Beauty Bio GloPRO

Who knew getting rid of stretch marks was that simple and easy? Just a few sessions of a body derma roller for stretch marks bring an immense change in your skin condition and make it smoother. Spot your eyes at the beauty bio GLO Pro derma roller is a patented and award-winning roller that purifies skincare absorption and creates smoother and soft skin.

This handheld device is completely painless and tolerable which tightens pores and gives younger-looking skin. It functions by gliding over the skin igniting the skin’s natural rejuvenation response and supports cell turnover to restore tight and glowing skin. Red LED light for anti-aging and microcurrent for cellular turnover is another massive addition to this derma roller for stretch marks.

The stainless steel micro tips safely roll on the upper layer of the skin without damaging it. Cheeks, forehead, underarms, jawline, chest, arms, thighs, and backside of the body are targeted areas. It can be used 3 to 5 times a week depending on the skin.

The package includes:

  • GloPRO tool,
  • face attachment head
  • 5 prep pads
  • empty sanitizing bottle
  • power cord adapter

How to use

Roll across targeted areas of the face in different directions for 60 seconds total, no pressure needed. Recommend 3 times a week in the PM.


I followed the directions and used the Glo pro all over my face and neck. I loved how it felt! You could feel the microneedles more on the forehead but it wasn’t uncomfortable, just more noticeable. After I went over my face a few times I immediately put on my moisturizer. It was almost as if I could feel it being absorbed deeper into my skin. The next day my face felt as though I had gotten a little sun.

That was Friday morning. Saturday night I went to dinner with a friend and we were having a pretty serious conversation when she said “I’m so sorry to interrupt but your skin looks so good! It’s glowing.” I told her that my skin routine is the same except I just used the Glo pro for the first time. True story! Customer for life here!

Koi Beauty Derma Roller 6 in 1 Kit

We have heard about 2 in 1 advantage and it’s surely really fascinating. But now is the time to upgrade your needs and standards. Get your hands on the 6 in 1 derma roller kit which is affordable, incredible, safe, and easy to use. The micro roller for stretch marks only needs to replace the head which is one of the cost-effective features.

The 6 in 1 kit has gamma sterilization and sealed packaging. Vertical micro skin needling tool treats deep scars and stretches marks. This tool is really handy and a one-step solution to several problems. It is made of titanium needles that do not bend or get rusty. Furthermore, this derma roller on old stretch marks needs no professionals to use. You can use it in your own happy and safe place with comfort and no pain.

The 6 in 1 kit includes:

  • one set 4 models,
  • all real needles
  • silicone brush,
  • 1 storage case
  • Disinfecting grid.
  • Derma roller


I purchased this with high hopes and was not disappointed. I was thinking I would have to buy individual rollers to get the needle lengths I wanted for both face and body. This set was just what I needed and the price was right. The quality is really good and the heads are easy to change with just a twist. I would buy it again but the quality is such that I probably won’t need to.

Derma Roller Microneedle 6 Piece Kit

Looking for an economical solution for your stretched marks? Nothing would beat this product which is safe, easy to use, and an incredible device for your skin condition. This derma roller kit for stretch marks is designed by health care professionals with safety and hygiene as a top-notch priority. It contains 600 titanium needles with 4 replaceable roller heads.

The titanium needles are 3 to 4 times stronger than stainless steel that stays sharper and lasts longer, preventing you from any sort of injury. Instead of buying a new derma roller after it is worn out, you can buy derma roll refills that contain 4 replacement heads. Apart from this, treat your scars, wrinkles, fine lines, and stretch marks with ease in the most hygienic way in your comfortable place.

Instruction for use

  • May be used on face and neck 3 to 4 times a week
  • Thoroughly clean your face, hands and dry them completely
  • Apply any skincare serum before derma rolling
  • Use the derma roller on the targeted area
  • After derma rolling reapply the skincare serum
  • Clean and disinfect the derma roller before and after every use


For individual use only. Do not share derma roller with others.

Do not use on skin with acne, eczema, sensitive, irritated, open wounds, inflammable, or raised moleskin.

DIA BEAUTY 1.5mm Derma Roller

Derma roller 1.5mm for stretch marks, sounds strange? Well, you shouldn’t be surprised at all, because this needle size is ideal to treat your stretch marks and other skin problems. This derma roller comes with a hyaluronic acid serum that is natural and organic used to improve skin texture and brightness with intense moisture.

The gentle and effective formula is vegan, parabens free, oil-free, dye, and filler-free. Along with this, the pro advanced formula leaves no redness and irritation and is completely non-greasy. Your dream of vitality and timeless beauty will be fulfilled with this combination. By the daily use of hyaluronic serum, skin plumps and fills in fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots preserving elasticity and firmness.

Coming to the derma roller, this handheld device is supremely easy to use and causes no injury at all. It works smoothly on the targeted area by creating micro-injuries which improves collagen production and provides even and smooth skin as a result.

How to use

  • Simply apply the provided serum on your skin (face, neck, chin, etc.).
  • If you want to use a toner, apply it before serum.
  • Roll the derma roller on the affected areas gently and reapply serum to avoid redness and itching


It looks good, the packing was clean and it was wrapped up and looked sterile. I was worried about the sterilization of the product. I tried it and it works!! I’m very glad I got this. All in all, it works great! I highly recommend it.

