Ladies, I know how hard it is to clean those lashes especially when you aim that falsies last longer!

A day of full glamour and the hour of full hassle to clean those lashes!

The struggle is real especially when the lashes you use are high volume and thick lashes!

If you are just like me or a little like me lazy to clean your makeup essentials but still don’t want to spend a fortune on them, then this guide is perfect for you!

Eyelash falsies are expensive and you cannot just buy, use, and throw extensions every now and then. They need to be taken care of in the easiest of ways.

Here is the way to make your Falsies Last Longer!

1.     Buy Light Weight Falsies

You may say hey lady you don’t tell me what type of eyelashes should I use. Yes, of course, I am no one to tell but you know these days natural makeup is in! Those nudes and pinks are in season which goes perfectly well with light-weighted lashes! In fact, light-weighted lashes are perfect to keep your eyes bearing all that extra weight from think lashes. Plus, they tend to fall faster while peeling and removing them almost ruining their look. If your lashes are natural go for a natural eyelash falsie, don’t need to fall prey to unrealistic beauty standards of thick lashes.

2.     Go for Natural Eyelashes

If you want that your eyelash falsies to last longer, then go for the ones that mix well with your natural eyelashes. Suppose you have light natural lashes, going for think bulky lashes can damage your original lashes! I support people going for any look they want but at the expense of their natural features and beauty? A big no!

3.     Brush and Clean Them

I know that Saturday night party was one hell of a night and you did not even realize Monday is just a few hours away still you need to get up go to your makeup box and pick those lashes you used. Use oil-free, foaming eyelash cleaner, dip your lashes in it for a while and then clean it with a clean brush! The smudge on the eyelashes can lead to eye infections as well as reducing the shell life of your lashes. If you are just lazy as I am, I just turn on Netflix, start my favorite show, and clean along as I go!

4. Be Gentle

            Be gentle with your lashes when you apply them, clean them, store them, removing them, and pretty much all the time you are in contact with your lashes. Make sure no scrubbing, pulling and rubbing your lashes. Sometimes you might feel an itch near your lash line. To reduce that itch, use a small cotton ball wrapped on a smooth stick, and then do it gently. It will not only soothe you but also will keep your eyelash falsies last longer.

5.     Don’t use Mascara

Although there are hundreds of makeup tutorials where girls are applying mascara to their falsies, I would say please! Don’t follow them! This will not make your falsies last longer. Your lash extensions/falsies already have the volume required. Apply mascara not only makes them appear insanely fake but also reduce the life of your falsies. If you want you can apply mascara to your natural lash and then apply the falsies, to make sure they have the same look!

6.     Oil-Free Make up Remover

Use an oil-free makeup remover to remove your falsies. This will also help to remove the mascara or any other makeup product on them. The best thing is you can clean them as soon as you remove them making it easier for you to use your falsies in the future! The key to falsies last longer is that you keep them clean when you store them!

7.     Use Tweezers to Remove Glue

The oil-free makeup removers or cream-based lash cleaners do not help to remove the glue completely! Your falsies might have glue stuck on it even after removal. Instead of doing it with bare hands, use tweezers gently. Keep the lash in your one hand, and gently remove the excess glue with tweezers. This will make sure your falsies last longer than anyone else!

8.     Use eyelash applicator

One of the effective ways to make falsies last longer is to use an eyelash applicator. They keep the falsies from falling apart and ensures that they are free from germs during application. The use of an applicator will also make sure that you don’t require extra glue for your lash application.

I love applying falsies but I cannot spend a fortune on them every now and then! With these simple tricks and tips, I make sure my falsies are good to use for a long time! If you have some other tricks in mind do let us know in the comments.