Stepwise Guide To Apply Magnetic Eyelashes

Step 1:

First, curl your lashes with an eyelash curler so that there is a solid base for the magnetic lashes to stick to. Ensure that you curl by heating your curler with a hairdryer for not more than 30 seconds, to give yourself a perfect look.

Step 2:

Now apply mascara on your lashes to give your natural lashes a volume that it can match the magnetic lashes volume. If you don’t apply mascara, your natural lashes and the falsies will not give a realistic look. You should not apply mascara directly to your magnetic lashes because it can destroy them for future use.

Step 3:

Here comes the trickiest part, and there are several ways you can apply those lashes to your eyes. But for a general overview of what you need to do before the application. Hold the lashes by edges and roll them a little in a rainbow shape so that it has a natural curve similar to your natural lashes.

Apply Magnetic Lashes With Applicator: Take the top part of your lash and place it gently on the lash applicator. Now take the bottom part of the lash and place it gently on the bottom side of the applicator. Now bring the applicator close to the lash line, and then close the applicator on the eyelid similar to the way you close the lash curler. And within a few seconds, you have got flawless magnetic lashes application.

Apply Magnetic Lashes With Fingers: This is a bit tricky process. Apply one lash above your eyelid, and now take the bottom lash and bring it close to your lower lid. As soon as you place the lower magnetic on, the lower lash, you will hear a click sound, indicating that you have finally applied those beautiful magnetic lashes.

Apply Magnetic Lashes With Magnetic Eyeliner: Some magnetic lashes come with magnetic eyeliner, which is the best way to apply magnetic lashes. Apply magnetic liner on your regular and let it dry. Once dried, use your magnetic lash, and voila, you are good to go!

Benefits of Magnetic Lashes

  • They are ultra-lightweight. It feels like they don’t feel on the eyes at all.
  • They are irritation-free, as you do not have to use those harmful glues.
  • You get a 3D glamour look within your budget and skin health in place.
  • Most of them are cruelty-free, making them the perfect option in your beauty kit.
  • You can reuse them easily if you store and care for them the way mentioned on the lashes package.

Challenges of Applying Magnetic Lashes

  • They can be challenging to apply, but once you get hold of it, you good to go.
  • You might need to trim them a little to fit them with your eye shape.

What are you waiting for? Get yourself a pair of magnetic lashes right now to escape the issues associated with other types of lashes!