4 in 1 Derma Roller Kit

Let your skin shine, smile, and bright all day long with the best handheld device that is facilitating hundreds of users with the most visible results. Looking flawless yet beautiful was never that easy or affordable until the derma rolling for stretch marks came into existence. 4 in 1 derma roller kit for face and body accelerate and boost your entire skincare routine with the combination of serum.

No matter whether you are an experienced user or a newbie, it is extremely easy to roll over your face, body, neck, scalp, hands, and under the eye. Also instead of buying a new derma roller, you can buy derma roller refills that contain 3 replacement head rollers. It will be economical and you won’t be needed to buy a new one every time. The cosmetic needling is also really safe and not infection will be caused.

How to Get That Glow

Microneedle Derma Roller is easy to use! For the best experience, use in combination with our Vitamin C Serum to gain healthy-looking skin.

  • Sterilize the roller in an alcohol solution before and after each use.
  • Wash your skin and pat dry.
  • Roll the Microneedle over the desired area, back and forth, 4-5 times.
  • Be careful to apply pressure without puncturing the skin.
  • Switch direction and roll back and forth for another 4-5 times.
  • After rolling, apply a moisturizer or repairing serum.
  • Don’t forget to sanitize and store in the provided plastic case!
  • For optimal results, use once a week.
  • Replace the roller every 1-2 months if using it regularly.

Beauty Bio GloPRO Tool

Getting rid of stretch marks is simple and easy yet economical. Only a few sessions of a body derma roller for stretch marks bring an astounding change in your skin condition and make it firm. Bring your eyes to the beauty bio GLO pro tool that is the best and award-winning roller that cleans skincare absorption and brings out smoother and soft skin.

This handheld tool is completely handy, painless, and tolerable which closes pores and gives bright, younger-looking skin. It works by gliding over the skin igniting the natural rejuvenation response and supports cell turnover to restore perfect and glowing skin. Red LED light for anti-aging is another incredible addition to this derma roller for stretch marks.

The stainless steel micro-needles safely roll on the upper layer of the skin without causing any damage. Underarms, jawline, chest, arms, thighs, and backside of the body are targeted areas of this derma roller. This roller can be used 3 to 5 times a week depending on the skin.

How to use

  • Simply roll the microneedle roller at the targeted areas.
  • Move the roller gently in the vertical, horizontal, and diagonal direction
  • Apply a serum of the area after use; sterilize the derma roller after use.


The GLO Pro derma roller is wonderful. I look beautiful because I use this marvel. I’m always getting compliments about my skin. Yes, I use very good skincare products also, but GLO pro tightens the skin, really firms it up. I originally used it every night, but now use it maybe 2 or 3 times a week.

0.25mm Derma Roller kit with Face Serum

Look at the top-rated product of Amazon that is loved by hundreds of customers and suggested by the best dermatologists. This derma roller kit for stretch marks is a powerful skin revitalizing kit that is innovative and comes with exclusive vitamin C hyaluronic facial serum. This radiance-enhancing combination is globally proven for a smoother feel.

The vitamin C serum contains high and powerful antioxidants which reduces stretch marks visibly. Also, this derma roller is durable and the 0.25mm needle is safe and causes no injury. This kit meets all the safety requirements and is completely safe for personal home use.

The formula is parabens and cruelty-free so no animals were harm during its production. It can be used on most sensitive skin types and there will be no side effects.

It comes with an easy step-by-step guide eBook that you can download and learns the basics of using it.


I have been using this for almost a month. At first, I was reluctant but after about a week I noticed changes in my skin. I had sun spots or age spots. They are nearly gone now. The wrinkles I had on my forehead are faint as well. This is very convenient to use.

I clean my roller with alcohol after every use. And I go over my face with a tiny bit of argan oil to make sure it doesn’t dry out. I have to say this is a very good product and I would recommend it to anyone that asks.

Derma Roller kit for stretch marks

Your dream of flawless and spots free skin is going to become a reality with the all-new, customers trusted and advanced derma roller for stretch marks. The 0.25mm cosmetic needle is completely painless whereas the 3 in 1 soothing serum revitalizes the damaged skin. No matter you have pregnancy stretch marks, weight gain\loss stretch marks, or anything, they will completely vanish with this luxurious durable derma roller.

The combination consists of vitamin C, vitamin A, and jojoba, and Gotu kola, hyaluronic acid with seaweed, skullcap, green tea leaf, and vitamin E extract. This serum is an ideal treatment for your years old stretched marks. Also the highest and top-notch quality is the recognized feature of this derma roller.

Direction to use

  • The Derma Roller can be used up to 3 to 5 times per week in the affected area.
  • Thoroughly clean the area of application and allow drying.
  • Use the microneedle roller over forehead, neck, and stretch marks
  • For best results, apply gentle pressure by gently rolling over the skin in horizontal, vertical, and diagonal directions.
  • Pass each area of the skin 2-3 times per direction.
  • Do not roll over the same area more than 10 times.
  • After the use of the Derma Roller, apply the 3 in 1 serum on the face and neck.
  • After the serum is applied, use the Jade Roller to massage and cool the face for 3-5 minutes.


I’m 31 and started noticing fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dry flakey skin. After a week of using the serum and the rollers, people thought I was pregnant again because my skin was absolutely glowing! For this price, it is definitely worth the purchase! I steam my face, apply the serum, then use the derma roller, and then I close it all up with the jade roller which I keep in my makeup fridge! 10/10 will buy again for sure.