 10 times faster and better. It has 180 ml water tank, which gives you 25 minutes of hot steam and mist time and 60 minutes of cold mist, making it the perfect facial steamer for your home spa needs.

The best thing about this facial steamer is that it starts within 15 seconds, making the replenishment faster, and hence removing dirt and collagen from your skin quicker. It not only works as a facial steamer but also works as an effective aroma diffuser and home humidifier. The 42-degree hot compress of this facial steamer for your face is just perfect to replenish your skin.

Just like the nano 3 in 1 steamer by Pure, you cannot add essential oils or any other product into the water of this portable facial steamer. However, this steamer has a small basket beneath where you can add your essential oil or fruit or flower to get that perfect steam and aroma.

  • It gives 25 minutes of hot steam and 60 minutes of cold mist
  • It’s a 3 in 1 product, works as a humidifier, aroma diffuser, and household humidifier
  • It has a small size, making it easier to carry everywhere
  • You cannot add essential oils directly into the water
  • It might have slight plastic burn like smell

Nano Ionic Warm Mist Facial Steamer by Vasrou

If you want to have a spa-like face steam experience, then Nano ionic based facial steamer by Vasrou is a perfect option. It has a built-in UV light that sterilizes the steam that reaches your skin in the purest form with no germs and bacteria. The high-tech ozone function purifies the water, which makes the absorption of toner, moisturizer, serum, or any other skincare product 5 times better.

This fantastic facial steamer also has nano-automation technology that adds negative ions in the steam, giving your skin a smoother experience. Nano-automation technology allows to increase the blood circulation and improves the vitality and oxygen absorption of the face cells. It generates hot steam in 30 seconds, helping you to get moving with your skincare routine faster.

The water vessel is small with 70 ml capacity, and 12 mins use time, making it a perfect handheld facial steamer. You get a blackhead removal kit free with the steamer helping you to cleanse your face entirely from not only dirt but from blemishes as well. The best feature of this facial steamer is that you can add essential oils with the water, but it might clog the steamer pipe if not appropriately cleaned after the use.

  • Value for money
  • You can add essential oils
  • It comes with built-in UV light
  • The water capacity and use time are lesser

Portable Facial Steamer and Hot Mister by Kinga

Sleek design, small body, and operating time of fewer than 30 seconds makes the Kinga facial steamer for home use a perfect portable facial steamer for you. It heats water up to 104 °F, giving it the ideal temperature for steaming. However, it is suggested that you should be at least 20 cm away from the steam nozzle.

It has built-in nanotechnology giving you the best experience for the facial spa at home. The body of the steamer is made up of environmentally friendly material, making it compliant with US policies.

It comes with a 5 pc skincare kit, which makes it easier for you to remove your blackheads and blemishes. Kinga portable facial vaporizer does not make any sound while you are taking the steam.

Pro tip: Allow the steamer to run at least twice before you use it to get rid of the plastic smell.

  • Easy to operate
  • Quick start up time
  • Lightweight, portable facial steamer
  • Plastic burnt smell
  • It cannot be used with essential oils

Caviens Nwsw nano Facial Steamer and Mist Sprayer

With a 4.3 star rating on Amazon, the facial steamer by Caviens is one of the best facial steamer plus humidifier and mist spray that you should consider. It comes with nanotechnology that adds negative ions to the steam, giving you 10 times better penetration of skincare products.

Nanotechnology helps to improve blood flow in your skin along with improving its elasticity to make your skin smoother and mirror-like skin, just like the Koreans and Chinese! You can also use this steamer as a mist sprayer.

Within 30 seconds of the start time, you can get warm mist on your skin, giving a fresh look, it deserves. The product recommends the use of distilled or pure water as alkaline or impure water can impact the life of the facial steamer.

You can operate the Caviens nano facial steamer by a simple button on the front. Also, it does not have automatic on and off, making it a bit tricky to handle during your daily facial routine. It comes with a small blackhead removal and blemishes cleaning kit, which makes your facial much more effective and easier.

There is a cute cat-ear shaped band that comes with the facial steamer, which helps to keep your hair in place during your facial. It has a water capacity of 65 ml with a steam time of around 8 to 10 minutes. The overall starting time of the product for steaming is 60 seconds.

Although the product is excellent, the power cord length is smaller, requiring the user to attach it to a surge suppressor or a connecting plug. Affordable pricing with 3 features, this portable facial steamer is worth the investment.

  • Nanotechnology-based facial steamer
  • Compact size
  • It comes with additional accessories
  • The power cord is smaller
  • You cannot add essential oils
  • Some customers reported a rubbery smell

Nano Spa Quality Facial Steamer EH-SA31VP by Panasonic

Panasonic nano spa-quality facial steamer EH-Sa31VP is a perfect facial steamer if you are looking for a facial steamer that can fit in your vanity. It’s a small and compact sized facial steamer with a running time of 6 mins, making it perfect for people who want to have a quick facial during their trips around the world.

By simply switching the button, you get 6 mins of nano steam, which opens your pores, deep cleanses your skin and improves the blood circulation on your face. This product is an excellent buy if you are searching for something small yet sleek and easier to carry. However, some customers have reported a slight plastic smell during the first few uses.

  • Powerful steam with nanoparticles
  • Compact size
  • Easier to use
  • It’s guaranteed to be durable and handy
  • You cannot add essential oils or any other chemical
  • It’s a bit pricey as compared to other products on the list
  • Small water tank

Beauty Nymph Spa Home Facial Steamer Sauna

If you want to have a facial steamer that looks like the one you see in salons, then Kingdomcares facial steamer is your best bet. It has a small compact size with easy to attach parts, making it portable yet professional facial steamer. This facial steamer comes with a 50 ml water tank without an overall steam time of 8 to 10 minutes.

