Live monitoring of the surveillance camera would be a pure necessity while you’re out and at the same time have to keep an eye on your home from your cell phone, computer or laptop, or watch your business remotely for peace of mind, or anxious to know what your loved ones are doing.

The remote-viewed surveillance camera lets you see what’s going on in your home and business through applications and browsers. Always work overtime and miss out on your child’s big hug coming back from school? Curious about what the members of your family doing while you are away? Thanks to the remote control of the security camera, the parents discovered the “little secrets” of the infants and knew why their children are always tired during the day.

If you had witnessed an incident such as if your kid accidentally dropped a glass or a vase when he/she was playing alone, you can easily direct or guide him/her according to the situation remotely. Or just in case if intruders break into your home, you can give them verbal reminders. Or let’s say if it’s your kid’s birthday party and you’re on your business trip, you can easily participate in the party via your phone or other devices and send your best wishes.

Your home security cameras; which one to go for?

Security cameras are the best option for keeping an eye on your home when you’re away, be it your company or shop. We listed the top five safety nanny cam you can use for different purposes in your home, have a look below;

Hestia 1080p HD WIFI Nanny Cam Weather Station Radio Alarm Clock Hidden Camera with Rotating Lens

It has an ultra-wide 90 ° lens with a horizontal 330 ° lens rotation, giving you vast access to the area. You can set this camera in less than five minutes.  It comes with a 1080p HD video resolution that is sufficiently clear to capture faces and information from across the room.

Can you watch or record live on your phone, and is the best part? Wherever the world lies. It also features on-phone motion alerts, functional AM / FM radio, alarm clock, and weather station. It records 50 min per 1 GB, and it also has up to 128 GB of the microSD card slot, which stores 108HR on 128 GB. Apple (iPhone / iPad), IOS, Windows, tablets, and more are compatible with this device.

OMNI – 1080p HD WIFI Streaming Nanny Cam Alarm Clock with IR Night Vision

This also features a fast and easy setup. It is excellent for in-house and workplace surveillance. It comes with a 1080p HD video and captures in-room faces and images. You can watch or record the footage live on your smartphone or tablet. It has night vision and also takes footage in the dark.

You can receive warnings on your smartphone about motion detection. It supports Apple (iPhone / iPad), Ios, Windows, laptops, and more. This also reports 42 HR on 128 GB with 20 min per 1 GB stores. It seems like walking to your home is healthy.

Koios Pro – USB Wall Travel Charger WIFI 1080p HD Nanny Cam with IR Night Vision

It is a security camera that is fast and convenient to use. A relatively easy system to run. This has night vision in IR up to 18 feet (wow). You will get warnings on your phone for motion detection.

You can watch video live, or record videos on your smartphone as well. It comes with 1080p HD video and audio in crystal bright color. It has protected not only the undetectable lens with a low light sensor but also a 90 o wide angle.

Wherever it shines, it looks and behaves like a USB charger, and no one can believe it is observed. The software supports (iPhone / iPad), IOS, Windows, Tablets & more. On a 128 GB card, it holds up to 120 hours (optional).


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Truro Pro – 4K Ultra HD Key Chain WIFI Camera Video Recording FOB

Get ready for one of the eccentric nanny cams you will ever get to know about, and it has scored five stars rating, which means it is worth trying. Let’s see what it has to offer;

Truro pro is one of the best nanny cams that comes with a built-in camera lens discrete and unnoticeable.

It provides 4 K Ultra HD video resolution with transparent vivid images, a picture that can show faces, and all the details.

It is small in size, durable, resilient, suitable for personal monitoring security, and Wi-Fi signal with a free app. You can also top up with micro SD card slot up to 128 GB, that stores up to 6R of video and audio on 128 GB. It has a battery life of over 1.5 hours.

1080p WIFI Streaming Nanny Cam Weather Station with Outdoor Sensor

Installing the product is fast, convenient, and simple; it hardly takes about 5mins. You can receive motion alerts on your phone, and it offers a viewing angle of 90 ° full, perfect for any room of any size.

It comes with a crystal-clear video with 1080p HD, as well as audio. There is no working weather station with a clear lens with an outdoor sensor. It features fully charged and working indoor and outdoor temperature sensors, and more. This security camera supports Apple (iPhone / iPad), IOS, Windows, laptops, and more. It also stores up to 55 hours per 1 GB per 26 min on 128 GB card (optional)


We hope this article helped you find the best nanny cam for your home for different purposes. Do let us which one did you like the most in the comment box below!


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