It is made of ceramic plates that create nano steam increasing the steam penetration in your skin. This portable facial steamer comes with a nasal mask. The adjustable nasal makes it easier for you to blow steam on a specific area of your face.

  • It has an adjustable nozzle for specific streaming needs
  • It’s a great value for money
  • It can be used for flue and sinuses as well
  • It has a slight plastic burning smell

Hann Facial Steamer Professional Sinus Steam Inhaler

It not just your regular facial steamer. In fact, it is a natural oil vapor that sprays aromatic mist in the air, giving you a calm, smooth feeling. Along with facial steamer for sinuses and beauty and aromatic mist diffuser, it also works as a humidifier.

With Hann facial steamer, you can get fresh, glowing skin in less than 10 mins. It has an automatic shutdown system, making it easier for you to get a spa-like facial without any worry of switching off the machine.

The water vessel is made up of stainless steel, which you can fill up to the max limit to get facial steam in no time. The package comes with 1 facial steamer, 1 nose inhaler,1 handy measuring cup, and 1 user manual.  You can use this Hann facial steamer with essential oils, giving you the perfect glow on your skin.

However, it is recommended to not use the product around any area where insect repellent or any other spray has been sprayed. With affordable pricing, use of essential oils, and working as a 3 in 1 product, this is the best facial steamer for home use.

  • 3 in 1 facial steamer
  • Auto turns off the system
  • You can use it with essential oils
  • Longer heat up time up to 15 minutes

OKACHI GLIYA Nano Steamer Portable Facial Steamer

Okachi Gliya nano facial steamer is not just a usual facial steamer, but it is a facial steamer with a hot mist spray included. The lustrous design of the Okachi facial steamer makes it easier for you to show it off in your vanity instead of hiding it in your dressing drawer.

Just like other facial steamers on the list, it has a nanotechnology-based system, which gives you smoother skin than the regular facial steamer.

The best feature of this facial steamer is that it comes with an intelligent steaming system, which helps to maintain the steam temperature to 104 Fahrenheits, keeping your skin safe from burning.

The steam generated from the facial streamer is strong enough to activate the hydrophilic factor, which helps to replenish the skin for collagen regeneration. It also works as a humidifier vaporizer, making every penny worth the investment.

The Okachi facial steamer is BPA compliant, which makes it water tank plastic-free, avoiding any chance of plastic or rubber burning smell. It has a water capacity of 80 ml, which makes the machine run for around 8 to 10 mins. The 30 seconds of steam start time makes it one of the faster facial steamers on the list.

It comes with an adjustable mirror, which lets you steam your face without having to keep an extra mirror. The auto turns off feature of this portable facial steamer is worth the attention, as it guarantees the product is safe from overheating issues.

  • Beautiful and sleek design
  • Heat-resistant and BPA approved water tank
  • It has an automatic shut off feature
  • It has a built-in mirror
  • The water tank is small

Conair Facial Sauna with Timer and Facial Brush

Conair is one of the leading mist and facial steamer brands, serving for over a decade to its customer with excellent products and customer service. They have always understood what customers need; therefore, all their products and designs, or pricing is based on customer needs. Conair true glow moisturizing mist facial sauna system is the perfect facial steamer for your deep cleansing and facial needs.

It comes with a facial cleanser brush, which makes the application of moisturizer better. Also, the addition of nanotechnology in the steaming system makes product penetration 10 times better. The best feature of this facial cleanser is that it has an auto-off system, making it a perfect facial steamer for someone careless and lazy like me. After 45 mins of idleness, the facial steamer turns off itself.

You can also customize your steam time by setting the timer between 3 to 15 minutes. The product comes with a nasal cone, which helps you to steam specific areas of your face.

It takes around 2 to 3 minutes of starting time with 25 minutes of steam time. The water vessel is made up of stainless steel removing all the concerns regarding burnt plastic or rubber smell. Just fill the water vessel to the max limit and get started with your spa-like facial.

  • Automatic turn-off system
  • It comes with a nasal cone
  • You can add essential oils
  • It takes a while to heat up
  • Life-span issues reported by a few customers

UrChoice Handheld Facial Steamer

If you are searching for a handheld facial steamer and mister that fits in your bag, then UrChoice facial steamer is a perfect choice for you. It comes with a built-in ultrasonic vibration that decomposes the moisture in the water up to 0.3 um. This small size of the particle makes the absorption of makeup and skincare products better. It has a portable design that you can carry anywhere you want, be it another city or even your office.

You can use this product on all skin types, be it dry, oily, normal, or combination skin. This facial steamer is a cold facial mister and not a hot facial mister. It made it in the list due to its ultrasonic moisture feature, and 30 ml water tank with a running time of around 20 minutes.

The automatic shutdown time is of 60 seconds. Also, the product is charged using a USB charger, which takes 60 minutes to charge, which lets the device run for 2 days.

  • It fits in your pocket
  • Best for keeping skin hydrated
  • It has a large water tank, given its size
  • It is a cold mister and not a hot mister

New Nano Ionic Face Steamers by Halofun

Halofun Nano Ionic facial steamer comes with that makes the steam absorption in the skin 20 times better. This facial steamer can be used for any skin type. It comes with a blackhead and blemish removal kit, making it easier for fighting most of your skincare issues.

Within 30 seconds of turning on the machine, you get strong facial steam for continuous 15 minutes, making your skincare routine faster and easier. It operates with a simple one-touch button. The beautiful design and compact size of the product make it a perfect addition to your vanity as well as ideal for your trips.

  • Sleek design
  • Easier to carry
  • Comes with a blackhead removal kit
  • It cannot be used with essential oils